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The Trademark Class Finder tool helps find the right product and service class category.

Trademark Class Finder

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In accordance with the NICE classification for a trademark, trademark applications are made in 45 different grades. A distinct collection of goods and services is present in each trade mark class. The class of products and services protected by the trademark must be specified in the application when filing a trademark application. When applying the wrong trademark class, it is necessary to choose the correct class of mark that could impair the process of registration of marks and/or decrease legal protection for the mark under the Trademark Act.
A trademark application may be filed in more than one class if multiple products or services falling under different classifications of trademarks are involved in the operation of the company. Furthermore, even if a registered trademark exists in one class, another person could file a trademark application in another class for the same trademark. Therefore, the application for registration of a trademark in one class does not entail full exclusivity over the use of the mark. Trademark shall allow for the use of the mark solely in respect of the class of products or services for which the mark is registered.Using the trademark class finder tool to find out from over 8000 products and services the right trademark class for your goods or service.
We all know the Trademark Class Finder is part of the registration of the trademark; many businesses, however, fail to enforce the trademark entirely or regularly. A thorough understanding of the Trademark Class Finder context will strengthen the exclusivity and security of your brand. Legalraasta gives you a summary of several scientific problems and assistance. For instance, what a class is, why it needs to be observed promptly when it needs to be detected and what it means to handle your class marker.

A Trademark Class is an International Standard that classifies products and services under the Nice Classification of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The Nice Classification (NCL) was defined and developed by the Nice Agreement (1957), which was established as part of the agreement, and is restructured and updated each year.

A search list contains 45 classes of products and services. Trademark classes Search list. 11 classes for services and 34 classes for physical products/goods are included in the new Trademark Class list. Before registering a trademark for a product or service, one needs to understand Trademark Class data. A trademark is a tag, emblem or label used to distinguish between products sold by two or more manufacturers. When licensed, the registration gives the owner the “the right to protect their trademark”

These are the Classes Of Trademark List:-

  • Classes for Goods/products
  • Classes for Services

Marking class distinction occurs in goods and services for which various types of goods and services are provided by each class.

Under the ‘goods class’ section, the categories of goods fall under the following:-

  • The finished product is graded by intent or function. Moreover, the final product is listed in the alphabetical list by comparison with other equivalent end products. That is if a commodity is not defined in any class for its feature or purpose. In addition to that, the same content or mode of operation of the product shall also be protected by other subsidiary requirements if not identified.
  • A finished product, called a multi-purpose object that corresponds to its functions, can be categorized in all classes.
  • A raw material is graded according to the materials involved, whether unworked or half-worked.
  • The products proposed as part of another product are listed in theory as part of the same list class as the product only if it is normally impractical to use the same category of goods for other purposes.
  • In principle, the commodity shall be categorized in the majority of the materials, while a good is classified according to the material it is produced from or according to various materials.

The types of services that are included in the “Services Class Section” :

  • It covers all services, categorized according to the branches and descriptive notes of activities listed in the headings of the service grades. Where not defined, it must be equivalent to other related services in the alphabet list in the domain.
  • The rental services shall be listed in the same class as the rented items.
  • Services offering information or consultation or advice are listed, in theory, in the same class as those providing information or consultation and advice in conjunction with the issue of information.

You must find the correct trademark before you start the trademark registration process. The way to do this is to trademark check. However, it is not feasible without understanding of the types of trademarks. You will join the product or service you want to place in your trademark class and regurgitate the corresponding trade mark class.
As a TM class search tool, a trademark class finder is an extraordinary system to make your businesses easy when it comes to examining trademarks for your business.

Trademark Classes for Goods

  • Class 1- Chemical Productions Goods
    Unprocessed plastics and food preservation chemicals. Chemical in industry, research, photography, agriculture, horticulture, and forestry.
  • Class 2- Paint types products
    Industrial, design and art paints, varnishes and lacquers, thinners and thickeners for lacquers, lacquers and varnishes, wood and leather mordant, anti-rust oils and wood-protected oils; fabric dyestuffs, Food and beverage colorants and Metals for painters in foil and powder shape; artist and printer.
  • Class 3- Laundry Purpose Bleach products
    Bleaching arrangements and laundry materials, washing, polishing, acerbic preparations, soaps, perfumes, essential oils, cosmetics, and hair lotions.
  • Class 4- Fuel and lubricant products
    Industrial oil and grease, Lubricants, Dust absorbers, Wetting and bonding compounds, Fuel (including Motor Spirit) and illuminants, Candles, and wicks.
  • Class 5- Pharmaceutical products
    Medicament, veterinary, and sanitary preparations and dietary substances adapted for medical use or baby food or disinfectants or fungicides and herbicides.
  • Class 6-Metal products
    Common metals and their alloys, metal building materials, small metal hardware products, metal pipes and tubes, and metal goods not included in other classes.
  • Class 7- Machinery products
    Device and device tools, machine coupling and transmission component or agricultural equipment other than hand-operated equipment and egg incubators.
  • Section 8- Hand tool products
    Hand-operated tools for agriculture, gardening, and landscaping. Hand-operated tools for carpenters, artists and other craftsmen. Covers for hand-operated tools, such as knives and scythes. Manually run pumps along with Table cutlery, like forks and spoons, that includes those made of precious metal.
  • Section 9- Scientific products
    Scientific, electrical, photographic, measuring, recording, transmitting, or reproducing sound or images; data processing equipment and computers.
  • Class 10– Surgical or Dental products
    Clinical, healthcare, dental and emergency medicine instruments, artificial limbs, eyes, and teeth; orthopedic tools; needle materials.
  • Class 11-Apparatus for Lighting
    Appliances for lighting, heating, steam generation, cooking, cooling, drying ventilation; water supply, and sanitary purposes.
  • Class 12– Apparatus in Vehicles
    Vehicles, apparatus for ground, air, or water locomotion. Motors and vehicles for land vehicles and couplings and components of transmission for land vehicles. Vehicles with air cushions and vehicles with remote control, other than toys.
  • Class 13– Firearms products
    Projectiles and ammunition, explosive materials, and firework displays.
  • Class 14– Jewelry products
    Precious metals and their alloys and precious metal products, jewelry, precious stones, chronological, and other chronometric tools.
  • Class 15– Music related Instruments
    Mechanical pianos and accessories for them, boxes of music and Musical instruments or electrical and electronic.
  • Class 16– Paper and printed materials
    Paper, cardboard, and items manufactured from these materials or printed matter or paperwork or brushes or typewriters and office requirements and packaging materials made of plastic.
  • Class 17– Rubber realted products
    Ruber, asbestos, mica, and products made from these materials or extruded plastics for industrial use or packing or materials for stopping and insulating or flexible pipes.
  • Class 18– Leather products (except clothing)
    Leather and leather imitations or skins of animals, hides, trunks, and bags for traveling or umbrellas, parasols, and walking sticks or whips or saddlery and harness.
  • Class 19– Non-metallic building material products
    Construction materials (non-metallic), rigid non-metallic building pipes or asphalt or pitch and bitumen or transportable non-metallic buildings or non-metal monuments.
  • Class 20– Furniture products
    Wood, cork, reed, cane, wicker, horn, bone, ivory, whalebone, shell, amber, mother of pearl, meerschaum, or plastic articles; furniture, mirrors, and picture frames.
  • Class 21– Houseware products
    Glassware and earthenware, household or kitchen utensils and containers, combs and sponges, articles for cleaning purposes, and unworked or semi-worked glass.
  • Class 22– Ropes and Strings type products
    Clothes, ropes, nets, tents, awnings, tarpaulins, sails, sacks and bags, materials for paddling and stuffing (except rubber or plastics), or raw textile fiber materials.
  • Class 23– Thread products
    Yarns and fibers, for textile use.
  • Class 24– Textile and fabric products
    Textile and textile products not covered by other classes or covers for the bed and table. Household linen, for instance, bedspreads, pillow shams, textile towels, paper bed linen, and sleeping bags. Also, lining for sleeping bags and Nets for mosquitoes.
  • Class 25– Clothing products
    Garments, boots, headpiece.
  • Class 26– Laces and Embroidery decorating products
    Lace and embroidery, ribbons and braids, pins and needles, buttons, hooks and noses, artificial flowers.
  • Class 27– Products for floor
    Carpets, rugs, sheets, and matting or linoleum and other floor covering materials or hanging walls (Non-textile).
  • Class 28– Toys and gaming products
    Games and playthings, gymnastics and athletic equipment not included in other classes; Christmas tree decorations.
  • Class 29– Meat and Processed food products
    Meat, fish, poultry, and a game or meat extracts or fruits and vegetables canned, dried and cooked or preserves, fruit sauces or eggs, milk, and milk products or fats and edible oils.
  • Class 30– Staple food products
    Coffee, tea, chocolate, sugar, rice, tapioca, sago, bread, pastry and confectionery, honey, leaves, baking powder, salt, mustard, vinegar, and ice cream.
  • Class 31– Agricultural, Horticultural, and Forestry Products
    Grains, Live animals, fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds, natural plants, and flowers or foodstuff for animals and malt. Cereals that are not processed and residue from plants.
  • Class 32– Beers, minerals, aerated waters including other non-alcoholic drinks
    Fruit beverages and fruit juices or syrups and other drink-making preparations and de-alcoholic drinks.
  • Class 33– Alcoholic Beverages (not including beers)
    Wine, Whisky, Scotch, vodka not including any type of beer.
  • Class 34– Smokers products
    Tobacco, products for smokers, matches. Replacements for tobacco (not for medical purposes)

Trademark Classes for Services

  • Class 35- Advertising, business, and retail services
    Business management, organization administration, office tasks. Support in the service or management of a commercial enterprise
  • Class 36- Insurance & Financial services
    This class has to do with insurance, economic relations and monetary affairs. Financing and services for hire-or lease-purchase of all banking establishments.
  • Class 37- Building construction, repair & installation services
    Auxiliary services to building services, such as inspections of construction plans and shipbuilding services. Also, services including the recruitment of instruments or construction materials and repair facilities, i.e. services that undertake to bring after wearing any item in good condition.
  • Class 38- Telecommunications services
    Send messages from one person to another. Place an individual in oral or visual contact with another person; (radio and television) and services consisting, in nature, of transmitting radio or television programmes.
  • Class 39- Transport and storage services
    Transport, packing, storage of goods, and the arrangement of travel. Facilities relating to the inspection before transport of vehicles or goods.
  • Class 40- Treatment of materials
    Material treatment facilities that may be present during the manufacturing of some other product or entity other than a structure. For instance, custom automotive manufacturing, the custom production of products to the order and specification of others.
  • Class 41- Education & entertainment services
    Services consisting of any sort of person education or animal training. Facilities that have the underlying purpose of people’s entertainment, leisure, or recreation. Exhibition to the public for cultural or educational purposes of works of visual art or literature.Education or training provision, leisure or sports, and cultural events.
  • Class 42- Computers, Scientific and Software services
    Science, design, and technical services; industrial analysis and testing services; hardware and software computer design and development.
  • Class 43- Food Services
    Food and drink provisioning services and temporary accommodation.
  • Class 44- Medical facilities and services
    Veterinary facilities, human or animal health and beauty care, services in agriculture, horticulture, and forestry. Services related to plant growth, such as gardening, Floral art programs, such as floral compositions, as well as garden design.Resources for the medical review in the treatment of individuals (such as x-ray tests and blood sampling), Services for artificial insemination, and recommendations from a pharmacy.
  • Class 45- Legal and Legitimate services
    Services are given to individuals, groups of individuals, organizations, and corporations by attorneys, legal assistants, and personal advocates, Services of inquiry and supervision relating to the physical protection of individuals and the security of tangible property and Individual services offered in conjunction with social activities, such as social escort services, marriage agencies, funeral services, etc.

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Trademark Class Finder

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