How to check Trademark Status

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The concept of Trademark status With the advent of Trademark registration online in India, the efficiency and transparency of the trademark filing have improved. Now, the application of trademark can be tracked online and various actions could also be taken by a trademark expert or the application based on the trademarks applications current status. You can [...]

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Trademark Act in India

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Trademark India The term trademark refers to the protection available for certain names, symbols, devices, or words that are used in connection with a good or services. So, any mark associated with any service is known as "service mark." On the other hand, the trademark is basically used to denote the associated marks with goods and [...]

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Are hashtags Intellectual Property

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Have you protected a Hashtag on Social Media? In the current regime, the hashtags have taken over Social Media and started a trend to use a hashtag for any specific content or things that can ultimately boost consumer engagement with your business. Hashtags began on Twitter and now have spread to other major social media websites [...]

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How to claim Social media Trademark

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 Which Social Media Platform are you using? Have you protected your brand on social media? If not, look around the web and there you will find everyone from supermarkets to manufacturers successfully implementing social media strategies. Besides, the benefits of the Trademark registration insists the companies to immediately claim brand trademarks on social media, regardless of [...]

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Securing Your Startup’s Intellectual Property Rights: Patent vs Trade Secret

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Secure your Intellectual Property Rights- An Overview With the growing rate of startups in India, there is a need to aware the citizens about the importance of protecting the Intellectual Property Rights through various methods such as Patent Registration, Trademark Registration, Copyright Registration. Novice entrepreneurs who have just started a new business and are surrounded by [...]

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How to protect your Startup Idea? (Intellectual Property)

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Startups and the Endless Possibilities Sometimes a big corporation isn't big enough for your brilliant ideas and you decide to go out into the free market and form your own startup. That's great! You can now explore all options, work passionately on your interests and provide real-time value to the people. However, after the company registration [...]

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FAQs on Trademark registration in India

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If you have any doubts regarding Trademark then this article based on FAQs on Trademark Registration in India will clear all your doubts. What is Trademark? The term 'Trademark' refers to the brand or logo which represents the business. It is a visual symbol of a signature, name, device, label, numerals or combination of colors used by [...]

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7 reasons why trademarks are important to your business

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A Trademark can be defined as a design, a logo, an expression or anything that resembles an organization or a product belonging to a certain person or a firm or an organization. It is also termed as "Service Marks" sometimes. The very basic breakdown of the term would mean that any kind of mark that distinctly [...]

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How to check Trademark Filing Status?

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E-filling of the trademark application has created United Nations agency {the entire the complete the full the total} method of trademark registration quite uncomplicated and fewer effortful for all the companies who are attempting to secure their belongings. Once you register your trademark, you may be issued AN acknowledgment receipt with a Permanent Trademark variety that [...]

What are the different types of trademark infringement?

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What is a trademark? A trademark is a word, image, or expression, used to recognize a specific producer or merchant's items and recognize them from the results of another. For instance, the trademark "Nike," alongside the Nike "swoosh," recognize the shoes made by Nike and recognize them from shoes made by different organizations (e.g. Reebok or [...]