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Who is eligible for GST registration?

To kickstart the Registration for GST process, businesses must first determine whether they are eligible to register under the latest indirect tax regime.The New GST Registration and Eligibility Criteria is mandatory to any individual or group involved in commercialized business, as it enables the proprietary to discharge taxes and avail the benefits of input tax credit. In the GST regime, [...]

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How do I register a company under GST?

GST registration is required for all individuals and entities in India who provide goods or services. When the total value of goods supplied exceeds Rs.40 lakh, GST registration becomes mandatory. To make tax filing easier, the Ministry of Finance (MoF) has simplified the GST registration procedure. If the entity operates in a special category state, GST registration is required if [...]

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What is turnover in GST?

A business must register for Goods and Services Tax if its aggregate turnover in a fiscal year exceeds Rs.20 lakhs or Rs.40 lakh for a supplier of goods. This limit is set at Rs.10 lakhs for special category states in the North Eastern and hilly regions. As we all know, businesses with a turnover of more than Rs. 20 lakhs [...]

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What are the types of patent in India?

An applicant must submit a patent application to the Indian Patent Office (IPO) in order to be granted a Patent Register in India. Depending on the applicant's strategic need for a patent filing, various sorts of patent applications may be submitted in the IPO. Different forms of patent applications can be filed in India under the terms of the Indian [...]

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How to Register Patent in India ?

An patent, which can be a product or a process that presents a novel technical solution to a problem, is given a patent, which is an exclusive right. A patent register's primary purpose is to give the patent holder protection for their invention. Protection is often granted for 20 years. Therefore, this article describes how to Register a Patent in [...]

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Is GST required below 20 lakhs?

GST is a tax that is viewed as a modification to the taxing process. A common national market could result from the integration of several different central and state taxes under the GST. While state-by-state VAT rates vary, the global GST rate is uniform and stable. In this case, the Central and State governments would split the tax. According to [...]

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