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As a result, Legal Raasta simplifies things to the greatest extent possible. A trademark (which represents a mark in trade) is a mark that can be represented graphically and is capable of differentiating one person's goods or services from those of others, and it can consist of the shape of goods, the way they are packaged, and color combinations; It is essentially anything that a regular consumer recognizes as being associated with a brand. Devices, brands, headings, labels, tickets, names, signatures, words, letters, numerals, product shapes, packaging, and color combinations, in any combination, are all considered "marks."

Trademark examples are provided below.

  • A distinctive general word: Apple.
  • Fanciful designation: Kodak.
  • Distinctive Personal Name: Ford
  • Tagline: ICICI Bank Limited (Hum Hain Na), drink to believe it! (Pepsi).
  • Device: Udhaar.
  • The cologne number: 4711.
  • Image: Lacoste logo.

Different Types of Trademark Registration.

Step 1 : Product

The product trademark is anything that is used for recognizing a certain product. They are used to prevent product duplication while also protecting the product category.

Step 2: Service

A service trademark distinguishes an organization's services rather than its products. Intangible items are identified with a service mark.

Step 3 : Shape

Shape trademarks may be classified as Trade Dress, which means that, in addition to its logo, label, and additional identifying indicators, a product can be differentiated by the packaging.

Step 4 : Pattern

Patterns are a sort of register a trademark in Rajasthan where the pattern can be used to differentiate one brand's goods and services from another. In general, patterns are repetitions of similar designs.

Step 5 : Collective

Collective trademarks identify a group of people rather than a specific product or service. These agents provides trademark in Rajasthan for principally owned by a company, institute, or association with several members.

Step 6 : Certification

The purpose of a certification trademark is to indicate the standards of a business or organization, i.e., that a trader's products or services have been verified to fulfill specific requirements.

Step 7 : Sound

The "mark" made up of auditory images that sets one company's goods and services apart from another is a good way to apply trademark in Rajasthan in sound form. Sound notations that are visually represented are eligible for trademark registration.

Step 8 : Color

Color combinations establish the brand and are associated with that specific product. The public typically associates the scheme with a specific product.

Step 9 : Word

For branding purposes, the word trademark refers to unique text that contains the company name or product name. As a result, it is entirely text-based, as opposed to a logo, which symbolizes a graphical image.

Step 10 : Device

A device is a printed or painted figure/design/character. They include no letters, words, or numbers.

Step 11 : Packaging

All of the contents on the top of the container, such as names and slogans, can be copyrighted. This can prevent a rival from utilizing packaging that is confusingly identical for their goods.



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