What is the procedure for Customs clearance ?

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Introduction: custom clearance procedure Custom clearance procedure works include formation and submission of documentation needed to help export procedure or imports into the country, describing the client while customs examination, evaluation, payment of duty and taking delivery of cargo from customs after clearance with documents. The documents included in customs clearance are : Exports Documentation custom [...]

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A Guide to Export Inspection Agency

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The Government of India established the Export Inspection Council (EIC) under section 3 of the Export (Quality Control and Inspection) Act, 1963 for quality control and pre-shipment inspections. Further to that, EIC designates Export Inspection Agencies and Laboratories to supplement its own activities. This Approved Export Inspection Agency or Laboratory would inspect the commodities meant for exports, and [...]

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IEC Full Form, Eligibility, Validity, Application

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IEC Full Form, Definition Many times people say they have an "Import-Export Business". It basically means they trade goods across international borders. In India, to be able to trade goods across the border it is necessary for an individual/ company to acquire an IEC. IEC or Import Export (IE) Code is a registration which provides the [...]

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How to overcome negative thoughts in Export Business?

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What is an Export and Export Market? Export basically means shipping of goods and services out of the legal jurisdiction of a country, it consists of two parties exporter and importer. The exporter is the one who sells and Importer is the one who buys. Internationally Export means selling of goods and services produced in home [...]

Steps involved in Processing on Export Order

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“Export” here conveys the meaning of transporting or carrying away the goods from one place to another or may be one country to another. Export trade starts from the receipt of an export order. In this, there is an agreement between the importer and the exporter agreeing to the terms and conditions or the licenses as [...]

Shipping Procedure for Export of Plastic and Plastic Articles

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Shipping Procedure of exporting of Plastic or plastic articles can be pretty much same as exporting other goods like Machines or machinery appliances! First of all, you'll agree to the terms of payments and delivery with your buyer/importer who you're dealing with overseas. Then, for issuing Performa invoice you as an exporter will receive an export order for the plastic or plastic related goods/ Machinery or mechanical appliances [...]