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Thanks for coming to our all-inclusive Mumbai EPR Certificate registration service. Companies are required to abide by Extended Producer Responsibility also referred to EPR standards as the significance of environmental sustainability keeps increasing. Our knowledgeable staff specializes in assisting companies in Mumbai to fulfill their environmental responsibilities and to open up new doors for expansion and compliance by simplifying the filing of EPR Certificates for import.

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What is the EPR Certificate Registration Process?

Registration for an Extended Producer Responsibility also called EPR, which Certificate is required for enterprises in Mumbai who manufacture, import, or sell specific types of goods. These EPR Certificates products includes e-waste, plastic waste, import, batteries, and other materials as designated by regulatory agencies. A commitment to ethical waste management techniques is shown by the registration of an EPR certificate, which implies compliance with EPR laws.

Is it required to have an EPR certificate in India?

To maintain E-waste control, manufacturers and importers must get an EPR certificate. Manufacturers and importers won't be able to do business in India, nonetheless, if they don't obtain the same. Along with this, makers and importers may face debarment, a fine or both.

We offer EPR Certificate Services

EPR Certificate Registration

From the first consultation until the filing of the application, we help companies in Mumbai with every step of the EPR Certificate registration procedure. Our professionals guarantee that all required documentation is properly produced and structured, making the registration procedure easier for our clients.

Certificate of EPR for Import

Companies that import products into Mumbai could need an EPR Certificate in order to follow the regulations here. Our area of expertise is helping importers obtain EPR Certificates for goods they are importing, which makes it easier to comply with EPR regulations.

EPR Certificate for E-Waste

The rise of electronic devices has made appropriate e-waste management even more crucial. We assist Mumbai firms in obtaining EPR Certificates for e-waste, which ensures compliance with EPR requirements and contributes to environmental sustainability.

EPR Certification for Waste Plastic

Businesses need to be accountable for managing plastic garbage because it presents serious environmental challenges. In addition to encouraging appropriate plastic disposal and recycling methods, our team helps companies in Mumbai secure EPR Certificates regarding plastic waste.

EPR Certificate for the Battery

Batteries must be properly disposed of and recycled to reduce environmental effect and prevent hazardous waste contamination. To ensure regulatory compliance, we offer specialist services to companies looking to obtain EPR Certificates for batteries.

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Benefits of Obtaining an EPR Certificate

1. Encourage the reuse of products

As previously stated, the EPR plan improves the ease and speed with which products can be disassembled for recycling and reuse.

2. Ensure a sustainable development

Extended producer responsibility improves natural resource conservation, reduces waste generation, eliminates pollution, and so on.

3. Good environmental impact

The use of other hazardous waste disposal techniques, including burning or burying, which are harmful to humans when inhaled, is reduced when an EPR certificate is obtained.

Documents Needed to Obtain an EPR Certification

➢ Business registration forms

  •    GST Certificate.
  •    Import and export codes (IEC).
  •    Certificate of incorporation.
  •    MSME.

➢ Director's KYC documents.

  •    Aadhar Card/Pan Card/Email/Contact Information or Authorized Signatory.
  •    Designation of the Authorized Signatory and Authorization.

➢ Technical Details (prepared by us).

  •    Purchase and sales information for the previous two fiscal years, broken down state-by-state.
  •    Product information (photos of products).
  •    Registration Procedure.
  •    Collecting documents.
  •    Preparing Technical.
  •    Submission of the application.
  •    Review of the application.
  •    If there is a query, we will respond with a solution; otherwise, the application will be granted, and a certificate will be provided.

The EPR Certificate's Impact on the Future of Mumbai

The EPR Certificate is critical in shaping the environmental landscape of Mumbai, a city that is both dynamic and diverse. Through the endorsement of conscientious waste management methodologies, preservation of resources, and mitigation of pollution, the plays a role in constructing a more resilient and sustainable urban environment. Businesses holding EPR Certificates are leading the charge to reduce plastic waste, promote battery, and e-waste in Mumbai's environmental ecology.



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