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GST e-way bill software in India

With the government’s implementation of the e-way bill scheme, suppliers and transporters are now looking for dependable E-Way Bill software or applications to generate e-way bills quickly and easily. Legalraasta GST, SAG Infotech’s GST billing and e-filing program, now includes an e-way bill, a simple and fast way to generate e-way bills for transports in India. GST is now widely used for tasks such as filing GST returns and creating GST-compliant bills and invoices.

The e-way bill feature only adds to the software’s utility by making it simple for transportation companies and drivers to generate GST e-way bills with only a few clicks, ensuring that goods are transported without delay.

For transportation of goods worth more than Rs 50,000, a GST E-waybill is needed. Maharashtra and West Bengal recently announced that, instead of the previously determined INR 50 thousand, all intrastate E Way Bills would be needed to be produced if the value of the consignment exceeds INR 1 lakh.

GST Legalraasta is a personalized GST billing and returns filing program designed to make it simple and affordable for small businesses and CAs in India to run effective tax-compliant operations in the post-GST period. The E-way bill feature of GST enables users to quickly build GST-compliant bills to ensure that their goods are transported smoothly across the world. The application is simple to use and includes a number of features and options to make the process of creating and validating E-way bills even easier.

Automate your e-way bills software

For certain companies, e-way bill enforcement is needed. However, manually generating e-way bills for many consignments in a day can be a tedious process. Save time by automating your e-way bills.

There will be no more data entry errors

Seamless API integration with your source ERP framework will give you direct access to your invoice info, making e-way bill generation more powerful and faster. To create e-way bills, you can also import your data in excel or CSV format.

All are in one location

With access to generation logs, exception history, GST returns, smart reconciliations, and e-invoicing, you can centralize multi-state e-way bills for various business units and branches for many users in one single account.

In less time, achieve more

E-way bills may be produced, modified, or canceled. Receive expiry notices and extend or regenerate your e-way bills on time. Develop consolidated e-way bills and easily produce e-way bills in volume.

GST e-Way Bill Format the software must follow :

The E-Way Bill format in GST consists of 2 parts – Part A and Part B.

Part A of Type EWB 01’s E-Way Bill is used to collect asset information, such as invoice data. As a result, the following specifics must be included.

For certain companies, e-way bill enforcement is needed. However, manually generating e-way bills for many consignments in a day can be a tedious process. Save time by automating your e-way bills.

Various Situations may arise which can require generating the E-Way bills everywhere again like:

  • A separate bill has got to be generated if the transporter chooses to transfer the great from one vehicle to a different one.

  • The transporter need to include serial numbers of varied E-Way bills if numerous consignments are being transported.

  • Repeatedly, unexpected situations might come up and you would like to travel through the procedure everywhere again.

    Undergoing these tasks can create tons of confusion and may act as a catalyst to make many other problems. All these hassles are often simplified if you manage your E-Way Bills using the software.

Easily generates an E-Way Bill number

In your ERP software enter all the mandatory details which will be required to get the E-Way bill. in any case, the small print is filled, and therefore the invoice is prepared to get a JSON/Excel file of the invoice and upload it to the E-Way bill portal. this may automatically generate an E-Way bill with an EBNs (E-Way Bill number).

Consolidated Invoices

You can group invoices once you’re done generating GST E-Way bills for individual invoices. The grouping is often done on the idea of transport mode, vehicle no, a state where the availability is formed, etc., and a consolidated bill is often generated on the E-way portal to form the transporter life simple.

Generate an E-way bill at your convenience

Sometimes there could be a situation when the products are able to be shipped but the transport vehicle isn’t. The transaction is often recorded in software which may be then wont to generate the E-Way Bill.
This is how ERP billing software provides the pliability to get the GST E-Way bills as and when needed.

Filters out the E-way Compliant invoices

Your company must be recording invoices at every stage of your value chain. this suggests tons and tons of invoices manage. It becomes extremely difficult to work out which of your invoice would require an E-way generation and which can not. this is often where the ERP can rescue you by keeping a track of all the invoices and can assist you to filter those that E-Way bill is to be created.

A savior in unexpected circumstances

Business situations are unpredictable, anything can happen anytime. for instance, it’d happen that the vehicle carrying the available goods breaks down and an enormous delay is predicted which suggests the great won’t be delivered within the period of time that the bill was generated. The possible answer is to Re-generate the E-way bill from the government portal. ERP systems are going to be useful in such situations. it’ll track that specific invoice and can generate an E-way bill within a jiffy.

Always remember to get your E-way Bill

Now imagine a situation, the fiscal year is ending and your accounts department is under tons of labor pressure. altogether this hustle-bustle they forgot to get the E-way bill. The consignment is dispatched without an E-way bill. Without it, there are not any chances the merchandise is going to be delivered on time and you’ll not be ready to fulfill the promise you made to your customer. Worried? Don’t be. All of the transactions that the E-way bills have yet to complete will be available in one location thanks to ERP software. In this manner, you’ll never miss on making an E-way bill.

Generate many invoices at one click

Generating E-way bills for each transaction is tiresome for FMGC distributing goods in small quantities. the better option for them is often generating e-Way Bills in bulk since they dispatch goods for multiple orders at an equivalent time. Remove the E-way bill from the ERP program in such cases and create sales invoices.
You’ll see all the transactions for which E-way bills have yet to be produced while dispatching goods. Select all of the invoices and export them as a single JSON file, which you can then upload to the E-way bill portal. With a single click, the portal can create E-way bills for these invoices.

Who uses the e-Way Bill Software?

An E-Way Bill must be issued whenever a registered person causes the delivery of goods in excess of a certain amount.
At the time of delivery of the goods as notified, the following type of documents is required along with E-Way Bill No. mentioned in them.
The E-Way Bill can be created using Express Way Bill Software by freely following while staying inside the Tally.
  • Tax receipt
  • Challan delivery
  • Provisioning Bill
  • Purchase invoice
  • Welcome Note
  • Entry Bill
  • Credit note

Once you have established a Tally invoice/purchase invoice, e-Way Bill Software will help you generate an E-Way Bill in one second while you stay inside the Tally.

Who can issue an e-way bill?

E -way can be issued by a registered/registered provider, unregistered person or sender, if both the supplier and the recipient are not registered.

Registered Supplier / Receiver –

It is required to produce an e-way bill where there is a flow of goods in excess of Rs 50,000 in value. It is up to the registered person or transporter to choose to produce and manage e-way debt even if the value of the goods is less than Rs 50,000

Unregistered Persons –

The enactment of the e-Way Bill is required when the submission is made by an unregistered person to the registrant, in which case the recipient will be required to ensure that all compliance is met.

Transporter –

Carriers carrying goods by road, wind, rail, etc. They also need to produce an e-way bill in case the supplier has not yet drafted the e-Way Bill.

When is the e-way bill given?

If the amount of consignment to be transported is more than in dollars. 50,000, the e-way bill should be issued. The e-way bill will be issued in the event of goods being received, return of goods, or when you receive items from unregistered persons.
  • Related to ‘offer’
  • Reasons without being ‘fed’ (say refund)
  • Internal ‘offer’ from an unregistered person

Offers may be as follows:

  • A supply built for a payment in the course of business.
  • A supply built for a payment that may not be in the course of business.
  • A supply without payment.

Therefore, e-Way Bills should be produced on a standard size for any type of travel.

Even if the value of the products is less than Rs. 50,000, the e-way bill must be applied for such defined properties.

  • Where there is an inter-State of Goods movement to Job’s servant
  • In the event of the delivery of Inter-State Transport of Handicraft by the seller exempt from GST registration

Advantages of using Legalraasta e-Way Bill Software

If you’ve ever created an E-Way Bill, you’re aware that it entails multiple logins, portal switching, and, of course, some waiting time. Let’s take a look at how Express Way Bill Software makes your life simpler.
  • In the NIC portal, there is no need for a separate login and Data Punch.
  • Directly from the invoice screen, you can create an E-Way Bill. Inside Count, get the E-Way Bill number and print it.
  • E-Way Bills are produced with a single click and do not require data entry.
  • The software has been modified to provide built-in validations for producing error-free E-Way Bills.
  • It lets you save time! It just takes a second to get your E-Way Bill.
  • You get informed via SMS & Email Notification on E-Way Bill Generation.

Easy to use :

  • SAP, Oracle, Infor, and Tally are examples of source/ERP systems that can be integrated.

  • Maintains business partner, object, and transporter master data.

  • E-Way Bills for various states can be generated from a single dashboard (avoid multiple logins)

  • In just a few minutes, you can produce a large number of E-Way Bills.

  • Keep an eye on your E-Way bills.

  • For an E-Way Bill, update the vehicle details.

  • E-Way Bill should be regenerated as soon as possible (Ex: when the validity period expires).

  • If the E-Way Bill is unacceptable or there is an inconsistency in the details, reject it.

  • Immediately cancel the E-Way Bill.

  • Easily create a consolidated E-Way Bill.

  • Flexible workflows are available.

  • GSTN and user functions can be easily configured.

  • Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you in resolving any problems.

Consistent & Precise

  • Simple validations ensure that billing is error-free.

  • To avoid inconsistencies, master data synchronization with source ERP systems is needed.

  • Calculate the validity of your E-Way Bill depending on the distance traveled.

  • Invoices and E-Way Bills can be quickly reconciled.

  • E-Way Bill is used to generating GSTR-1 data.

E-Way Billing Software Features

Billing Made Easy

When it comes to the goods transportation, all eyes should be on the efficiency of the transportation and the time it takes to transport goods from one location to another. Since the implementation of GST, transporting goods worth more than INR 50,000 has required the generation of an e-way bill. With Legalraasta e-way bill generation app, you can concentrate on bringing your products to their destination on time, while Spine does the dirty work of e-way bill generation.

Ease of Uses

Eway bill generation is not rocket science for retailers and distributors thanks to an intuitive climate. The e-way bill is typically produced prior to the movement of goods, which is a limited time period. Legalraasta GST e-way bill app allows users to generate e-way bills with a single click, putting all specifications and processes together in one place, making it easier to use. With Legalraasta, you can concentrate on bringing your products to their destination on time, and we’ll handle the e-way bill generation for you.

GST Compliance

The government has made e-way bills mandatory since the implementation of the goods and services tax. GST e-way bill program allows you to create e-way bills for products valued at less than INR 50,000 even if you are not a GST registered dealer. Legalraasta will create an e-way bill for any situation where a registered person under the GST act is a consignor, consignee, or non-registered but a recipient, alleviating your concerns.

Validity issued in the e-way bill

The e-way bill will be valid for one day if the distance is less than 100 km. Validity would increase by one day for every additional 100 kilometers or part thereof. The validity would be 7 days if the distance is 635 kilometers, and 4 days if the distance is 356 kilometers.

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