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Procedure for Company Registration in Dubai

TEvery businessman has the dream of starting his own company but company registration in Dubai is not easy. Stringent rules by the government and tedious process make company registration in Dubai a complicated and troublesome task.

Before starting a business in Dubai one has to do thorough research on every aspect and must go through all the information about the business activity planning to undertake and should comply with all the business licensing requirements.

Trade license is mandatory for any business activity. In Dubai, it is based on the nature of the business entity. The concerned authority which is responsible for issuing local Dubai company licenses is the Economic Development Department, functioning in different locations. Get your Company registration in Dubai through LegalRaasta.

Documents required for Company Registration in Dubai

The articles of association which must contain information about the shareholders of the company
Translated and notarized copies after the passports of the shareholders and the company directors
The forms issued by the Trade Register which must be duly completed
Other information requested by the Trade Register depending on the activities of the company.

Mentioned below are types of Trade Licenses

  1. Commercial License issued to the company that will engage in any kind of trading activity.
  2. Industrial License issued to the company that will engage in manufacturing or any industrial activity.
  3. Professional License issued to the company that will engage in service providers, professionals, artisans, and craftsmen.

Types of Company Entities in Dubai are

However Sole proprietorship is the simpler form of doing business in Dubai.

Depending on the company type and licensing requirements, the registration procedure will vary accordingly.

Limited Liability Company(LLC)

In the Limited Liability Company, the liability of shareholders is limited to their capital. The maximum number of shareholders in the LLC is 50 and minimum is 2. Except for insurance, banking, or money investment, the company can carry any business activity.

Steps to be taken before getting the Limited Liability Company Registration in Dubai

Onshore Company

An onshore company is a business configuration that is formed and managed within the jurisdiction of the company. There are many perks of having the onshore company which includes favorable regulation, taxation policies for companies operating outside of the jurisdiction, broad networks of tax treaties, developed business, banking and supporting sectors, etc. Registration of the onshore company in U.A.E. is crucial and beneficial. Generally, owners manage their business by sitting at their native place, but with the Onshore company, one can easily have the working office and can manage them efficiently.

Steps to be taken before Registration of the Onshore Company in Dubai:

Offshore Company

An Offshore Company is a legal business configuration that is formed and managed outside the jurisdiction of the company.

Steps to be taken before opening the Offshore Companies in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah, UAE:

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