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LUT Bond Registration

The Letter of Undertaking, also known as the LUT Bond, is a document submitted by an exporter to be exempt from paying IGST on exports. To increase exports, the government has given exporters the option to file a LUT and conduct exports without paying IGST. Most small merchants struggle with a severe lack of liquidity, thus to address this issue, the government provided the option of submitting a LUT Bond, which allows traders to undertake exports while paying 0% IGST as long as they are crystal clear about their goal.

LUTs may be used by any registered taxpayer who is exporting goods or services. However, the act prohibits anyone who has been charged with tax evasion for an amount of Rs. 2.5 crores or more from providing LUTs. Also, such LUTs have a one-year validity duration (till the end of the financial year). However, to receive a certificate for the LUT Bond Registration, an exporter who submits LUTs must submit a new LUT for each fiscal year. If the LUT's stated requirements are not met promptly, the exporter's licenses are terminated and bonds are required.

Legal Raasta will assist you in obtaining a LUT Bond Registration Certificate and in easing the hassle of creating a Letter of Undertaking (LUT). Our knowledgeable team will give you the best guidance and complete all of your paperwork on your company's behalf. So, don't waste time and apply for a LUT Bond with us right away.

Documentation needed for LUT Bond Registration Certificate

GST registration Bond Certificate
An annexure on the organization's letterhead with a notarized.
It also requires two witnesses who can provide ID proof.
PAN Card
Company's partnership deed and incorporation documentation.
A copy of the letter of authorization for the partner, board resolution, or director.
Sales invoices for exports.
For LUT bond Registration, a copy of the IEC Code certificate is also necessary.

Process for getting LUT Bond Registration certificate

1. Logging into your profile on the GST portal to obtain a Letter of Undertaking (LUT) Registration certificate is the first step in providing a LUT in the GST refund procedure.

2. The first step after choosing this is choosing the financial year for the LUT Bond Registration Certificate.

3. The fundamental information regarding the export of products or services must then be included in a self-declaration.

4. You must enter the names, occupations, and addresses of two separate witnesses in addition to the filing location.

5. The application can be signed using an electronic verification code or a recognized digital signature certificate.

6. At the GST portal, you may download the letter of undertaking the LUT Bond Registration Certificate application.

Advantages of Registering for LUT Bonds for Exporters

An exporter can export products and services without paying taxes by choosing the LUT.

Exporters won't have to bother requesting a refund or following up with the IT department thanks to the LUT.

Regular exporters can also benefit from the LUT Bond Registration certificate because it is valid for the full fiscal year and can be obtained online with ease.

Bank Guarantee

All registered individuals are now eligible to use the export facility under the Letter of Undertaking, but those who have been charged with crimes involving sums greater than Rs. 250 lakhs will need to post bail. If you wish to receive a LUT bond registration certificate, a bond must always be supported by a bank guarantee of 15% of the bond's total amount.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An individual can raise money by using the LUT as a bank guarantee. It is a type of bond that the central government issues that an assessee agrees to in the event of export. Under rule 96A, the exporter must provide a Letter of Undertaking in form GST RFD 11, in which they promise to comply with all applicable GST obligations when exporting without paying IGST. As a result, Legalraasta can help you easily and quickly obtain your LUT Bond registration certificate.

LUT Bond Registration is valid for the entire fiscal year in which it is granted.

The central government mandates that any taxpayers on the list who wish to provide goods and services for export without paying IGST must submit the LUT in place of a bond.

The ability to export under the LUT will be reinstated once the sum specified in the aforementioned sub-rule has been paid. As a result, exports made between the time the ability to export under LUT is lost and the time it is restored must either be made subject to payment of the applicable integrated tax or under a bond with a bank guarantee to get a certificate confirming LUT Bond registration.

The export facility will be regarded to have been removed under LUT if the goods are not exported within the time frame prescribed under sub-rule (1) of rule 96A of the CGST Rules and the registered person fails to pay the sum stated in such sub-rule.


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