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What is Term Sheet Service

A Term Sheet is a record of Agreed valuation and indicates the size of the investment that is to be made and the holding claims the Investor has in turn for the Investment he made.

Also, it may likewise be referred to as a letter of intent, or a memorandum of understanding (MOU). The first round of speculation from a financial investor is recognized as a Series Term Sheet. Every round of investment has its terms & conditions and these conditions describe a business seeking outside capital funding. The label isn’t important, and about their structure and drafting they set out the key business and legal terms of a proposed transaction.

Term sheets can differ depending on what sort of funding round you are in, how much is at stake, also who is involved. You can therefore consult a LegalRaasta professional to take advantage of this term sheet service, and they can assist you in receiving the term sheet agreement on time.

Even though investment term sheets are not simply legally binding but evidence to them, they simply prove that once something has been agreed upon in an investment term sheet, it might be difficult for either side to renegotiate. Despite whether renegotiation is possible, you might be forced to allow other matters of the deal which are necessary for you. A renegotiation may even influence the mutual understanding of the parties. Investment Term Sheet agreement is important for both the financial investors & founders for multiple reasons, and you must take legal supervision before you sign them.

Importance of a Term Sheet

A term sheet is a fundamental report, especially for an Indian businessperson. For example, when a businessman has been negotiating and drafting an agreement for a long time now, the possibility of obtaining the fundamentals of the contract not allowed is higher. Though, in situations such as the above, a term sheet fixes the dispute by saying the core groundwork for the final commitment. The term sheet agreement thereby supports following the broad agreement of the consenting groups on tangible conditions, such as price, shares, judgment, alertness, and pre-emption.

Benefits of a Term Sheet

Block Unwanted Expenses

A term sheet is usually used to decide the differences in the necessary aspects of any trade contract before drafting the actual agreement, thereby avoiding any undesired expenses from a company’s reserves. To obtain this, simply request term sheet service to come to your door.


A term sheet is outlined to set a plan in place for the consenting parties included instead of drafting a contract that is being rejected by both. But, the details of the clauses won’t be present but rather include the fundamentals of how they will be reached upon.

What is Included in a Term Sheet?


On a term sheet, you’re going to cover the pre-money and post-money valuations. Pre-money is what your startup is deserving before investment, while post-money is that price plus the amount invested.

Option Pools

An option pool is a block of stock held for employees or future employees. On a term sheet, you’re may require to build an option pool or expand on the one you already have. If you used the term sheet service from LegalRaasta, you are also adding the conditions for how stock gets lowered as more stock is allocated.

Liquidation Preference

Liquidation preference is a security net for investors who are getting favored stock. In the case of your startup failing, liquidation choice gives the investors a chance of getting at least some of their money back.

Participation Rights

Participation rights give investors profits a return on their investment before any other investors and a portion of whatever is left.
While in general, it’s a great idea for investors and founders to be on the same page, this is one place where they may see themselves on different sides of the table. Investors like participation rights because it gives them a greater return on their investment. Founders favor no participation rights at all.


Dividends are, at the largest basic level, the distribution of profit among a company’s shareholders. They are paid both in cash and in stock. They can also be bonuses for preferred stockholders. Dividends are normally a percentage typically within 5%-15% that accumulates over time.

There are 3 types of dividends:

  • Cumulative
  • Non-Cumulative
  • Anti-Dilution rights

  • There are 2 types of anti-dilution rights:
  • Full-Ratchet
  • Weighted Average

  • Board of Directors

    Most term sheet agreements will introduce a section about the Board of Directors. Even if your startup is currently only you and a co-founder, the idea is to develop.

    Ownership Percentage of Share Classes

    While a company’s board often plans big decisions, some decisions will be made by a shareholder’s vote. Your term sheet must add a part about the ownership percentage of share classes. You can receive this information by applying for term sheet service from LegalRaasta.

    Investor Rights

    Term sheets usually add a section for investor rights. The rights listed here can differ rather broadly, so this is a good area to discuss with your lawyer to make sure you’re making a good deal. Investor rights are regularly particular actions that investors have a right to take or expect.

    Binding vs Non-Binding Legal

    While most term sheets are non-binding. The point, after all, is to lay out terms to boldly enter into a legally binding agreement there are exceptions to that rule. If the term sheet has language that explicitly says that it is non-binding, then it is non-binding.

    But, if it has a limitation that the parties agree to “negotiate on good faith,” no party can back out as they’ve just changed their minds. Other term sheets have some plans non-binding, with others non-binding.

    The takeaway here is that it’s necessary to almost read all of the wording on your term sheet and decide if the structure works best for you and your company from term sheet service.

    How You Can Use a Term Sheet

    Selling or Purchasing a Business

    When selling or purchasing a business, the details of the transaction can be very difficult. You may only be selling particular assets or the seller might be waiting on the business for some time. In other situations, the payment may be in installments or funded by a vendor loan. Moreover, there might be several conditions that need to be met before the sale can complete.
    When your sale is not entirely clear, a term sheet is a highly useful document for initial negotiations. It is simple and cost-effective to prepare. This also means you can simply draft the formal documents, presenting it as a more cost-effective method.

    Selling or Purchasing Shares

    A share sale can also be a difficult transaction. In addition to the aforementioned complexities of a business sale, the buyer may only be buying a portion of shares or the 2 parties can be resuming business together. If this is the case, you will likely require not just a share sale agreement, but also a shareholders agreement or employment agreement.
    When planning for a more complicated share sale, you can apply a term sheet service to set out the key terms of the future share sale agreement. It can also highlight what will be included in the accompanying documents.

    Doing a Round of Capital Raising

    Another common way to use a term sheet is in the initial stages of a capital raise. A term sheet for a capital raise must set out all of this within 1-5 pages. Most term sheets connected with capital raises are non-binding. But, they will add some binding terms, such as confidentiality protections for the parties. If you are still confused, you may speak with a term sheet service adviser like LegalRaasta who can provide you with the right advice.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A term sheet is a legal document that outlines the intended terms and conditions that parties in a commercial agreement must follow. A Term Sheet Agreement is a prospective document because it serves as a guideline for lawyers to follow while preparing the transactional document.

    A term sheet is a document that outlines certain parameters of a deal that have been agreed upon in principle between parties. It is often negotiated and signed at the start of a transaction. Term papers demonstrate serious purpose but are not legally binding in most cases.

    In this term sheet, the Target is identifying a possible commercial transaction while the Buyer is identifying a potential commercial transaction, and neither party is bound until a definitive agreement is reached between the parties.

    The investment team will sit down immediately after both parties sign the term sheet to create a diligence strategy with a framework/goals for the next 30-45 days. This may appear to be a lengthy list, but keep in mind that it will be sorted over the diligence process.

    Term sheets are generally issued by angel investors, venture capital firms, and financial institutions, and you can use Legalraasta to get term sheet service faster and easier.


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