Expenses are a significant kind of revenue for the Government, permitting them to give an assortment of administrations to the overall population. A few things are burdened, remembering annual expense for money, Value-Added Tax (VAT) on labor and products, and different other duties. Local charges are gathered by each state’s administration. The measure of income varies enormously, contingent upon the evaluated worth of the home and different conditions. Certain expenses are controlled midway, while others are administered at the state level. Incomes are given to different states to use in subsidizing their financial plans each year through local charges. This duty is paid by the proprietor of a property.

Local charge

The local charge is gathered by various districts in the states to guarantee that metro office, like streets, seepage, neatness nearby, and so forth, are kept up with viably and productively. The distinction in the premise of toll, computation, mode, and way of installment emerges from the way that the local charge is represented by the state government and thusly designated to different urban communities.

The private and business building (free), Flats and lofts, Shops, Godowns, empty land, and so forth are for the most part dependent upon local charge for reasons for the expense assessor’s worth appraisal. Because of this intricacy, people in money and assessment arranging ought to be comfortable with the complexities of property tax collection.

We’ll improve on local charges demanded by the Bengaluru district and tax cuts of local charges to help our guests better grasp and plan their local charge installments.

About Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike Property Tax

Consistently, landowners in Bengaluru are needed to pay local charges to the Bengaluru Municipality’s body known as the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP). These assets are used by the metropolitan body to offer public types of assistance in Bengaluru. The BBMP utilizes a technique called Unit Area Value (UAV) to process local charges. Contingent upon the area and utilization of your home.

 The estimation of local charge depends on the size of the property duplicated by a for every square foot charge rate every month (UNIT), still up in the air based on the property’s (AREA). The BBMP has six worth zones, compared to the Department of Stamps and Registration direction esteems. As indicated by the zone where the property is found, the local charge rate will shift.

Installment of BBMP Property Tax

The local charge period starts on April 1 of one year and finishes on March 31 of the next year, with charges due by April 30 of the following (FY). The current local charge FY is 2021-22.

BBMP additionally offers 5% discount on local charge paid in one portion inside due date specified by BBMP

At 2% each month or 24% each year, a deferred installment of local charge is liable to intrigue.

A local charge required in two sections might be paid ahead of time with no interest or discount.

Calculation of Property Tax

Local charge (K) = (G I)*20% + Cess (24% of local charge)


G = Gross unit region esteem showed up by X+Y+Z and I = G*H/100;

X = Tenanted space of property x Per sq ft pace of property x 10 months;

Y = Self-involved space of property x Per sq ft pace of property x 10 months;

Z = Vehicle leaving region x Per sq ft pace of vehicle leaving region x 10 months; 

H = Percentage of deterioration rate, which relies on the age of the property. 

Accordingly, the local charge is comparable to 20% of the complete space of the property (rented, self-involved, and vehicle parking spot) increased by the per square foot rate set by BBMP for each kind of utilization of property for quite some time diminished by devaluation approved by BBMP in addition to a 24 percent premium on local charge.

BBMP Property Tax Forms

The six structures utilized by the BBMP to gather cash from citizens include:

Form Applicability Remarks
Form I The property’s address is not enough to find the owner with certainty, so you will need assistance from the tax office. You must first obtain a Property Identification Number (unique ID assigned to each property that is a combination of your ward number, street number, and plot number) from the local municipality. The two sides are made of the vivid orange color, which is offset by white writing. The top and bottom edges are blackened with hot wax to make them more durable.
Form II The property with no PID but only a Khata number (number of the khatha certificate that is issued for each property and which contains all the information relevant to that property). These are areas in previously CMC (City Municipal Corporation) and TMC (Town Municipal Corporation) that have now been incorporated into the BBMP. A pink border surrounds the form, which is printed on pink paper.
Form III PID and/or Khata number not required for this property Unlawful/unauthorized houses constructed without the approval of local planning authorities, which are printed in green.
Form IV You can also use the spreadsheet to display or hide different elements dependent on the property’s changes, such as area of built up area, usage, or occupancy. The white color of the Forms is used.
Form V When the property is renovated, for example, from under-construction to completed. Blue ink is used to print the design.
Form VI When the property is not subject to property tax, a service charge will be paid.   

How to pay BBMP Property Tax

BBMP local charge can be paid either physically or on the web.

Online mode

Go to BBMP local charge entry

The framework will provoke you to enter a past SAS Application Number or PID (the two of which might be found on the last receipt) and afterward click Fetch,’ which will show landowner data.

Snap-on continue’ if the data shown is right, and no progressions have been made to the property; you will be coordinated to shape IV.

If there are any varieties in the property, like utilization, constructed region, or inhabitance, check the case and afterward click on continue’ to arrive at structure V.

Check for mistakes prior to presenting the installment to guarantee that all-important data has been pre-populated in the structure showed, for example, charge estimations. In the event that any progressions are required, alter them and keep on paying either completely or in portions, picking either on the web or through a challan.

If you select the web-based installment choice, you’ll be shipped off an installment page where you can pay utilizing either credit or charge cards or through your ledger. A receipt number will be produced and E-receipts will open up after the exchange is finished. Receipt can be printed/downloaded here

On the off chance that you deal with any issue while paying on the web and installment is fragmented, you can continue the installment utilizing the current SAS Application number here

Further, for any issues confronted while utilizing on the web mode, you can contact BBMP either at contactus@bbmp@gmail.com or raise grievances here

Manual mode

Fill all the relevant structures take them to both of the accompanying and pay either via card or a Demand Draft:

Bangalore 1 focus

Right-hand Revenue Officer workplaces

Following banks likewise have been approved to gather the duty:

  • Canara Bank
  • Pivot Bank
  • HDFC Bank
  • ICICI Bank

Here you might connect to the parts of supported banks. Additionally, it’s significant that BBMP has cooperated with the accompanying banks for local charge installments:

  • IDBI
  • Company Bank
  • Indian Overseas Bank
  • Indeed Bank
  • Kotak Mahindra
  • Indian Bank
  • SBI
  • Maharashtra Bank
  • Indusind Bank

On the off chance that you made an installment with a challan while finishing the structure on the web, you might pay it at any of the above areas or banks.

Tax cuts

If the accompanying conditions are met, a local charge paid in the FY where it is paid might be deducted from the gross yearly worth (GAV) of the property while computing pay under house property in the FY wherein it is paid:

  • The risk for the property isn’t NIL (self-involved house property)
  • The proprietor is liable for settling genuine local charges.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it conceivable to guarantee the local charge decrease for my rental home on the off chance that I paid them in the earlier year?

Indeed, you can exploit the local charge paid on real installment and there is no restriction on when the local charge was caused. You may likewise guarantee benefits for earlier years.

Is there a cutoff to what amount of your local charge might be deducted?

There could be no furthest cutoff to the measure of local charge that might be deducted as an allowance.

Is it conceivable to guarantee the local charge paid on a self-involved home?

No, oneself involved home’s local charge can’t be deducted from house property pay.

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