The best Online CA services available for a company

Introduction to online ca services

How to choose the best online ca services for company registration? This a very common question among the companies. online ca services keep on adding and subtracting plus mandatory company's growth as well. For example, GST its a part of the tax system nowadays. Also, obligatory for the trading of goods. There are numerous online ca services available. Some of them are GST return, Income tax return, Business income return, File TDS return and many more. One can look out for licenced CA list at the website given by the goverment of India. But still, it's difficult to analyze that which online ca service should one register for the company's safe and bright future.

A list of CA Services available Online

For building a Brand Name in the market a company must cater these online ca services and their Registration. All the services are necessary for the company's growth and success.
  • GST Registration ( Goods & service tax )

The GST is viewed as the Indirect Tax in India.GST Registration online ca services can proceed on online through portal of GSTN. GST registration process simply means that the company having a turnover of more than 40 Lakhs. It requires to register as a taxable person to the government. The goverment appoints GST Suvidha Providers. For helping the companies in the registration process of GST. [caption id="attachment_20244" align="aligncenter" width="718"]online ca GST Registration online ca service[/caption]

Benefits for GST Registration

  • A rise in the Gross domestic product (GDP).
  • A great decrease in the illegal underpayment of tax.
  • Boost the income patterns for the company.
  • Removal of Multiple Taxes.
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  • GST Return (Goods & service tax )

Every company or dealer of goods and services has registered under GST. Also, has to file for online ca service GST Return as well. The GST return is a document comprising the detailed information of income. This income is the one that a taxpayer needs to file a return. Also, with the tax authorities of administration. They use it to calculate and analyze the tax liability. The GST return includes the details of sales, purchaseInput tax credit and Output GST on sales. Also, for return filling GST complaint purchase and sale invoices are needed. [caption id="attachment_20245" align="aligncenter" width="671"]online ca GST return online ca service[/caption]

Benefits of GST Return

  • They have a high volume of capacity for handling data.
  • A minor amount of agreements and document work in this online ca service.
  • Reduce the amount of indirect taxes.
  • Enriches the investments and shipping.
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  • ITR Filling ( Income Tax Return Filling )

An Income Tax Return Filling online ca service is a form that eases calculation of Tax liability, a refund of tax and schedule tax payments for taxpayers. A form is filed with the taxing authorisation that states the income earned and taxes paid. The ITR forms are simply available online with eligibility criteria. [caption id="attachment_20246" align="alignnone" width="1024"]online ca ITR Filing online ca service[/caption]

Benefits of ITR Filling

  • Easy access on claiming the refunds.
  • Applying and issuing loan become way easier.
  • Ease the process of claiming company TDS.
  • E-verification is very quick and fast. As soon as you file for ITR the verification process becomes quick.
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  • Accounting / Bookkeeping services

Accounting and Bookkeeping online ca service are diverse methods. Accounting is processing, analyzing and disclosure of financial details. Bookkeeping is a document comprising the data of financial transactions. Therefore, Accounting / Bookkeeping services are put together. As they are financial services. The company cannot take financial decision. Both of them are needed to make a decision. [caption id="attachment_20247" align="aligncenter" width="650"]online ca Accounting / Bookkeeping online ca services[/caption]

Benefits of using  Accounting / Bookkeeping services

  • Provides the authentic and clear cut financial structure of a company.
  • A great decrease in tax liabilities.
  • Projecting cash transactions and flow.
  • The service of bookkeeping and accounting provides at a reasonable cost.
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  • Business Income Return ( optional online ca service )

The business income return is an income tax return for the business. Its a document filed by the business. The document comprises the details.
  •  Profits and losses of the business
  • Internal Revenue services
  • State Tax Board Reporting business income
  • Deductions
  • Tax refund
  • Tax Liability
[caption id="attachment_20248" align="aligncenter" width="680"]online ca Business Income Return online ca service[/caption]

Benefits of Business Income Return

  • Refrain from fines or inspection from the tax department.
  • Transfer business Losses to subsequent years.
  • Assist in avoiding additional interest.
  • One can easily claim for the refunds.
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  • Bulk return filing

The Bulk return filing online ca service have an option for Accountants, CA and Corporates. For Corporates the online ca service provider can provide Form-16 A&BAlong with contact details of the company employees. The online ca service provider expert team will file bulk returns for the company. They are assisted filling plan. For Accountants and CA, the online ca service provider gives the software for registering tax returns. They are self-filling plans. [caption id="attachment_20257" align="aligncenter" width="674"]online ca Bulk return filing online ca service[/caption]

Benefits of Bulk return filing

  1. Effective optimization of tax liability.
  2. Quick and efficient tax compliance.
  3. Refreshed data every time of Statutory Compliance.
  4. As online ca service only single window preparation in the filing. This saves time.
  • ROC Compliances

The full form of ROC is the Registrar of Companies. A ROC Compliances/Filling a company has to incorporates additionally into annual return drafts, refreshing the statutory register etc. The revised Companies Act of 2013 states that the Companies registered with the ROC has to comply with the laws set by the Registrar. The main compliance with the ROC is the Annual Filing. [caption id="attachment_20255" align="aligncenter" width="652"]online ca ROC Compliances online ca service[/caption]

Benefits of ROC Compliances

  • ROC guarantees that are comfortably enrolled.
  • They register accounts and other data correctly.
  • They save from penalties.
  • They comply with legal provision for a company.
  • TDS Return Filing

Full form of TDS is Tax Deducted at Source. A TDS Return Filling is an online ca service is a statement which needs to be submitted to the income tax department quarterly. The deductor mandates to submit TDS Return. TDS Returns include details.
  • PAN of the deductor
  • Deductees
  • Particulars of tax paid to the government
  • TDS payment challan data
  • other details as required in the forms.
[caption id="attachment_20254" align="aligncenter" width="650"]online ca TDS Return Filing online ca service[/caption]

Benefits of TDS Return Filling

  • Regular collecting of taxes.
  • Assures the regular flow of income to the government.
  • Decreases the load of lump-sum tax payment.
  • Offers easy modes of paying tax.
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  •  LLP Annual Filing

[caption id="attachment_20253" align="aligncenter" width="663"]online ca LLP Annual Filing online ca service[/caption]
The LLP Annual Filing online ca service is to be filed in the directed Form-11.LLP in India must register its Annual Return within 60 days. Limited Liability Partnerships whose turnover is higher than Rs.40 lakh. Also, the contribution has excelled Rs. 25 Lakh. They have to acquire the books of account reviewed by practising CA.

 LLP Annual Filing benefits

  • Economical enrollment cost.
  • Mandatory Audit Requirement is not compulsory.
  • Fulfil a great ROC Compliance.
  • Avoid heavy and loaded penalties.
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  • Company Annual Filing

A Company Annual Filing online ca service holds all the documentation associated with the filing of Annual return and financial statements. They consist of data that holds.
  • Financial Statements of the company
  • Certifications(if any) Registered Office Address
  • Details of Shares and Debenture
  • Register of Members
  • Debt details
  • Details about the Management of the Company.
The annual return reveals the structure of the company along with shareholdings. Also, the dictatorship changes with the details of the transfer of securities. [caption id="attachment_20252" align="aligncenter" width="679"]online ca Company Annual Filing online ca service[/caption]

 Company Annual Filing benefits

  • Elements describing to certification of disclosures and compliances are directed.
  • Standards on accounting auditing
  • Reduces the stress of penalties.
  • E-Forms are provided along with the required documents with the ROC.
  • Professional Tax Registration

Professional Tax Registration an online ca services a tax imposed on professions and commerce in India. The people earn an income from practising a profession or from salary such as a doctor, teacher, lawyer etc. They are asked to pay the professional tax. Every state has different methods and rates of collecting tax. Every private company member or staff have to pay this tax. [caption id="attachment_20251" align="aligncenter" width="698"]online ca Professional Tax Registration online ca service[/caption]

Benefits for Professional Tax Registration

  • They support in a matter of Audits.
  • Avoid holding your company's bank account charge.
  • Resolve outstanding tax debt of the company.
  •  The application is submitted to the State’s tax department. The time duration is within 30 days of engaging staff in a company. It is the quickest and easy form of registration in online ca services.
  •  Maintenance of Minutes

Maintenance of Minutes of is a note is maintained and recorded. The notes are of a specific meeting. It can also of official hearing in the company. They are required in the legal registration process. This service is both the online ca service and CS service.
[caption id="attachment_20250" align="aligncenter" width="691"]online ca Maintenance of Minutes online ca service[/caption]

Benefits in Maintenance of Minutes

  • Helpful in legal registrations.
  • Assist in maintaining a complete record of all major meeting in a company.
  • Mentions general and specific content.
  • Work towards knowing all about discussion and decisions made in meetings.
  • TAN Registration

A TAN is a Tax deduction and collection Account number.TAN registration being online ca service processes provides a TAN Number. A TAN Number is a 10 digit number. The people who issue the TAN number is needed to collect the tax or deduct on payments. The payments are made under the Income- Tax Act, 1961. The registration process will provide TAN forms to fill online. After, filling the form a TAN number is received by the recipient. [caption id="attachment_20249" align="aligncenter" width="666"]online ca TAN Registration online ca service[/caption]

TAN Registration benefits

  • A Deductor can quickly get information from the Income Tax.
  • A unique way of identification.
  • Deductors have a valid login area.
  • It's important to collect TDS Certificates. Through TAN registration it becomes easy.
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All of the above online ca services are required for the proper functioning of a company. The registration processes will ease the company to develop as well services like loan and banking becomes way much easier. Even for opening different branches of your company out of India. The online ca services mandatory to fill all the legal registration mentioned above. For Company registration visit our website. There are no boundations in registering all the online ca services like GST Registration, GST Return ITR Filling, Bulk return filing, Maintenance of minutes and Respond to tax notice. The leading Indian firm Legalraasta provides all the services at a reasonable cost. You can visit our website LegalRaasta.Even we provide GST Software. Link in with our expert team they will guide all the registration procedure. Give us a call on 8750008585. Do send your doubts on Email: [email protected].The easily accessible way is   LegalRaasta APP. Download it from play stores and use online ca services we have. We serve the best online ca services, forget the rest.
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