Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday reported sweeping limitations, including weekend curfew in Delhi and the closure of shopping centers, spas, gyms, and more, in a bid to break the chain of Coronavirus infections in the city.

There would be no in-house dining in cafés and cinema halls would be permitted to work with just a 30% capacity, the chief minister said at an online press conference session after the city recorded the greatest single-day hop 17,282 new Coronavirus cases.

CM Kejriwal said main services and weddings would not be influenced during the weekend curfew in Delhi and passes would be given to those attending weddings.

The chief minister likewise said there was no lack of emergency hospital beds and more than 5,000 were yet available for Coronavirus patients. Efforts to increase beds for a large scale will likewise be made, he guaranteed.

Addressing a crisis presser over the by and large Coronavirus circumstance, Kejriwal said the requirement of Coronavirus norms will be strictly carried out openly puts in Delhi, one of the most noticeably awful hit cities in the second wave of infections.

What’s a weekend curfew?

A weekend curfew is imposed in Delhi starting 10 pm on April 16 (Friday), till 5 am on April 19 (Monday), wherein just individuals occupied with main services will be permitted to drive. An existing night curfew is as of now set up in Delhi (from 10 pm to 5 am).

Some Frequently Asked Questions by the People of Weekend Curfew in Delhi

Will I be fined if I don’t follow the order?

If you disregard the instructions, you will be continued against according to the provisions of sections 51 to 60 of the Disaster Management Act, 2005, Section 188 of IPC, and other appropriate laws.

What main services will be permitted?

Shops dealing with food sources, groceries, fruits, vegetables, and milk stalls, meat and fish, medicines,

And shops selling medical equipment, banks, insurance workplaces,

And ATMs, print and electronic media; media communications, internet services, broadcasting and link services, IT and IT-enabled services will be open.

Delivery of all main goods including food sources, medicines, clinical equipment through e-commerce is permitted. Those providing main services should create e-passes upon demand.

Would I be able to go to a shopping center/cinema hall/ /gym/restaurant during weekend curfew in Delhi?

No. Shopping centers, gyms, spas, and dine-in services at a restaurant, etc. are closed throughout the days until further notification.

The seating limit of cinema lobbies has been decreased from half to 30% during the week. In any case, they will be shut throughout the weekend.

Is my domestic help permitted to come to work during weekend curfew in Delhi?

The request doesn’t completely refer to the restriction of domestic help, yet if they are coming from distant spots, they may be halted.

Thus, it is ideal to ask them not to come throughout the weekend, particularly, on the off chance that they stay far away.

Am I permitted to go for unimportant activities within the city?

You are not permitted to go for non-essential activities within the city, either during the weekend curfew in Delhi or during the night curfew.

If I place an order on an e-commerce site, would it be able to be followed through toward the weekend?

Indeed, if the delivery agent has an e-pass, he/she will be permitted to drive.

What if I need to go to a wedding or funeral during the weekend curfew in Delhi.

You will require an e-pass to go to a wedding or funeral. Yet, just if you are one of the 50 visitors invited to the wedding or one of the 20 visitors needed to go to the funeral.

Would I be able to call a plumber/carpenter/electrical technician/cleaner/pest control/repairman?

No. The request doesn’t include them in the main class.

Would I be able to visit landmarks or public spaces during the weekend curfew in Delhi?

No, public spaces, for example, parks and tourist spots, including Qutub Minar or India Gate, will be shut throughout the weekend.

If I need to go to an emergency clinic during the weekend curfew in Delhi?

Ambulances can take patients if you are feeling sick, you can travel to meet a doctor, regardless of whether you are not carrying an applicable document. You may be addressed.

Would I be able to take a public vehicle?

No, except if you are occupied with main assistance. According to the most recent request, the limit of Delhi Metro and DTC transports has been brought down to half.

At the weekend and during the night curfew, just those occupied with the main services referenced above will be permitted to take a public vehicle, for example, transports and the Metro.

Weekend curfew in Delhi: Here is the thing that’s permitted

  • All gyms, shopping centers, and auditoriums will be shut.
  • Cinemas are permitted to work at the 30% limit.
  • Individuals won’t be permitted to dine in cafés.
  • Just home delivery of food will be available.
  • Curfew passes to be given to those rendering main services.
  • Curfew passes for marriages and other allowed activities.
  • 1 week after week market permitted each day per zone.

On Wednesday, Delhi revealed 17,282 new instances of Coronavirus, the highest single-day cases since the pandemic started.

Night curfew in Delhi 30 April

A seven-hour night curfew, from 10 pm to 5 am till 30 April is as of now imposed in Delhi.

Those absolved from the curfew include pregnant ladies, patients, those traveling to and from air terminals, railway stations, state bus terminus on showing tickets, authorities identified with the functioning of workplaces of ambassadors, and those holding any constitutional post on the creation of valid identity card.

Central and Delhi government authorities involved in crisis services like health and family welfare and all connected clinical foundations, police, prisons, home watchmen, civil defense, fire, and emergency services are likewise absolved.

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