Is Registration of has Become Imported Paper Mandatory Since Oct 2022?

The DGFT, Directorate General of Foreign Trade has led to the introduction of the paper import monitoring system through the amendment of the import policy for some of the major paper items ranging from free to free subjects pertaining to the compulsory certification under PIMS. The online facility of certification will be available from 15 […]

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How to do business setup in dubai of tour and travel?

Starting a tour and travel business in the UAE can be an exciting venture, given the country’s booming tourism industry. To get started, follow these steps for business setup in dubai of travel.

What to think about when starting a tourism agency in Dubai?

A travel business setup in dubai may be run as a sole proprietorship or […]

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How to do the dubai business setup of the grocery store?

It makes sense that many company owners think it would be a good idea to operate a grocery dubai business setup given that the city is home to hundreds of food outlets. Grocery stores that sell food make up a sizable business that offers the potential for investors to maximize their returns and achieve 100% […]

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How To Get EPR Certification or License in India?

How to get epr certification? The EPR Certificate is required for Indian manufacturers or imported products for the management of e-waste. CPCB, or the Central Pollution Control Board, of the MoEFCC, Government of India, grants EPR authorization.

An Overview of Policies Regarding Extended Producer Responsibility (ERP):

Producer of In India Extended Responsibility was established for handling plastic and […]

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Is The Dubai Business Setup of The Supermarket Beneficial?

The Dubai business setup of Supermarkets provides for citizens’ basic needs, and their success depends on how many people shop there. People recently struggled to get toilet paper after the COVID pandemic; they understand the value of essential items and want to have easy access to them. The performance and profitability of supermarkets in Dubai are […]

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Is It Obligatory To Seek EPR Certification In India?

Today, waste management is one of the biggest challenges that the whole of the globe is facing and dealing with. There is taking place the most unimaginative dumping of plastic items as well as e-waste today is one of the most urgent and serious issues that needs to be addressed. Thus, EPR solutions have already emerged […]

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