Everything to know about security psara licence: Procedure, Documents and Eligibility

Private security agencies are organizations that provide security services, including the training of security guards. These agencies are regulated by the Private Security Agencies Regulation Act, of 2005, also known as ‘PSARA.’ It is mandatory for private security agencies to obtain a security psara licence before starting their business or providing security services.

What Does […]

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Register EPR Online for Plastic & E-Waste: Steps to Get Certified

To produce or import electronics, you must obtain an EPR Authorization and Register EPR Online, which requires you to demonstrate that you can manage the associated E trash. To facilitate the environmentally sound management of e-waste, CPCB issues the, E Waste Management Licence or EPR Registration certificate.

Describe the EPR Certificate

Several nations now require a Register EPR […]

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Guide To Getting EPR Certification Online | Steps & Documents

To deal with plastic trash management The government of India implemented to get EPR certification Online. It obligates manufacturers, importers, dealers, brands, and online sellers to dispose of plastic and electronic trash following international standards. The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) created the policy. To control the process, the CPCB publishes the EPR list on its […]

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All You Need to Know for Recovery of Shares from IEPF

We’ve seen a number of examples in the past when people aren’t getting their claims or dividends paid out for a variety of reasons, such as death, injury, or misplaced certificates. Because of this, the government received money, unclaimed dividends, or shares, which were then used for the general welfare of the country. Consequently, the government […]

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Detailed Procedure for Recovery of Shares From IEPF

Investor Education and Protection Fund are referred to as IEPF. By the provisions of Section 125 of the Companies Act 2013, which covers rules and regulations imposed for investors as well as businesses connected to the IEPF, the Government of India established it under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. It was created to safeguard the interests […]

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How can an Indian business get off the ground in Dubai?

Transferring a company is a big deal that needs to be carefully thought out and meticulously planned for when starting a business in Dubai. The benefits of this move outweigh the risks, so picking a new location for the transfer should be given careful consideration.

Look for a country with a good relationship with your current one […]

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