Sony PlayStation 5 To Be Launched In India After Trademark Settlement

The release date of Sony PlayStation 5 continues to be furtive, forcing the buyers to buy the Sony PlayStation 5 from unofficial sources. Even though they are sold at an extremely high price, still people are buying them. Sony has warned these people against buying Sony PlayStation 5 from such anonymous areas. The makers of the PlayStation, Sony, has clearly announced that it will provide no official warranty to the PlayStation bought from the unauthorized sources. Sony has now been given the green signal to launch it’s much anticipated  PlayStation in India. The global launch of Sony PlayStation 5 was supposed to be initiated on 12th November 2020. But in India, it’s launch date was delayed. The launch was delayed because of a trademark dispute between Sony and a Delhi resident. A resident of Delhi, Hitesh Ashwani, claimed that he filed for the same trademark on 29th October 2019. Sony was not aware of the case until 6th February 2020, when it filed for the same trademark. This halted the launch of the PlayStation  in India. Although, after many legal issues, Ashwani flagged the way for Sony and withdrew his trademark application. Hence, making it possible for Sony to launch the PlayStation 5 soon in India. According to the trademark registry, Ashwani issued trademark registration under the application number “4332863” back in 2019. This was opposed by Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. in the court, which led to proceedings under section 21 of the trademark act, 1999. However, on 26th October 2020, Hitesh Ashwani withdrew his trademark application. After all the legal disputes, the company now is preparing for the launch of it’s most anticipated “Sony PlayStation 5” in India. The PlayStation is supposed to be launched in two alternates in India – “Digital Edition and a Regular Edition (incorporated with CD dive). The starting price of the PlayStation is fixed at Rs.39,990 for the digital edition. While for the regular edition, the price has been fixed at Rs.49,990. The specification of both the options of the PlayStation is the same. The price of the accessories that come with Sony PlayStation 5 has also been fixed by the company. The price of the Sony PlayStation HD camera has been fixed at Rs.5190. While, the price of a dual sense PlayStation 5 controller is fixed at Rs.5990. Along with these, Sony has launched other accessories. The price of the media remote of the PlayStation is fixed at Rs.2,590, the price of the pulse 3D headphone is fixed at Rs.8590 and the price of Dual Sense charging station is fixed at Rs.2,590. All these prices have been fixed as per Indian Rupees. The release of Sony PlayStation is still a secret. The PlayStation maker is yet to inform the retailer about the date and information about the sale. Although, the rumor that is floating, is that the company will launch the Sony PlayStation 5, in December 2020.
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