What is CIBIL score & How to check Credit score online

Acquiring and loaning are ideas that a large portion of us know about. You’ve presumably met something like one individual who has a propensity for neglecting to reimburse cash acquired. On account of their distraction, this makes you mull over loaning to them. Loaning organizations, in the interim, would like to give advances and […]

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Global Depository Receipt


Investors use capital markets such as ADR, GDR, and IDR to facilitate long-term debt instruments and generate capital. The most economical and well-known technique of raising funds from overseas capital markets is the issue of these receipts. It also allows foreign investors to make investments in domestic businesses.


What is Depository Receipt?

When a foreign firm or an […]

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Powers and Responsibilities of SEBI

SEBI, Securities and Exchange Board of India is an apex body constituted by the Government of India to improve the regulation of securities market in India. The main function of SEBI is to protect the interests of investors in securities and to promote the development of, and to regulate the securities market so as to […]

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Functions of Financial Market

The financial market is a dedicated marketplace for the trading of securities, such as stocks, shares, bonds, currencies, bills, and cheque, as well as derivatives. There are various functions of financial market. Financial markets work to provide a free and regulated system for selling and buying big amounts of money. Businesses can also use the […]

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Misstatement in Prospectus

A prospectus is a vital part of any business. In general, consumers search for a firm’s prospectus to determine whether or not they should invest in that company. It’s crucial that the things described in the prospectus are genuine. Companies create prospectuses because they want customers to come in and buy the firm’s debentures or credit […]

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