Corporate Tax Compliance and Advisory

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  • Corporate tax returns preparation and filing
  • Tax accounting, the maintenance of tax books and tax registers based on or separately from statutory accounting books
  • Advising on tax refunds, including payments for installments and penalty effects
  • In compliance with national accounting principles, the preparation, and filing of official financial statements
  • In line with NAS, bookkeeping and preparing statutory accounting registers
  • Corporate income tax accounting, reconciliation of legislative and tax accounting discrepancies, estimation of deferred taxes following NAS
  • Preparation and filing of all applicable forms for statistics

Corporate Tax Compliance

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Our team offers a high-quality, versatile, and cost-effective tax enforcement approach, ranging from offering additional resources to assist in-house teams to carry out the entire tax function.  We take a proactive approach where the team acquires a thorough understanding of the business activities of a client and is ideally positioned whenever possible to provide tax advisory and planning support.

With more focus on corporations monitoring and enhancing the way they handle their tax compliance process; companies are continuously revisiting the way they handle tax compliance. This guarantees the minimization of tax and process risks and the maximization of cost efficiencies.

With an appreciation of the time and management demands faced by resource-constrained finance teams, we tailor our approach to the needs of our customers. A large amount of senior engagement from our team ensures that our expertise and knowledge can be leveraged to find ways to enhance tax processes and generate tax savings.

Our team is specialized in working with organizations to provide a broad range of services for enforcement and reporting, including:

  • Preparation of calculations for corporate taxes and returns

  • Tax provisioning for the purposes of statutory accounts, preparation of accounting journals, tax reconciliation activities, and collaboration with auditors.

  • Community reporting under IFRS, U.S. GAAP, and UK GAAP, including year-end/quarterly reporting and forecasting

  • Reporting and review of deferred tax for both regular reporting purposes and evaluation of the deferred tax consequences of unique preparation and transactions.

  • IXBRL-managed financial statements tagging service in accordance with the online reporting guidelines for corporate tax returns by HMRC

  • Dispute Settlement with HMRC

  • Support Senior Accounting Officer

  • Enhancement of tax reporting and consolidation modeling

We have considerable experience working across a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, retail, real estate, hospitality, pharmaceutical and technology, with a wide range of communities, both India-listed and inbound.

  • Transaction advisory/structuring of operations: We help with cross-border consolidation, company outsourcing, transaction structuring, substance analysis including compliance with post-structuring and post-transaction help.

  • International Tax advisory services: We help in financing and cash repatriation policies, reviewing other jurisdictions’ tax treaties with India and engaging with the Multilateral Instrument (MLI), advisory services on the invocation of the General Anti-Avoidance Regulation (GAAR), the study of the Position of Effective Management (POEM), etc.

  • Compliance service: Legalraasta is instrumental in delivering ongoing support to consumers, ranging from assistance in securing different initial registrations to undertaking annual compliance. In particular, enforcement services include withholding tax/advance tax compliance, filing corporate tax returns, as well as making other filings as required by the law on income taxes.

  • Health check-up and due diligence: Our team has the requisite experience in performing detailed business operations analysis to calculate tax exposures and recommend steps to minimize the same as in tax, financial, commercial or operational due diligence undertakings.

  • Other Advisory Services: Our other advisory services include consulting related to ESOP, structuring personal tax and compensation, etc.

  • Litigation support: We assist clients in drafting responses from the income-tax department to notices/intimations/orders, planning submissions/appeals/responses to the same, and representing the client before tax and appeal authorities, as well as assisting with NIL/lower tax-deductible certificates and advance ruling demands. Drafting up the Tax Tribunal, NOCs, the appeal process, the complaints, claims prior to adjudication, appeals, and the hearings before the Tax Tribunal.

  • Corporate Consultation Strategic.

  • Reporting Systems for Secretarial and Organizational Compliance.

  • Share services from the registrar.

  • Proceedings for Mergers, Acquisitions, and Liquidation.

  • Banks & Financial Institutions Facilities, such as search reports for their corporate customers, etc.

  • “Not for Profit Organizations” Advisory

  • Preparing and submitting annual tax returns

  • Going before the Tax Authority to complete the Examination

  • Amendment of the Resource Statement Economic Reconciliation

  • Cash flow adjustment

  • Annual record keeping and proof of returns obtained from various Foreign Investment sources

  • Prosecution of complaints before the Income Tax Commissioner and the Indian Tax Appeals Court

Legalraasta takes a very hands-on approach to help its clients from the initial review to the final point in every step of the transaction process. Throughout the transaction life-cycle, transaction consulting services expand to a broader variety of services to facilitate the achievements of the transaction, including due diligence operations, management appraisal, valuations, IT due diligence, and industrial due diligence. Through their technological skills and industry-specific experience, Legalraasta’s experts are distinctly placed to help buyers, sellers, and lenders to help optimize value and mitigate risk during the transaction course and beyond.

  • Buyers Services

  • Seller Services

  • Lenders Services

  • Tax Services

Strategic Planning

Our specialist tax analysts help to anticipate and reduce tax liabilities with planning activities. Taxing is important because it can lead to lower taxes due to changes in ownership, legal and organizational changes in the company. Tax advisors can see through tax obligations to customize enough tax solutions that will greatly benefit your company.

Reduce Risk

We reduce the risk of tax evasion as it is our responsibility to ensure that everything is accurate. We can point out the most beneficial solutions for tax purposes when it comes to corporate transformation processes arising from corporate divisions, mergers or acquisitions. It is up to us to take care of tax evasion and put in place various organizational solutions.


Tax Advisers assure you that the life of your business can be made easier with professional support. We understand your needs as a business owner and it is our responsibility to adapt to them. Each client is different and we believe each case should be handled individually. Our tax advisory experience helps us apply the best solutions for your business. Expert advice and the preparation of complex documents can leave you confident that your tax issues are resolved and that they are in good hands.

Effective solutions to tax problems

We are the ones who prepare effective strategies for financial and tax crises. Our advice is based on the practicality of the business to provide operational financial security and tax benefits. Our vast knowledge of administrative procedures regarding tax and cultural problems makes it easier to use the right documents. We technically prepare complaints, complaints and suggestions for submission to the Treasury. It is our job to be there to represent you in court and to be your authority in financial management. In addition, in the case of a taxpayer’s hearing, the role of tax advisor is the responsibility of the consultant.

Our goal is to improve your business

It is an excellent job for a tax adviser to take responsibility and fight for the rights of their clients. Tax advisers are constantly increasing their knowledge of current tax law to ensure that all actions and decisions are in line with ongoing Polish government laws. We represent you before the tax authorities as you consider your rights and interests. The role of a tax advisor to help make your business life easier. It is in our hands to facilitate the role of doing business by enabling entrepreneurs to focus on other important aspects of their companies.

  • Start-up support: providing start-ups and newly founded companies with guidance on determining growth strategies, promoting regulatory enforcement, defining and implementing internal policies and systems.

  • Integration of tax data: Assisting the company in mapping policies and practices, design solutions, and workflow of data models on finance, accounting, tax management tools like SAP, oracle. We would also help to identify, collate, deploy and administer tax information as per a particular product or industry.

  • Implications of tax on changes in corporate strategies and special transactions: Helping the organization keep up-to-date with constantly evolving tax laws, incentives, and direct and indirect tax methodologies. Support also involves mergers and acquisitions, a globalized diversification strategy, structural adjustments, and special transactions in large-scale transformation programs.

  • Tax administration, consultancy, and technical solutions: Provide an integrated approach to improving a process that can better control the tax department, adding value to strategic decision-making. In order to improve value-added activities in process design, software implementation and enhancement, tax sensitized technology, and change management, design and enforce the tax process, technologies, and resource model.

  • The effect on your business of Channel Islands tax reform

  • Most organizations face challenges because they do not have in-house resources to fix the problem

  • They are a complicated requirement for multi-jurisdictional

  • More effective management of all global tax enforcement challenges, risks, and opportunities

  • Establishing a tax-benefit model to comply with the, more evident burden of tax regulations

Accounting and auditing involve the use of diverse software solutions to measure taxes quickly and easily. Each of the different forms of taxes, such as sales tax, income tax, foreign tax, accounting, and more, has its own specified calculation software. The tax consultant is familiar with the roles of the income tax and sales tax program and, with the aid of that software, plans the full financial structure.

The scope of taxation and financial reporting is broad. Although many of the industry’s general practitioners offer expertise in tax management, some tax consultants take advantage of unique tax courses to work as tax professionals within a specific tax division. Within their chosen areas, these people have years of experience and are invaluable in the case of tax assessments. The overall framework of taxation and financial management renders a tax consultant invaluable to any individual and corporation. These individuals may be independent entrepreneurs or work for an organization that uses its skills and experience to support comprehensive strategies for tax management.

  • Tax advice – Restructuring most frequently involves transactions uncommon for a certain contractor. Right settlement of these transactions causes major problems for accounts and tax divisions, as the tax authorities thoroughly examine the accounts of companies undergoing restructuring.

  • Through restructuring, future tax arrears would be reduced.

  • Help in the successful tax transfer of components of the asset. The restructuring process also includes the selling of fundamental fixed assets as real estate or equipment with a fiscal value that is well below its market value. The transfer of such assets is therefore taxable, but our solutions allow us to reduce the burden effectively.

  • Advising entrepreneurs faced with lack of solvability on the tax productive supply of more funds.

  • Method for consulting on tax-effective debt reduction – for debtors and debtors alike

Corporate Tax Compliance

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