A Domicile or Residence Certificate is a legal document which is basically a residence proof that is issued by the state government. It is a crucial legal document that is used as proof of residency of a person, who is residing in a specific state.

A person who owns a domicile certificate is entitled to benefits such as education, government-sponsored scholarships, and employment under state quotas. It is also applicable to some job profiles where seats are reserved for local residents or local residents are preferred. They come in handy in several circumstances like wherever we are applying for a seat, etc. Therefore, they are legally important documents. 


The Aadhaar Card that is issued by UIDAI is not considered valid as a Domicile Certificate. It is because the Aadhaar Card is a proof of identity and is not a residence proof.

A resident needs to possess a domicile certificate which is issued by his/her state government or the union territory for the purpose of availing the benefits which have been mentioned above. Through this article, you will get an insight into how to obtain a domicile certificate in West Bengal. 

Eligibility Criteria For Obtaining The Domicile Certificate

  1. Any person who is an Indian resident and a bonafide resident of West Bengal is eligible to obtain the certificate and avail the services.
  2. The person should either be residing in the state for 15 years or should have a permanent home in West Bengal but is residing someplace else to earn a living.
  3. Any woman who does not have her own home in the state or is not a resident of the state but is married to a man who is a permanent resident of West Bengal is eligible for obtaining a Domicile certificate.

Documents Required For Obtaining Domicile Certificate

For obtaining a legally binding domicile certificate of West Bengal, one has to submit the documents mentioned below:

  1. Aadhaar Card
  2. Age Proof:
  • 10th School Certificate / SSLC
  • Birth Certificate

3.Residence proof

4.Self-Declaration Form
5.Passport-sized photographs – 2 Nos.
6.Duly filled application form
7.Document Proof, in case you have a landowner of the state.

Affidavit For Domicile Certificate

Each applicant needs to submit an affidavit for obtaining a domicile certificate. The affidavit for obtaining the domicile certificate, must be having the following details:

  1. Name, age, and address of the applicant.
  2. The exact period of stay in the address specified in number of months and years.
  3. Name of the father and spouse and other details, if the applicant is a married woman and is not a permanent resident of the state, in which she wants to obtain the domicile certificate.
  4. A self-declaration that states all furnished information and submitted documents are legitimate.
  5. The date on the affidavit
  6. Signature of the applicant

There is no fee as such involved for obtaining a domicile certificate in West Bengal.

Where To Get The Application Form?

You can access the application form via an online portal or from any of the offices mentioned below:

  1. Sub-divisional office.
  2. Tehsil office
  3. District Office
  4. Revenue Department Office
  5. Any other office mentioned by the concerned state government.

OfFice Location & Address

Sub-Divisional Officer,

Room number 46 (General Section),

Norther 24 Pargana,


Sadar-Sub Division

Hooghly District Magistrate & Collector’s Office

Collectorate Building,

Chinsurah District- Hooghly

Pin- 7212101

Procedure To Obtain a Domicile Certificate

Step 1: Go and visit the Government website.

Step 2: Register or sign up yourself on the e-District portal. In case you have already done this, then login with all the necessary details to access the site.

Step 3: Next, select the “Local Residence (Domicile) Certificate” option mentioned in the List.

Step 4: You can go through the detailed instructions and requirements needed to apply for a domicile certificate. After doing so, click the “Apply” tab to proceed further.

Step 5: On the page that you are redirected to, complete filling your details in the respective blank section.

Step 6: Submit a scanned copy of the documents which have been listed on the site. Once it is over, select the “Submit” option.

Once all the documents are submitted and the required details are established, your application will be processed by government officials. 

How To Download The Domicile Certificate?

  1. The first step is to go to the official e-District web-portal of the West Bengal Government.
  2. Enter your login credentials and sign in to the system.
  3. From the homepage choose the “Approved Application” tab.
  4. A drop-down menu will be displayed on your screen carrying a list of services offered by the portal. Scroll down and select the Domicile Certificate option.
  5. Next, fill in your acknowledgment number to locate your application.
  6. After you find your certificate, you can download it from the dialogue box that appears once you click it.
  7. If you are unable to find your application even after a week or two, you should go and visit your nearest Tehsil office and make an inquiry regarding the status of your certificate. If needed, the applicant also has to visit the Revenue Department regarding the same.

Things To Know About The Domicile Certificate

  • The service for getting a Domicile Certificate is entirely free of cost, and therefore, you do not have to pay any service charge or a processing fee.
  • The whole process will take around 7 working days and in case the certificate is not available within this time span, you should visit either the Tehsil office or the Revenue Department office to make a personal inquiry.
  • You do not have to apply for the certificate again or renew the certificate from time to time because the certificate is valid for life.
  • In case you want to apply for the Domicile Certificate offline, you can access the application forms from:
  1. Tehsildar’s Office
  2. Sub-Divisional Office
  3. Revenue Office
  4. District Collector’s Office
  5. Any other authorities that are assigned the task of handing out domicile certificates by the particular State Government.
  • After you have completed your offline application, you must submit the same to the Sub-Divisional office along with a copy of the required documents and two passport-sized photographs.
  • You can also apply for the domicile certificate through the Common Service Centers which are situated in several parts of the State. Search for the nearest one and approach them for further help regarding the same. 

Processing Time

Domicile Certificates will be issued within 3 working days once the authorities have received the report from D.I.B, North 24 Parganas from Confidential Section at Room No. 27A.

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