Breach of Contract Notice

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Breach of Contract Notice

Notice of Breach of Contract

A notice of Breach of Contract is a legal document which specifies the breach of contract between the two parties. It is used to inform a party that it is in a breach of contract with the other. A contract breach usually takes one of the three forms:

Failure to perform as promised.

Making it impossible for the other party to perform.

An indication that the party does not intend to perform as promised.

Procedure for Notice of Breach of Contract?

Instructions for Notice of Breach of Contract

  • Provide the names of both the parties and of the agreement itself.
  • Enter the ‘ Effective Date’ of the agreement, if any. If there is no ‘ Effective Date’ listed, enter the date on which the last party signed.
  • Explain clearly how the other party breached the agreement. Include references to the breached provisions, quote the language of those sections, and describe hoe the actions of the other party created the violation.
  • Be thorough, keep the language professional and direct.
  • Enter a deadline by which the other party must remedy its breach.

Featured of Notice of Breach of Contract

  • It helps in avoiding chaos and solves the dispute without any misunderstanding. It is effective and saves time too.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What to do if the deadline is already over and the other party did not respond?
If the other party has not responded to your notice and the breach has not yet been cured within the designated period, then contact an Attorney to discuss additional legal actions and remedies.
2. Who can issue a breach of contract notice?
Anyone who is in a contract with someone and the other person is not performing a specified term in the agreement. Also, a person who manages the company which regularly deals in contracts can issue the notice.

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Breach of Contract Notice
Breach of Contract Notice
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Breach of Contract Notice

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