Acquiring the Patanjali franchise agreement is much easier as compared to acquiring franchise agreement of other brands in India.

Every businessman dreams of owning a business which is well set up, a business where the brand is on the top of it’s competitors in terms of marketing. Patanjali is one of the brands, which has increased it’s business through great marketing strategies. It is counted as among one of the top brands in India. Patanjali sells one of the best quality organic products.

The main aim of Patanjali Ayurveda limited is to provide organic and indigenous quality products to everyone. Patanjali was launched in the year, 2006. It was opened in both, urban and rural areas. Patanjali emphasizes on only natural and Ayurveda product manufacturing. The brand receives most of it’s primary products from Indian framers. This not only helps Patanjali to manufacture quality products, but also helps to supports the Indian farmers by raising their income. Patanjali also supports organic farming methods, with less use of chemical fertilizers.

Why open a Patanjali franchise?

Patanjali has now become a national name in India. Every household has at least one product manufactured by Patanjali. It has also become the fastest-growing brand name in India. Patanjali Ayurveda was started by Baba Ramdev. His idea, of all indigenous and organic products, was able to generate great hype among people. The brand has now earned huge success through it’s trusted customer base and guaranteed quality. Patanjali products are available in over 3 lakh stores. The brand has more than 500 franchises all over India with more than 1000 manufactured products for sale.  Patanjali Ayurveda plans to add more and more distributors and dealers from small districts. With the onset of technology, Patanjali has started selling it’s products online for the convenience of it’s customers.

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev started Patanjali with the support of Acharya Balkrishnan. In the year 2015-16, Patanjali became the fastest growing brand in India, with a turnover of around 5000 crores. All the profits earned by the brand are distributed among various charities, as stated by yoga Guru Baba Ramdev. Thus, Patanjali not only benefit it’s customers and farmers, but also various charities. As per research, franchise business opportunity is one of the most stable businesses to start.

Schemes offered to Patanjali franchise

If you too are interested in acquiring a Patanjali franchise, look at the three schemes offered by the brand. This will give you a clear idea about our application submission.

  • Gramodhyog nyas
  • Patanjali megastore
  • Patanjali chikitsalaya and Arogya Kendra

Requirements for setting up a Patanjali megastore:

  1. Interested applicants should own a minimum of 2000 sq. ft area to open the Patanjali megastore.
  2. The initial investment required by the applicant should be of at least Rs.1 crore.
  3. The interested applicant can also deposit (refundable) amount of Rs. 5 lakh (out of this 5 lakh, 2.5 lakh should be deposited in the name of Divya pharmacy and the other 2.5 lakh in the name of Patanjali Ayurveda Ltd., Haridwar). This should be submitted in the form of a demand draft (DD).
  4. The megastore is required to have a minimum distance of 2.5 KM in a metro city and 3.5 KM in non-metro cities from the exiting megastore. Along with this, the megastore should also be within the minimum distance of 1 KM from the existing Patanjali chikitsalaya and Arogya Kendra.
  5. The applicant is also required to provide photographs of the chosen place, their PAN card, their passport size photographs, identity proof (Aadhar card), address proof, copy of sales registration, and rent or ownership deed given by Patanjali Ayurveda Ltd. All these required documentation should be attached with the application form.
  1. A Vaidya will be appointed by the Patanjali Ayurveda Ltd. at the megastore. The store operator is required to provide medical instruments to the Vaidya. Apart from the medical instruments, the megastore owner also has to arrange drinking, eating, sitting, toilet, etc. facilities at the store.
  2. The megastore will not be allowed to sell products of any other brands, except “Divya Pharmacy and Patanjali Ayurveda.” The store will be allowed to sell those products which will be approved by Patanjali Ayurveda.

Approximate cost of opening store at various levels

  • Patanjali retail store opening cost – Minimum Rs.50,000/-
  • Patanjali dealership store opening cost – Minimum Rs.50,000/-
  • Patanjali distributorship store opening cost – Minimum Rs.1,00,000/-
  • Patanjali megastore opening cost (in India) – Minimum Rs.1 crore

The above-mentioned prices are for opening a Patanjali store. The cost of acquiring a Patanjali franchise starts from Rs.5 lakhs for a small shop to Rs.2 crore for a megastore. The above-mentioned price is inclusive of “Interiors, Set-Up, and Inventory.” The maximum area required for a Patanjali retail shop is 300 sq. ft. whereas, the maximum area required for a Patanjali megastore is around 2000 sq. ft.  The areas mentioned are for opening the franchise in a city or town. Patanjali Ayurveda Ltd. is an Indian fast-moving consumer good (FMCG) company. FMCGs are the fastest-growing companies in India. Hence, it is possible, that the owner of Patanjali franchise can earn double the amount spent on acquiring the franchise. Though, the amount earned depends on the locality and the people living there. Still, it cannot be ignored that more and more people are now buying their daily FMCG products from Patanjali. Therefore, the brand is likely to generate more number of customers at the arriving time. Thus, the business will bloom significantly in the future.


In the coming six years, Patanjali plans to focus on the following areas “Natural Medicine, Natural Cosmetics, Natural Dairy Products, Natural Cattle Feed, And Feed Supplements, Bio-Pesticides, Bio-Fertilizers, and Natural Indigenous Seeds.”

Patanjali Ayurveda has also tied up with billionaire Mukesh Ambani’s retail chain “Reliance”, to sell it’s products. In the coming years, Patanjali plans to increase it’s retail presence with the help of 4000 distributors and more than 10,000 company-owned outlets. The company also plans to open 100 more Patanjali stores and megastores in the country.

In the coming five years, the company plans to set up six more factories all over India. Currently, Patanjali has three factories and a few contract manufacturers. The managing director of the company, Acharya Balkrishnan, addressed in a conference on 27th April 2020, that the company will spend more than Rs.1000 crore in setting up new production units and around Rs.150 crore on research and development facility.

Along with increasing their expenditure, Patanjali will also provide employment opportunities. In an interview, Baba Ramdev said, that the company will employ around 5,00,000 people after all the factors are built. Even though Patanjali has a strong marketing background, still the company will increase it’s advertisement strategies. From January to match 2020, the company doubled it’s advertisement on television.

The weekly advertisement inclusion of Patanjali jumped to 102% i.e. from 11,897 in the first week of January to 24,050 in the last week of March.  Patanjali’s Ad inclusions are more than Cadbury’s advertisement inclusions. The reason behind Patanjali’s success can be bifurcated into two factors –

First, the company is an indigenous product manufacturing company. And second, the company’s advertising and marketing strategy is remarkable.

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