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In Uttar Pradesh, you can register your trademark to safeguard your brand whether you are starting or have already launched a business. Securing a brand with Legal Raasta is quick and easy, taking only one day for providing registration. If you wish to protect your business's name right away, please send us a quick message with your request, and an employee of our sales department will respond with appropriate advise. Email submissions of all paperwork are accepted, and a secure payment gateway will be used for the transaction of funds.

You have three days to begin using the TM symbol after applying trademark filing in Uttar Pradesh via agent, which will be completed in a single day. After applying a trademark in Uttar Pradesh, you should also follow up with an online application tracking system. This is due to the fact that registration of trademarks procedure in Uttar Pradesh takes among 9 and 16 months, so it is recommended that you keep a close eye on the status of your trademark application to avoid getting it rejected for failing to submit timely replies to the one that powers the trademark department.

Ways to Utilize Trademark Symbols.

The proper symbol should show in superscript in a mark's upper right corner. Drop it to the mark's lower right-hand corner if you think it will seem strange. Keep the symbol to the left, right, or above of a mark at all times. You'll probably be relieved to discover that in items consisting of press releases, material of advertisements, and articles, you are only required to use a symbol when the mark appears for the first time, or when the mark is most prominent.

Why overuse the ® sign in your materials when it doesn't provide any extra legal protection?

Instead of using the sign to represent your trademark rights, you can use the phrase "Reg. U.S. Pat. & Tm. Off." or "Registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office." As an alternative, you might place a symbol with a * next to your logo, referring to a line that displays on the bottom or side on a page, such as "Reg. U.S. Pat. along with Tm. Off." or "_____ is a trademark that is registered of _____."

Who can file for a trademark? Where should a trademark application be filed?

A trademark through agent that is actually used or intended to be used may be registered by any individual claiming ownership of the brand. An affidavit and supporting documentation must be submitted by the individual claiming priority in the event that they were a previous user of the mark. Within India, the Trademark Registry works out of five locations: India's capital city, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Gujarat Kolkata, West Bengal, and Chennai. The trademark agent serve to facilitate the registration processes. Jurisdiction for Indian applicants is determined by the applicant's principal place of business, while jurisdiction for international applicants is determined by the location of an applicant's agent or attorney.

Is it possible to change a registered trademark later on?

Yes, the submitted mark may be changed in accordance with the provisions of section 22 under the Act on Trademarks, as long as the modification does not result in a material alteration to the mark's overall characteristics. Any superficial or trivial character or characteristic of the stated mark may be changed if a request is submitted in the specified format, accompanied using 16 copies of the modified label mark.



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