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Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019, is now an Act

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Around 125 lawmakers voted in the favor of the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill and 99 against it. Great news for the opposition who worked hard to hinder the path of CAB Bill. The CAB Bill has now successfully become CAA i.e. - Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB)2019 is Now an Act. President Ram Nath Kovind last week granted [...]

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Exemption To Private Companies

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Introduction To Private Companies A significant impact was made in the corporate world by the Companies Act 2013 through the provision of doing business in India in an easy way. On 5th June 2015, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs(MCA) posted a draft notice to be published in Official Gazette announcing some exemption to Private Companies. Although there is no [...]

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MSME Databank Registration with Eligibility criteria

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What is MSME Databank Registration? All MSME enterprises in India from now onwards need to provide information linked with business to the Government by MSME Databank. This has to be done as per the MSME- Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Rules, 2009. MSME databank registration can be performed through the data bank. The medium and small [...]

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LLP Registration Fees: Documents Required and Advantages

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What is LLP? LLP means Limited Liability Partnership which came into known in the year of 2008 under the Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008. Limited Liability Partnership is similar to the general Partnership Firm Registration. LLP Registration fees differ according to the different ca firms. CA firms fix their LLP Registration fees according to their commission system. [...]

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Audit Report Format: Types, Responsibilities of Auditors

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Introduction An audit report is a document prepared by the Auditor of the Company who must be a practicing Chartered Accountancy. The audit report format guides the auditor to make the report according to the government rules. All companies registered in India are required to appoint an Auditor and get the accounts audited each year. The audited financial [...]

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Defunct Company: Methods to Fast track exit

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Introduction Defunct Company is a company which does not have any asset or any liability. The Defunct company that fails to commence business in its first year of establishment. On the 5th of  April 2017, the most awaited procedure of Fast track Exit is activated. Section 248 of the Companies Act 2013 deals with the fast-track exit procedure. Strike Off [...]

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80G Certificate: Eligibility, Documents Required

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80G Certificate for Individuals 80G Certificate helps you to exempt yourself from paying taxes to the government partly or fully. It became a part of the law book in 1967-68 and it still holds an important part in saving taxes. You get tax exemption on your taxes if you are making donations to: Charitable trusts Section 8 [...]

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NBFC Regulation

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Overview of NBFC Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) is a financial institution.  It carries on businesses under the Companies Act 2013  like:- receiving personal loans and advances, Acquisition of stocks or shares, Leasing, Hire-purchase, Insurance business, and chit fund business. In India, the authority to control the NBFC registration is with the Reserve Bank Of India(RBI). Non-Banking Financial Company [...]

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Sales Order & its Application

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What are Sales Order and its application? SO is the short form of the sales order. And it is an order issued by a business to the customer. This order specifies the information about products and services ordered by a specific customer along with the price, quantity and terms and conditions. Businesses use it as a confirmation document [...]

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The best Online CA services available for a company

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Introduction to online ca services How to choose the best online ca services for company registration? This a very common question among the companies. online ca services keep on adding and subtracting plus mandatory company's growth as well. For example, GST its a part of the tax system nowadays. Also, obligatory for the trading of goods. There [...]

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