How can I start a Private Limited Company?

Many questions spring to mind when the time comes to launch a new business or grow an existing one. The choice of your company’s corporate identity is one of the most challenging undertakings. A Private Limited Company (PLC) is thought of as a very popular business form among aspiring entrepreneurs and top sole proprietors in the […]

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What is Public Limited Registration?

A public limited company is a company whose shares are offered to the general public and that trades on a public stock exchange. A public limited company(PLC) is an option for entrepreneurs with big goals, such as building a new IT infrastructure or manufacturing plant. A Private Limited Company structure is preferred by the majority […]

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Company Incorporation

A collection of people who have a common goal and are affiliated with one another might be referred to as a company in the broadest sense. According to section 2(20) of the Companies Act of 2013, a “company incorporated under the Companies Act of 2013 or any earlier company law” is what the term “company” means […]

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Exemption To Private Companies

Introduction To Private Companies

A significant impact was made in the corporate world by the Companies Act 2013 through the provision of doing business in India in an easy way. On 5th June 2015, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs(MCA) posted a draft notice to be published in Official Gazette announcing some exemption to […]

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How to Register a Company in India: Step by Step Procedure

India has always been a land of opportunity for businesses to thrive with a wide potential consumer base of over 1.35 billion as of 2018. There are about 11,89,826  active companies operating in India as of June 2018. India also has been getting rid of archaic and out-of-date laws and enabling ease of doing […]

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Share Transfer Procedure in Private Limited Company


In Private Limited Company, the ownership is calculated by the shareholders of the company. If you want to induct new investors or transfer the ownership of the company then the shares of the private limited company would have to be transferred. This article focuses on the share transfer procedure in […]

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