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NGO Registration: Incorporate an NGO Online

NGO registration is regulated under three acts: Indian Trust Act, Indian Societies Act, and Companies Act.

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Procedure for NGO Trust registration

Complete our NGO formation Form

You have to fill your details in our simple online questionnaire.

Details Compliation

Based on the details provided we will start drafting the society registration Application

Memorandum Preparation

Preparation of the Memorandum of Association according to the clauses.

Rules Framing

Based on the rules you want to set up for your NGO, we will include the same in your NGO registration application.

Your NGO Society is now Registered

Once your Society is registered, we shall send you Society Registration via courier.

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NGOs in India

An NGO or Non-Governmental Organization is basically a non-profit or not for profit organization which strives to work towards the betterment of the underprivileged sections of Society. NGO’s could have a wide variety of interests of society in mind. This could include Environmental causes, human and/or animal rights, improving the health and welfare of children, development work and could even include raising awareness about some causes or activities of social importance.

With all that being stated, sometimes NGO’s are also established to act as fronts for political as well as religious interests. However, NGOs being non-profit organizations, these entities are not allowed to shell out the profits to the members as dividends. All profits made by the organization have to be invested towards the social cause the NGO is helping.

NGOs essentially raise the money from donors, who might or might not receive tax breaks on their donations. Essentially in India, there are 3 ways to set up an NGO:

  •    Trust
  •    Section-8 Company
  •    Society

Documents for NGO Registration

Methods for Registering an NGO in India

NGO registration in India can be done under any of the following disciplines:


One way of registering your Non-governmental organization is incorporating it as a trust. Entities who register as a trust under the NGO registration procedure are generally those which work with the eradication of poverty, giving education, as well as providing medical relief. Trust organisations are irrevocable. This essentially means that these organizations cannot be terminated or changes unless and until such actions have been approved by the beneficiary.

Trusts aren’t technically under any national rules and regulations, however, some states such as Gujrat and Maharashtra have public trust acts in order to regulate and oversee the affairs of NGOs.


Societies are also known as member-based organizations which operate for charitable purposes. These organizations are almost always run under the authority of a governing body or a management committee. As opposed to trusts, societies come under the jurisdiction of the Indian law, namely Societies Registration Act, 1860.


A Section 8 company is basically a Limited Liability entity which is formed with the purpose of Social welfare and cannot reap any profits. These organizations are established in order to promote science, art, commerce, charity, religion, or any other contributing cause to the betterment of society.

5 Steps For Company Registration

The NGO registration procedure in India comes under the jurisdiction of of the laws formed under the procedure to register NGO’s in India. The NGO registration procedure in India is regulated as follows:

Indian Trusts Act, 1882 for Trust Registration
Societies Registration Act, 1860 for Society Registration
Companies Act, 2013 for Section 8 Company Registration
Let’s look at the Procedure for the NGO registration one by one for concerned NGO’s.

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