TAN is a (Tax deduction and collection Account number) 10 digit alphameric number. It is essential to attain by all individuals who are liable to subtract for TDS ( Tax Deduction at source ). They have to apply for a TAN number and do TAN Registration. Even, you have to take this number in all TDS payments and return and many other sources linked with TDS with the income tax department portal. The emergence of technology has eased the process. You can even find TAN Applications forms online. You can apply easily. Submit them and fill all the details mentioned in the application form.

Who will Issue a TAN Number

A TAN  is an employer identification Number which is a mandatory transition for income tax collection. The Income Tax Department issues a TAN number. TAN number is essential for future aspects for connecting to TCS/TDS. The applications are submitted to TIN Centres and directed by NSDL.

 Structure of TAN

It is compulsory for all liable to subtract TDS. Quote TAN Number in all disclosure apropos TDS with the Income Tax Department. For doing so you need to outlook the structure of TAN. It will be easy for you to understand that how a TAN registration process goes.

  • TAN layout is frame like this NGPO029115.
  • In this layout, the First four characters are alphabets. The second  5 characters are numbers. The end first character is an alphabet.
  • Each tax sub-tractor is individually recogniseSteps to apply for TAN Number online
  • If the TAN number does not follow up the above alphanumeric layout. The outcome will display in invalid for TAN Application.
  • The first three characters derive the state or city.
  •  The fourth alphabet ‘O’ of the TAN denotes letter of the tax sub-tractor.
  • This signifies the name of the Tax subtractor starts with this letter – ‘O’.
  • The 5 characters are system originate numerical Numbers.
  • The end first Alphabet is monitor digit. It is a system originated.

What is the amount of penalty that can be imposed?

The amount of penalty is Rs.10,000.Let’s discuss the cases in which penalty is imposed.

  • An individual fails to apply for a TAN number.
  • An individual fails to quote the described documents.
  • If an individual updates a quote that’s is an incorrect TAN number.

Procedure to obtain TAN number offline

The procedure to acquire a TAN number offline.

  • To allocate a TAN Application. A Form 49B needs to be filed in duplicate and submitted to any TIN-FC.
  • It is important to note that the wrong application will not be approved.
  • The TIN Facilitation Centre will accommodate the applicant to fill up the right details in a form 49B.

You can look up for the addresses of TIN-FCs from NSDL-TIN website NSDL website 

Steps to apply for TAN number online

TAN number is registered on online and offline platforms. The payment can be sent by different modes like cheque, demand drafts, net banking and credit card. For Tan Number registration online you can cater to these steps.

  • The foremost step is to select Online Application for TAN Form No. 49B
  • Select Category of Subtractor/Deducter from the drop-down menu and click on Select Button.
  • Fill all the necessary and mandatory details on the form. The Mandatory details in form will be seen marked with (*) like this.
  • A TAN Application should contain identity proof and address proof. It should be scan and mail to TAN Application division.
  • After the tan application obtains along with correct documents and details. It formulates for processing ahead. After the verification of documents, they pass on to the income tax department.
  •  The TAN Application approves by the income tax department. It will locate a unique number. The applicant will receive information about approval.
  • After the payment process is successful in the registration of TAN. An acknowledgement slip originates to the applicants.

Do’s & Don’ts for TAN registration

  • If the information passes on by the applicant is incorrect in any format level validation.He/she will see errors on the screen.
  • Forms need to be re-submit after updating correction in the format.
  • If the applicant needs any alterations into the data displayed in the confirmation screen. Applicant needs to choose to an edit option.
  • If the displayed information you filled is right. Applicant needs to choose a confirm option.
  • An applicant should print and save the acknowledgement. Formulate it to TAN  application division along with essential documents.

    It is necessary to quote TAN these documents

  • TDS certificates
  • TDS statements  i.e returns
  •  Challans for payment of TDS and TCS
  • TCS statements i.e returns
  • TCS certificates
  •  Statement of reportable accounts or financial transactions
  •  documents as prescribed.

Specific information for TAN applicants

  • Using extra TAN number is an illegal act and practice. If an applicant has one tan number he not allowed to have more.
  • Only Different branches and divisions collector or deductor can apply for the distinct TAN number for its branch or division exists.

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