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What is ISI Mark?

India uses the ISI mark as a certification mark for industrial goods. The ISI:xxxx on top of the mark, which was developed by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), India's national standard organization, ensures that an item conforms to the Indian Standard. By far, the Indian subcontinent's most recognized certification mark is the ISI mark. The Bureau of Indian Standards was formerly known as the Indian Standards Institute or ISI. The license bears the seven-digit number (CM/L-xxxxxxx) that the Bureau of Indian Standards stipulates (BIS). All ISI marks must have CM/L numbers; failing to do so is against the law.

Similar to other electrical appliances like wiring cables, switches, heaters, electric motors, kitchen appliances, and so forth, as well as other items like LPG valves, LPG cylinders, Portland cement, automotive tyres, and so forth, the ISI mark is required for certification of goods before they can be sold in India. In any instance, it is purposeful due to a variety of factors.

Who Can Utilize the ISI Mark?

Applying at the nearest BIS office. The ability of the producer to produce goods under the specifications set forth for the category will subsequently be assessed at the factory level by a BIS officer. A sample of products is tested at the factory and outside. If the assessment is satisfactory and the product passes all the tests, a license is allotted and the producer can utilize the coveted ISI mark.

After having the item examined in the bureau's facilities and obtaining the requisite independent certifications, the producer provides BIS with test reports. Within a month, BIS must verify the accuracy of the reports and provide a license for the use of the ISI mark.

Documents Required for Getting ISI Certification

Address proof of the manufacturing unit.
Copy of Certificate of Registration.
Test report by a BSI-certified lab.
Details of equipment used for testing.
Copy of Trademark Registration Certificate.
Packaging details to get the ISI mark.
Layout plan of the factory.
Certificate copy from the Regulatory Authority.
Bank statement of the company.
Flow chart of the manufacturing process.
Indian residency proof.
Particulars regarding the raw material being used.
Latest utility bills.
Product or component drawing.

Process for ISI Registration

1. Choose a Product Code

This is the first step in choosing a product whose quality conforms with all BIS standards. To apply for an ISI registration certificate, the applicant must specify and select an ISI standard product code for their product.

2. Submit Application

After selecting the product code, we will help you apply for ISI Certification.

3. Registration Fees

After that, the applicant must pay the audit and ISI registration fees to allow for additional scrutiny.

4. BIS Inspection of the Applicant's Factory Premises

After the application has been submitted, the BIS Office and inspection team will visit the applicant's factory to look over the quality control and manufacturing procedures. As part of this inspection, samples will be taken for testing in a BIS-certified lab.

5. Submit Sample Report

The process must be completed within at least 30 days of the application date, and a sample report of the product from accredited labs must be submitted to BIS.

6. Following the Application and Inspection Processes

The BIS issues an ISI Mark Certificate.

Benefits of Obtaining ISI Certification

Advantages to the Market

This Certificate will give consumers a significant advantage over uncertified items, such as the ability to produce goods continuously and without interruption. Obtaining an ISI Registration Certification certifies the safety of your products by demonstrating that they were produced by the necessary standards.

Access to Market

Since it displays superior quality, adherence to safety standards, and customer protection, a certified product has a sizable market. Get your ISI registration today to take advantage of the benefits. A product with this classification would be more dependable, providing you with more market access.

Competitive Advantage

The ISI certification gives the company a competitive edge by showing the product's standard quality because customers always favor certified products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get your ISI Registration immediately with Legalraasta as the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) assigns ISI Marks.

For ISI registration, the license has a one-year initial validity duration.

A year in prison, a fine of up to 50,000 rupees, or even both can be imposed on someone who uses the ISI Mark improperly.

If you know of any products that have duplicate ISI mark, you should immediately file a complaint with BIS or seek our legal counsel.


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