Corporate Tax Compliance and Advisory

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  • Corporate tax returns preparation and filing
  • Tax accounting, the maintenance of tax books and tax registers based on or separately from statutory accounting books
  • Advising on tax refunds, including payments for installments and penalty effects
  • In compliance with national accounting principles, the preparation, and filing of official financial statements
  • In line with NAS, bookkeeping and preparing statutory accounting registers
  • Corporate income tax accounting, reconciliation of legislative and tax accounting discrepancies, estimation of deferred taxes following NAS
  • Preparation and filing of all applicable forms for statistics

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What is meaning of annual compliance for Private company?

All the entrepreneurs who are already running up their businesses in different industries in India are required to carry out the preparation for the Annual Compliance for private limited company. Many Indian businesses already have the most popular legal entity but they are not aware of the list of all the compliances that are meant for private limited companies. Also, at times, it is quite tricky to understand various compliance owing to the legal terms involved. So, the companies must take the assistance of experts to avoid any sort of unnecessary Government penalties.

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Benefits of annual compliance for Private Limited Company

Enhance company’s credibility

Law compliance is the basic need of any corporation. The filing date of the annual return of the company will be displayed on the MCA’s portal master data. This assists in enhancing the organization’s credibility along with compliance regularity that serves as the major criteria for example Governmental tenders, loan approval, or any of the similar functions.

Attracting investors

While pulling capital/ investment of an organization, from creditors/ investors, the first demand from the side of the investors is to meet the financial records along with the settlement date with the deal from the investment proposal.

Maintaining active status

Once you file annual returns regularly, the private companies will assist you in avoiding penalties along with all sorts of legal issues. However, in case the company fails to file for the returns on a continuous basis, the status of the company will be changed to default. & the charges for this failure will be in the form of heavy penalties.

What documentation is needed for the company’s annual filing?

Process of annual compliance for Private Limited Company

Step 1: Sign up for Annual Compliance

Clients need to sign up for the Annual Compliances For Private Limited Company and the financial experts will be providing the initial consultation for collecting all necessary information while working on the same.

Step 2: Drafting Documentation

The team will be providing the draft of the requisite documentation, and recommending necessary changes if required.

Step 3: Review

Reviewing of draft along with the incorporation of the requisite changes if needed.

Step 4: Paperwork filing

After compiling the documentation procedure, the experts will conduct the filing of the paperwork with ROC along with many other authorities.

Procedure of annual compliance for Private Limited Company

Step 1

This step involves the mandatory compliance returns as well as the reporting.

Step 2

Adherence to the event-based compliance

Step 3

Completion of the compliance liabilities before passing of the due dates for avoiding any sort of penalties.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ROC, officer is holding responsibility to ensure that private limited companies along with limited liability partnerships are complying with the statutory needs of the act.

Once there is the incorporation of a business, there is a need to maintain compliance. So, one has to carry out the selection of an auditor within 30 days. Also, there must be the filing of income tax along with yearly return filing on an annual basis.

No, one has to file ADT-1 during the first, initial time of the appointment. After that, each & every shareholder will be ratifying for up to 5 years or even less & this may be subjected to ratification.


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