How can an Indian business get off the ground in Dubai?

Transferring a company is a big deal that needs to be carefully thought out and meticulously planned for when starting a business in Dubai. The benefits of this move outweigh the risks, so picking a new location for the transfer should be given careful consideration.

Look for a country with a good relationship with your current one […]

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Is GST Registration Mandatory for company?

GST (Goods and Services Tax) is applied when a business’s overall revenue exceeds a predetermined limit. Aggregate turnover is the total sales value of all taxable and exempt goods and services, as specified in Section 22 of the CGST Act.

If your entire annual revenue is greater than Rs. 40 lakh for sales of commodities, Rs. 20 […]

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Does GST have a Registration Limit of 20 Lakhs or 40 Lakhs?

Under the GST registration limits, companies or company owners with a taxable turnover of more than 40 lakhs must register as regular taxable persons for Normal States. Those with a taxable turnover of less than 20 lakhs, on the other hand, must register as particular taxable persons or Special States. You can reach the GST registration […]

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How do I register a company under GST?

GST registration is required for all individuals and entities in India who provide goods or services. When the total value of goods supplied exceeds Rs.40 lakh, GST registration becomes mandatory. To make tax filing easier, the Ministry of Finance (MoF) has simplified the GST registration procedure. If the entity operates in a special category state, […]

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What is Trademark Assignment in India?

A trademark may be sold, licensed, transferred, or otherwise transferred by its owner. Transferring trademark ownership from one person to another is done through the Trademark Assignment Process. The owner of a trademark may assign it to a third party or grant a license to the recipient. After the trademark is assigned, the assignee takes ownership […]

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