Trademark Registration in India at Affordable Price

A Trademark Registration only gives users the right to use the mark exclusively in connection with the classes of products or services for which it was registered. All parties, including individuals, companies, and charitable organizations, are eligible to register trademarks in India. In the modern world, it can be challenging to make your goods or services […]

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Important information to be aware of while registering a Trademark online

The Trademark Act of 1999 provides protection for trademarks and their rights. Trademarks can be defined as special, distinctive signs that are used to distinguish products or services coming from a particular business. Designs, images, signs, or even expressions are examples of these. It is significant as a way to set your items apart from those […]

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Sony PlayStation 5 To Be Launched In India After Trademark Settlement

The release date of Sony PlayStation 5 continues to be furtive, forcing the buyers to buy the Sony PlayStation 5 from unofficial sources. Even though they are sold at an extremely high price, still people are buying them. Sony has warned these people against buying Sony PlayStation 5 from such anonymous areas. The makers of the […]

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