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Excise Registration

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Excise registration

Excise Tax Registration

An excise tax is an indirect tax charged on the sale of a particular good. Indirect means the tax is not directly paid by an individual consumer; instead, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) levies the tax on the producer or merchant, who passes the tax onto the consumer by including it in the product’s price. It also refers to penalty taxation for ineligible transactions in retirement accounts.

It is an inland tax on the sale, or production for sale of particular goods or a tax on a good produced for sale, or sold, within a country or licenses for specific activities. Excises are different from customs duties, which are taxes on importation. Excises are commonly imposed in addition to another indirect tax such as sales tax or value added tax (VAT). Excise tax registration is done through LegalRaasta.

What is included in our Package.

  • Drafting Documents
  • Drafting Application
  • Application Filing
  • Application submission

Procedure for Excise Tax registration

Documents in Respect of Proprietor/Partner/Director Required

  • PAN Card copy
  • Passport size photograph
  • Copy of Aadhaar Card/ Voter identity card
  • Board Resolution in favour of Authorised Signatory

Documents Required in Respect of entity

  • PAN Card copy of firm/company
  • Ground plan of premises
  • MOA/AOA (In case of company)
  • Copy of Partnership Deed (In case of Partnership)
  • Electricity/ water /Telephone / Mobile bill of business place

Features of Excise Tax Registration

  • It is levied on manufacture or production of goods in India.
  • The burden of this tax falls on the consumer.
  • The tax is levied on the dutiable value calculated by the required method.
  • It is payable at the time of removal of goods from the place of removal.
  • It is levied throughout India in the same form.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the penalty for not obtaining tax registration?
If the producer or manufacturer who is required to take registration fails to apply for registration, a penalty up to duty of contravening goods or Rs. 10,000, whichever is higher, can be imposed and contravening goods can be confiscated. Moreover, imprisonment of up to 7 years (minimum 6 months).
2. For Excise tax registration, do I have to be present in person?
The entire procedure is 100% online and you don’t have to be present at our office or any other office for excise registration. A scanned copy of documents has to be sent via mail.
3. Are there any other payments to be made for registration certificate of excise in addition to fee paid at the time of receiving registration certificate?
There is absolutely no other payment. We will send you an invoice that is all-inclusive, with no hidden charges.

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