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Procedure For Patta Chitta Certificate

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Top online advice! Best solution for all your legal issues! With the advent of technology, everything has been digitized. So, whenever it comes to the task of the maintenance of land records, digital technology is utilized in land & revenue administration. The Tamil Nadu Government is putting its efforts into managing and streamlining the land records through the online portal. The Government has introduced e portal for the maintenance of the land records online in an efficient manner.

What is Patta ?

The Patta is a record of the land revenue which is issued by the GOI (Government of India). It is also termed as ROR(Record of Rights). The main details included in this particular revenue record is the Patta Number, name of the district, corresponding of the taluk as well as village, name of owner, land( wet/dry), survey no., subdivision, land area as well and taxation details.


The Chitta comprises the details which include area, size as well as the property’s ownership. Such details will be maintained by the Village Administrative official. Also, there is an inclusion of the land’s nature( dry/wetland). Later in the year 2015, the merging of the Patta as well as Chitta was done on a single document considered as Patta Chitta.

Paperwork needed for transfer of Patta Chitta

You need to fill application form along with the submission of the paperwork listed below: .
Filing of application for Patta transferring (duly signed by applicant) .
Sale deed copy
Submission of paperwork related to transfer of property to concerned authorities for verification procedure
Proof of documentation with regard to property possession( Electricity bill/Property tax payment receipt)
Encumbrance Certification submission to concerned authorities
Filing application for transfer of Patta

If you are looking for the Patta Chitta certificate, then our top consultants are here to assist you.

Our Patta Chitta Registration Procedure

Are you looking forward to register your Patta document online? If yes then hire our experts. Here are steps that our team takes to submit the application & help you to receive Patta Chitta certificate.

Step 1

Visiting Tamil Nadu’s State Government website. Choosing the comfortable language either English or Tamil.

Step 2

From the drop-down menu, options about Viewing Patta & FMB/ Chitta or TSLR is being extracted.

Step 3

After finishing this step, the location of the property is chosen.

Step 4

In the next step, the details of the property are being picked up with regard to the Patta that you wish to apply for.

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