There is a number of bodies corporate such as Limited liability partnership, one person company and the private limited company which is registered under the ministry of the corporate affair in India (MCA). MCA regulates the functioning of all the company and the LLP. The information of all these entities is online published by the ministry of corporate affairs. This information can be seen by the public as well as by the company.Company Registration status is a must and can be checked on the MCA master database.

There is a MCA master database which accesses the details of different entities of OPC, LLP, private limited company. Once the MCA master database search engine is accessed, a search can be initiated by entering the complete or partial name of the entity in the search box.

  • If the search box shows “found” as a result then the user can select the right entity to receive all the information.
  • If the search box shows “no matches found” as a result then that means that no entity is found in the portal.

Company Registration status is a must and can be checked on the MCA master database.

MCA master database contains following details

  1. CIN (CORPORATE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER): Every company in India whether it is listed or not have a 21 digit identification number which is written on all forms. It is a unique identification number assigned by ROC.
  2. Company name: Every company name is registered with MCA and shown in the master database.
  3. ROC registration number: This number is assigned by the registrar of companies to each company at the time of registration.
  4. Class of the company: Whether the company is private or public is known as the class of the company. Private company differs with a public company in terms of its number of members, directors, its paid up capital etc.
  5. The Authorized capital of the company: When we talk about authorized capital it is that amount which the company can raise in its entire life. It represents the maximum amount which can be raised through the sale of its shares.
  6. Paid up capital of the company: It is the capital which has been issued by the company and the money received by the company. The amount of paid-up capital can never exceed the amount of authorized capital.
  7. Date of incorporation: It is the date on which company is incorporated. Incorporation is the step of legally declaring the company as a separate legal entity.
  8. Address and Email
  9. Date of last annual general meeting: It is the meeting of the shareholders, its members held on yearly basis. It is basically a gathering for events like elections or such important issues.
  10. Date of the balance sheet: The date of the balance sheet is mentioned. The balance sheet is prepared annually on a certain date. It shows a true and fair view of the company representing its assets and liabilities.

Company Registration status is a must and can be checked on the MCA master database.

Signatory Details of Company Registration status

The directors of the company are its signatories. In the MCA portal, the details of the directors of the company or LLP can be found. The given mentioned details are found online.

  • DIN: It is known as director identification number. All the directors have to get a DIN within a prescribed period of time. It is basically given to every director of the incorporated company to maintain a database of records.
  • Name of the directors or partners:   the complete name of the partners and the directors are given online.
  • Address of the directors or partners of the company: the complete and exact address of the partners and its directors and given online in MCA portal.
  • Designation
  • Date of appointment: The date on which the particular director or partner is appointed can be found on MCA portal online.

This is the process to check company registered status and other details with MCA. For any further help, feel free to contact us at LegalRaasta.