ESOPs and it’s benefits to startups

Introduction to ESOP

Employee Stock Option Plans or ESOP for short have been used by many companies to great avail. There are stories of companies eg. Infosys using ESOPs to create exceptional wealth and loyalty among employees. One such story involves a Driver exercising their right to cash out ESOPs and becoming a […]

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A Comprehensive Guide to start a BPO in India

What is a BPO?

There are corporate organizations in the United States and other developed countries who would opt to cut overhead cost as low as they can and still maintain the professionalism of highest order and get excellent services. In this context, India has emerged as a Business Process Outsourcing […]

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How to avail benefits under the startup india scheme?

On sixteenth Jan 2016, Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi declared a bunch of advantages and schemes to market start-up scheme in the Asian country. The event was known as ‘Startup Asian country, arise India’. it’s Brobdingnagian importance as a result of, for starters, it absolutely was the primary of its kind dialogue between India’s startup community […]

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Know about Proprietorship Firm in India

A proprietorship firm means the firm is no different than its proprietor, i.e, the owner. It is not a company so to say and it is not necessary for a proprietorship firm to be registered under Companies Act or Establishment Act.

As the sole proprietor of the firm, the first thing that has to be done […]

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