How to do business setup in dubai of tour and travel?

Starting a tour and travel business in the UAE can be an exciting venture, given the country's booming tourism industry. To get started, follow these steps for business setup in dubai of travel.

What to think about when starting a tourism agency in Dubai?

A travel business setup in dubai may be run as a sole proprietorship or a limited liability company. This difference is significant since it affects the requirements for registration and licensing. The criteria are more strict for LLCs that are registered as travel agencies. Before commencing a sole proprietorship travel agency, the business owner must acquire certification as a travel agent. A foreign investor must take into account a few important factors before starting the registration process for the business that will serve as a travel agency:
  • It is essential to consider the company structure under which the travel agency will function.
  • Determining whether the business will operate in Dubai or one of its free zones is also crucial.
  • You must designate a local agent to register the firm on your behalf if you are a foreign business owner.
  • The type of travel agency license you will seek must be carefully considered.
  • The price of a Dubai travel and tourist license must be understood.
  • Another thing to think about is making sure you have the money to start the firm.
Experienced local advisors can provide complete services, including tax and VAT registration, in relation to company establishment procedures for a Dubai travel agency, in accordance with the most recent changes in the law. You will have complete control over your company if you decide to operate in one of Dubai's free zones because no local partners are necessary. Your travel agency's activities, however, will be restricted to providing your services to customers in the relevant free zone. Please inquire about the price of a travel and tourist license in Dubai from our specialists.

Types of Tourism Licenses in Dubai

As Dubai's tourism sector continues to flourish, it becomes imperative for travel and tourism businesses to possess a valid tourism license to conduct their operations legally. The growing nature of the industry has led to an increased demand for these licenses. If you are considering venturing into this rapidly expanding sector, it is crucial to understand the process of obtaining a tourism license. In Dubai, there are three main types of tourism licenses available, each catering to specific aspects of the tourism business:

Travel Agency License as a Travel Agent:

This type of license is suitable for businesses operating as travel agents. Travel agencies facilitate travel arrangements for clients, providing services such as flight bookings, hotel reservations, tour packages, and other travel-related arrangements. With this license, travel agencies can legally operate in Dubai and offer their services to both local and international clients.

Inbound Tourism License:

An inbound tourism license is designed for businesses that primarily cater to tourists visiting Dubai from other countries. These establishments focus on providing tour services, sightseeing excursions, and other travel experiences for foreign tourists coming to explore Dubai. This license enables companies to engage in activities that promote and enhance the experiences of inbound travelers.

Outbound Tourism License:

On the other hand, an outbound tourism license is intended for businesses that focus on arranging travel services for Dubai residents and locals who wish to travel abroad. Such businesses assist individuals in planning and organizing their trips to international destinations, handling bookings and necessary arrangements for outbound travel. Each type of tourism license has specific requirements and regulations set by the Dubai government. These requirements may include financial criteria, professional qualifications, insurance coverage, and adherence to tourism-related laws and guidelines.

Why Open a Travel Company in Dubai? : Benefits of business setup in dubai 2023

Dubai's tourism industry has grown significantly. A record-breaking 16.7 million foreign overnight visitors arrived in the city in 2019, an increase of 5.1% from the year before. Dubai, sometimes known as the "City of Gold," provides a prosperous setting for starting a travel company. Dubai is a prime location for starting a travel business for the following reasons, all of which are supported by data and statistics:

Valuable Geographic Location:

At the intersection of Europe, Asia, and Africa, Dubai serves as a gateway for tourists from around the world. Because of its convenient access to numerous locations, it is the perfect foundation for a travel agency that caters to a range of travel interests. This is the main benefit you will get for business setup in dubai of travel agencies.

World-Class Architecture:

Dubai has a sophisticated, cutting-edge infrastructure that includes recognized airports, five-star hotels, and recognizable monuments. Travel firms have many options to deliver top-notch services because of the city's dedication to enhancing its infrastructure, which guarantees smooth travel experiences for tourists.

Dynamic Business Environment:

A sizable percentage of business travelers are drawn to Dubai's dynamic business environment. It serves as a focal point for worldwide trade shows, conferences, and exhibitions. Serving this market as a travel agency can be quite profitable and bring in a continuous flow of customers.

Various Sights and Experiences:

Dubai has a wide variety of attractions and experiences, from magnificent architectural wonders like the Burj Khalifa to opulent retail centers and gorgeous desert landscapes. Travelers looking for luxury, adventure, and cultural immersion will find the city appealing because of its dedication to innovation and the creation of unique tourist experiences.

Government Assistance:

Through a number of initiatives and policies, the Dubai government actively promotes the travel and tourist sector. These include streamlined visa processes, business-friendly laws, and entrepreneur-focused incentives. Such assistance fosters an environment that allows travel businesses to establish themselves and thrive in the city.

Expanding Hospitality Sector:

Travel agencies are becoming more prevalent as a result of the hospitality industry's quick rise in Dubai. The city features a wide variety of hotels, resorts, and serviced apartments to accommodate tourists' various wants and budgets, giving travel agents plenty of opportunity to work together and offer alluring packages.

Middle Eastern capital of events:

Major events like sporting competitions, music festivals, and cultural festivals are frequently held in Dubai. Travel agencies have a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of the influx of travelers at these times because these events attract large numbers of visitors from all over the world. By taking use of these elements, starting a travel agency in Dubai can put you in a position to take advantage of a booming market, serve a wide range of clients, and profit from the city's expanding tourism sector.

The price of a Dubai travel agency license

The price of a travel agency license for business setup in dubai is roughly 76,500 AED. This estimate doesn't include a number of items, including the approval cost, roughly 15,000 AED, and an extra 5% of the annual office rent. The Local Service Agent Agreement will also incur costs for drafting, translating, and notarization, which will bring the total cost up to 1,500 AED. The total cost of a Dubai travel agency license is about 27,500 AED. It is advised to confirm the fees of a Sharjah travel agency license and the conditions necessary for getting a Dubai travel agency license from the appropriate government authorities.

Steps to Open a Travel business setup in dubai

The following are the procedures you must do in order to start a travel agency in Dubai:

Choose the Type of Travel Agency You Want to Open:

You must first decide what form of business you want to pursue from among the several travel agencies. Are you intending to manage tours both within and outside of Dubai, or are you only planning on handling activities for inbound Dubai tours? Alternately, you'll be working as a travel agent, issuing tickets for flights. You will be able to gauge the scope of your business operations by establishing that. To assist you in forming your firm, you may also enlist the aid of a professional.

Choose a Company Name:

The name of your company must then be chosen after that. You can choose a name for your company and begin the registration procedure by using the appropriate wording.

Obtain Office Space:

Before formally launching any business in Dubai, you must get an office space lease agreement that has been confirmed by the Dubai Land Department. Apply for a tourism license at the Ministry of Economy & Tourism while you're at it.

Obtain a Tourism License:

Afterward, you should proceed by submitting an application to the DTCM, selecting one of the three available additional licenses: travel agent, outbound operator, or incoming operator. You will need a summary of your business plan, proof of your lack of criminal history, and, if necessary, a "No Objection Certificate" from the Civil Aviation Authority in order to operate a travel agency in Dubai. Additionally, it needs to be renewed once a year, 30 days before the expiration date.

Complete the registration process of your license with the labor and immigration departments:-

Once you've obtained a company license In order to obtain investor/partner or staff visas through the company in Dubai, you must register with the immigration department and the labor department (MOHRE).

Visa Request for Your Employees:

It's essential to have the employees' visas ready before you bring them in. Apply at least 30 days prior to the arrival of your staff so they can arrive with a visit visa already in possession.

Create a Business Bank Account:

Registering with the bank is the final step. If you want to start a business, you must apply for and receive an account with a company.

Documentation of Dubai travel agent license:-

To apply for the issuance of the Dubai travel agent license, the following documents must be submitted to the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce, along with the required deposit:
  • Completed application form.
  • Copies of the passports of all applicants and the manager.
  • Include a family record 'khulasat Al Qid' and copies of identification documents for UAE nationals.
  • Notarized copy of the manager's certificate of experience.
  • Both the owner and the manager must provide certificates of good conduct.
  • A no-objection letter was issued by the Civil Aviation Authority.


In conclusion, it is essential to have the appropriate knowledge and direction when starting a business, especially in a specialized sector like travel companies. An expert in business formation can help you avoid costly mistakes and make sure you have all the required documentation. We are the region's top resource for business setup in dubai and can assist you if you're trying to establish your business in Dubai, the rest of the UAE, KSA, or Qatar, obtain a free zone license or launch a venture on the mainland. We handle everything, from visa applications to all essential administrative tasks, so you can focus on running your business.
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