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Change LLP Agreement

The LLP( Limited Liability Partnership) is critical of legal documentation that lays down the partnership’s terms as well as conditions existing between partners. With time, conditions may get altered, & there may be conditions when the current LLP contract will no longer hold relevance or effectiveness. In such a scenario, the partners are required to carry out amendments to LLP agreements to reflect transformation within the business environment or address new needs. The procedure to amend the LLP contract is known as a change in the LLP agreement. Our change LLP agreement service ensures a smooth as well as hassle-free process for meeting legal needs. Do you want to amend your LLP agreement? If yes, get in touch with one of the advisors to create a custom limited liability partnership.

Change LLP Agreement Package

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The LLP is a Unique partnership that is created by two or more partners with limited liabilities. This type of entity is required to be registered according to the MCA( Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Compliance & Regulatory Norms). The limited liability partnership act, 2008 governs LLP contract that decides upon the documentation governing rights, duties along administration of LLP's partners. The filing of the documentation is done with the company's registrar & required to be registered with the MCA in 30 days of incorporation.

Benefits of Change LLP Agreement service

=> Flexibility: So, making changes in LLP agreement service will facilitate the partners to be adaptive to the changing environment.

=> Customized to specific needs: The LLP agreement changes can be tailored for matching to partnership's unique needs. This ensures that partners operate by maximizing their potential.

=> Clarity: By conducting changes to the LLP agreement, there will be clarification of all the ambiguities or even discrepancies that are present in the original contract. So, this ensures that all partners remain on the same page along with a reduction in dispute risks.

Why opt for change LLP agreement service?

Each & every legal procedure having the most competent of the Governmental authority for instance MCA is accompanied with share of the legal roadblocks.
The majority of the registered corporations are not aware of the legal procedure’s minutes like the LLP agreement amendment process.
So, it is sensible enough to seek out the assistance of legal consultants. And here comes out advice & guidance of the LLP agreement change service.

Process to make amendment in LLP contract

Before registering & form filing procedure, here are steps that need to be taken into consideration:

The first step is to make changes in LLP is to conduct holding of the partners meeting & seek the involved parties permission.
One partner needs to be rendered authority for meeting amendment needs along with MCA filing.
After completion of the two processes, there will be an amendment in LLP agreement.
Then, you need to pay the stamp duty for confirming supplementary deed validity, along with the partners LLP agreement, there must be a signing of the contract
There must be the presence of two of the witnesses and must be capable of attesting to the changes in the LLP contract

Documentation needed for changes in the LLP agreement

In order to carry out the modification of LLP contract, here are documentation needed:

Documentation to accompany Form 1
LLP agreement( original)
Modified LLP agreement
Additional Deed
Resolution with respect to proposed changes( passed during LLP partner’s meet)
Enclosure of form 4 documentation
Consent of all partners
Authorization copy with name as well as address proof
Name change evidence
Mandatory resolution copy under the condition of having a partnership corporation

LLP agreement Procedure

Passing resolution
Signing LLP agreement form
Submitting meeting minutes along with the agreement form to MCA
Required documents
Partner’s consent & cessation proof
Affidavit or proof of name change
Company’s resolution copy
An authorization letter with mention of name/address of the person who is nominated as the company’s partners

What Is Included In Our Package?

Document Preparation for Change Company Name
Preparation of E-forms
Alteration of MOA & AOA
ROC Fees

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, the third party is not capable of filing for changes in LLP agreement as it will need the consent of the LLP’s members partner.

The restrictions on the existing LLP agreement is quick and tricky. So, if you want to know about the process of LLP agreement amendment, then you can contact the incorporation experts.

There are as such no special requirements that have been put forward for LLPs for embarking upon the LLP amendement process. However, the applicant must be in the position to ensure that the recommendation of the amendment is completely justifiable along with the consent of all members.


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