Five ways to Secure Your Child’s future through mutual funds.

What is Mutual Fund?

A scheme in which money is collected from people and invested in various asserts, such schemes are called mutual funds. These. Funds are usually invested in financial securities like shares and money market instruments like certificate of deposit and bonds. Or in other words Mutual fund is like a trust pool where investor […]

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Domicile Certificate for West Bengal and It’s Procedure

A Domicile or Residence Certificate is a legal document which is basically a residence proof that is issued by the state government. It is a crucial legal document that is used as proof of residency of a person, who is residing in a specific state.

A person who owns a domicile certificate is […]

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Exploring the Legal Rights in Cheque Bounce Cases

Cheque bounce cases are very common in India. A bill of exchange drawn upon a particular banker and payable on demand is known as a cheque. A cheque is said to be bounced or is considered to be dishonored when it is presented for payment, however, due to reasons like insufficient balance in the […]

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Views of Indian Judiciary About Live-In Relationship

The idea of a live-in relationship was the one that was neglected by the Indian Society for a very long time. Living together before marriage was considered an offense or crime to the Indian culture formerly. Most significantly, the Hindu Law prefers ‘One man, one wife’ as the most sacred form of matrimony. But […]

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Passport Renewal: Procedure, Validity & Documents Required

Passport renewal task is very common among the people traveling to other countries. Passport is mandatory for this purpose. Either it’s a solo trip or a family vacation; a business trip or a visit for medical purposes, a valid passport is a required document that must be held by the particular individual. A passport […]

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