How To Do The Business Setup In Dubai Of Tourism In 2023?

The travel and tourism business setup in Dubai is one of those steadily growing commercial sectors. There are many factors that make Dubai the perfect place to establish a travel and tourism business. The UAE is centered in Dubai. It is a popular tourist destination that is well known throughout the world for its iconic buildings, […]

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Budget 2021’s Impact on the Companies Act of 2013: Recent Updates

By amending the definition of a small business and the setting up or incorporation rules for one-person firms in India, the  Union Budget  2021-2022 has the most influence on the Company Act of 2013.

  • Changing the definition of a small company 

Existing definition: a small company is defined as a corporation that is not a public business and meets […]

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Custom Duty: Changes Done In It Through Budget 2021

The finance minister uncovered that a reconsidered Customs Duty construction will be set up from October 1, 2021. On Monday, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman made various key declarations relating to aberrant tax assessment while introducing the Union Budget 2021-22. Explaining on the endeavours to improve the GST, she guaranteed all the partners that it […]

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What Is there for you in this Budget -2021?- All You Need To Know

The Budget 2021-22 was presented by our Hon’ble Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on the first day of February,2021 and for the first time the budget was all in a paperless format. The FM started presenting the budget at parliament at 11 Am on Tuesday.

  • The main focus of this year is on Health & well-being, as […]
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