The Government of India established the Export Inspection Council (EIC) under section 3 of the Export (Quality Control and Inspection) Act, 1963 for quality control and pre-shipment inspections. Further to that, EIC designates Export Inspection Agencies and Laboratories to supplement its own activities. This Approved Export Inspection Agency or Laboratory would inspect the commodities meant for exports, and certify them accordingly. The EIC also coordinates with them in its various initiatives.

They are regulated under the Export or Quality Control and Inspection Act, 1963. EIC encourages those manufacturer/exporters who have implemented good quality management systems. This results in maintaining consistent quality in production to gain the confidence of the buyer.

Some countries have rules that all imported goods must be accompanied by a valid certification of the country of origin of goods.

An Export Inspection Agency is involved in in-process quality control, consignment-wise inspection.  Subsequent to inspecting the consignment, it issues a certificate of inspection.  actively  These offices are also engaged in and certification with many laboratories countrywide. They may also follow a system-approach for certification of activities.

There are around 40 sub-offices under EIC, all over India, that approve these agencies. To check the nearest sub-office to get your Agency certified by EIC, download the PDF given below

Authorized Export Inspection Agencies of India

Below are some of the authorised Export Inspection Agencies, of India, that are recognised by the Export Promotion Council.


Export Inspection Agency

Export Inspection Agency: Maharashtra: LegalRaasta


Export Inspection Agency

Export Inspection Agency: Gujarat: LegalRaasta

West Bengal

Export Inspection Agency

Export Inspection Agency: West Bengal: LegalRaasta

Tamil Nadu

Export Inspection Agency

Export Inspection Agency: Tamil Nadu: LegalRaasta

Andhra Pradesh

Export Inspection Agency

Export Inspection Agency: Andhra Pradesh: LegalRaasta


Export Inspection Agency

Export Inspection Agency: Odissa: LegalRaasta


Export Inspection Agency

Export Inspection Agency: Goa: LegalRaasta

How to upgrade your Inspection Agency to an Export Inspection Agency

If you would like your Inspection Agency to be recognized as an inspection agency, you would need to apply to the nearest Sub-Office of EIC. These are located at Chennai, Delhi, Cochin, Kolkata and Mumbai.

There is a prescribed format for the application And you need to pay a non-refundable fee, along with it. You would need to mention what specific commodity, out of the notified ones, you want to be inspecting. The documents required to be submitted along with the application, have to be related to this commodity. Other than the aforementioned documents, you need to submit legal ID proof of your agency, experience in inspection and quality management systems implemented, etc.

A copy of the application and the enclosed documents have to be forwarded to EIC, New Delhi, simultaneously.

The Export Inspection Council (EIC) will examine the application and decide whether it can be accepted or not. If acceptable, you will receive an acknowledgement along with a number. In case, it is not acceptable, EIC may ask for supplementary information or reject by giving reasons for the same, in writing, with a copy to concerned Sub-Office. The application may get rejected on any of the below reasons:

  • The application is incomplete.
  • Required supporting documents have not been submitted.
  • Fees balance.
  • The commodity is not of interest to EIC in the current scenario.
  • The Technical capability of the agency is insufficient, for the scope being applied for.
  • The track record of the agency isn’t satisfactory (if it is an application for renewal).
  • Any other reason, that would be explained by the EIC.

Scope for Export Inspection Agencies

The Central Government has notified the commodities for EIC. It has also, determined the minimum standards and the manner, for quality control and pre-shipment inspections. As per the Act, approximately 1000 commodities have been specified covering various sectors such as chemicals, ceramic products, Fishery, pesticides, rubber products, engineering products, food and agricultural products, textiles, footwear, Minerals, Steel products etc.

For the sound development of the export industry, the quality control and the pre-shipment inspection is necessary.

An Export Inspection Agency is qualified to issue Certificates of: 

  1. Origin
  2. Consignment-wise Inspection
  3. In-Process Quality Control
  4. Self-Certification
  5. Food Safety Management System based Certification, under FSSAI
  6. Hallmarking
  7. ISO certification
  8. AGMARK Registration
  9. FPO
  10. ISI Registration

Nowadays, the buyers abroad demand a certificate of inspection by a certified Export Inspection Agency. To ensure that the goods they receive are of good quality and meet the standards as required by them and their consumers.

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