What is the purpose of the import export code registration license?

After a while, every business owner considers expanding their market. You’ve come to the right website if you own a company in India and are considering applying for an import export license to expand your company globally and access new markets. We have made an effort to address the complex subject of why import export code […]

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What is the cost of trademark registration?

Gone are the days when you had to travel to one of the metropolises, such as Delhi or Mumbai, to get something done. However, we live in the digital age. Similarly, you can register a trademark logo for your business in any city. One of them is Trademark Logo registration, so we will go over how […]

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How Can I Tell Whether My Trademark has been Accepted?

In general, the registration of a trademark can take eight to ten months, but on rare occasions, it can take a year or longer. It is your responsibility as the applicant to check the progress of your trademark and follow up as necessary in order to maintain a smooth, efficient process. If you don’t, the procedure […]

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How Much Time does It Take for a Trademark To be Approved?

According to Section 2 of The Trademarks Act, a trademark is defined as a sign that may be visually represented and can be used to differentiate one person’s goods or services from those of others. This sign may take the form of a commodity, its packaging, or a combination of colors. In this article, we’ll give […]

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How Long does a Trademark Registration Take?

A trademark is a distinguishing phrase, word, symbol, or sound that is used to identify a particular product and set it apart from all other products on the market. It acknowledges the corporation’s ownership of the brand. An entrepreneur can prevent brand imitation by registering a trademark.

To register a specific trademark, an application in the form […]

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What is The Procedure of Registration of Trademark?

Trademark registration is an intellectual property right that, in addition to providing you with benefits, ensures unlimited benefits for future generations. A trademark is any symbol, word, phrase, or design that is used to distinguish one person’s goods and services from those of another. Some well-known trademarks include Flipkart, Amazon, Nike, and others.

You can register your […]

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