Is GST No required for small business?

The Goods and Services Tax in India has had a profound effect on how new businesses are started and operated. You must have a yearly revenue of more than 40/20 lakh rupees to qualify for GST registration. To be eligible for GST, your business must engage in interstate trade or offer Goods and Services Online. […]

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What is the Limit for GST registration?

GST registration establishes your brand as reliable and genuine while enabling your firm to operate legally. Simple GST registration can be done online through the GST portal. The GSTIN number is typically created 3–4 days after the application is submitted.

You must submit an individual GST application if your annual revenue exceeds 40 lakhs. If you operate […]

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What are documents required for applying GST?

GST was implemented in India, which was a significant tax reform. To harmonies state economies and promote the overall economic growth of the nation, the government implemented the Goods and Service Tax on March 29, 2017. GST is an indirect tax that includes all other taxes in its scope. GST is a comprehensive tax that is […]

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Who is eligible for GST registration?

To kickstart the Registration for GST process, businesses must first determine whether they are eligible to register under the latest indirect tax regime.The New GST Registration and Eligibility Criteria is mandatory to any individual or group involved in commercialized business, as it enables the proprietary to discharge taxes and avail the benefits of input tax credit. […]

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Is GST required below 20 lakhs?

GST is a tax that is viewed as a modification to the taxing process. A common national market could result from the integration of several different central and state taxes under the GST. While state-by-state VAT rates vary, the global GST rate is uniform and stable. In this case, the Central and State governments would split […]

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