Impeachment of President in India

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The Indian constitution provides for impeachment of the President by Parliament on one or more grounds of alleged incapacity or misuse of powers. The process is initiated in the Lok Sabha which may pass a resolution supported by not less than two-thirds of its total membership, to remove the President from his office. The motion in [...]

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Condonation of delay

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Condonation of delay is usually applied for the delay in filing suits or applications in the courts in India. It refers to the act of allowing a court to overlook a delay in filing an appeal  or application. Each statute establishes a deadline for filing any litigation, appeal, or application with the courts/respective authorities. The limitation [...]

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Equalisation Levy

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Equalisation Levy was introduced in India in 2016, with the intention of taxing the digital transactions i.e. the income accruing to foreign e-commerce companies from India. It is aimed at taxing business-to-business transactions. This levy has been imposed only on companies whose revenue exceeds Rs 1 crore per year and will be charged at 6% on [...]

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9 Tips to Start a Successful Home-Based Business

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Are you considering starting a small business from the comfort of your own home? Starting a home-based business is a perfect way for busy people to gain more influence over their lives, but it can be overwhelming. There are various kinds of company registration structures in India. Whatever type of company you want to start, you must [...]

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Private Limited Company income tax on buyback of shares

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The term "buyback" refers to the repurchase of shares by the Private Limited Company that issued them. The corporation pays the stockholders the current market value of their shares and reclaims the previously allocated ownership. Introduction to buyback of shares In India's capital market, the term "buyback of shares" is not a new notion. In recent corporate [...]

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NGO Registration under Section 8 Company: A Complete Guide

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Before getting complete information about the “Section 8 Company Registration“, you ought to realize society. An NGO  means a non-government organization that has the intention of doing charitable work. Any NGO can get an NGO Registration in India under any of the subsequent acts by law. Under Section 8 of Companies Act in India.? Trust registration [...]

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