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  • Update the method of invoicing, payments, increasing the chance, and enhancing customer loyalty
  • Handling sales orders and Invoicing also billing is included
  • Follow-ups on payments
  • Reconciliation with customers and Customer help desk
  • Dispute or Chargeback management
  • Cash Application CST C-forms
  • GST Form collection

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Full-Fledged Accounts Receivable Services For Small Businesses

Outsourcing receivable accounts services have become common in today’s business world, as cash flow is of utmost importance in every company. Usually, when collections and cash flows are timely, the efficiency of the company becomes more predictable. But businesses have to ensure that the full production from the amount they spend on handling their receivables is extracted from them.

Legalraasta offers outsourcing services for receivable accounts that boost collections, along with the lifecycle of the business from order to cash. The implementation of our receivable accounts is consistent with best practices and offers regular analysis, automation, monitoring, better communication, and flexibility. The activities are covered by collections, credit, cash receipts and applications, payment terms, individualized contract management, and electronic and paper-based billing procedures.

By our daily reconciliation and review given during the order to cash period, we keep you updated about your customer relationships and receivables. In the course of our efforts towards quality improvements, we identify and overcome any causes of payment delays.

An Overview of Our Accounts Receivable Services

On your behalf, we will take care of all of the processes listed below:

Accounts Receivable Services for Businesses can Enable

Analyzation of Accounts Receivables

Accounts Receivables is a cohesive component of RCM and a dynamic phase in itself. Our A/R services are a mixture of managing each phase that adds to the collection of revenue. To give you informative, predictive, and prescriptive insights into managing better A/R, it is a collection of careful considerations, analysis, and metrics.

A/R analysis will offer deep insights that help you adjust the RCM’s other measures to boost cash flow. Each argument is regarded as a point in the A/R framework that adds value. The analysis of each claim by our experts ensures enhanced reimbursements. Certain claims can require additional paperwork to be re-submitted. Disapproval must be separately queued and handled.

Reports of Accounts Receivable

We have consistently handled the services of Accounts Receivables for our clients. Also, we create important reports that help our customers understand their position and make plans for action. For our customers, we keep track of the A/R and document information that is useful.

Described below are popular reports that we use. However, as per customer requirements, reports are tailored. Evaluation of Account Receivable can be understood using :

Aging Report of Account Receivables also provides us knowledge of trends :

We also have a detailed approach for the whole A/R spectrum. We track your cash flow and are closely watched for any unpaid demand. We provide this by the use of technologically advanced systems for

Why to take Accounts Receivable Services?

Accessible account receivable programs provide you with several advantages, such as saving time, money, and energy. Nevertheless, working on in-house accounting receivables without the support of an expert team will minimize your earnings and additional work. Account Receivable Services can be fruitful in the following ways for your organization:

Improve Your Accounting and Bookkeeping Process

Receivable account issuance helps you to collect payments quickly and on time. In addition to ensuring that there is no deferred to the payment collection, the service provider chooses to go with customer-friendly options and advanced electronic billing Your presence is not required during payment processing because all mobile and electronic transfers are handled properly. In addition, a few payment options allow your clients to choose their preferred payment method and pay before the due date. Therefore, this enhances the organization’s revenue.

Reduce Time and Cost

At the time when you are working such services in the house, it is very bad and tedious. You may need to invest your time and money in building an accounting department, hiring staff and infrastructure. Even if you opt for AR services, you still have to pay for the services you rented. From now on, by outsourcing, you can save time and money.

Focus on Your Important Business Performance

By selecting your account services from a professional, you can focus on important business activities to grow and grow. The issuance of a retrieval recovery account service provider keeps track of all people who regularly make late payments. AR service providers work with you and give you enough time to grow and build your company to the best of your ability.

Functional Customer Testing

A good accounting person is better prepared to set clear credit policies and check the credit value of multiple clients. They contain the acquisition skills of a few customers who have a strong credit history record and are therefore able to pay you before the deadline. Such skill can help you to save money for a while.

Quick collections

The more procrastination you make in collecting an overdue amount, the less money your organization will earn. When your accounts arrive late for a month or a year; you will lose a lot of money that will directly affect your income.


Step 1: Set up credit practices

A credit application process needs to be developed by the company. On recognizing candidate credit-worthiness, it will determine whether to offer goods on credit or not. It is up to the company to determine the supply of credit to single consumers or other organizations. Also, the organization can create a few terms and conditions for credit deals that would use a loan to comply with federal laws. Besides, the document must address the customers’ prerequisites and commitments. For instance, the company must make its customers known about the interest rates for the credits.

Step 2: Customer Invoicing And Billing

A receipt is a document received by a customer for the purchase of particular goods or services. The receipt contains information, such as the cost of items/services provided, specifics of the same, and the date of payment. Each invoice has its own unique invoice number that can be easily retrieved. They are given according to the preference of the client, that is, either in physical or electronic form. In most cases, because they are cost-effective and convenient, businesses prefer electronic invoices.

Step 3: Keep track of Account Receivable

The next step is to track receivable accounts with the aid of the Accounts Receivables Officer at the stage where you are done with invoicing. The officer will review the payment deposited in the bank account of the supplier, place it in the AR system, and assign it to an invoice. The officer is responsible for reconciling the AR ledger to ensure that payments are correctly posted. Besides, it provides monthly statements to its clients, which include details on the sums owed to customers.

Step 4: Accounting for Account Receivable

The Collection Officer concludes the due date for payments of both bad and unpaid debts. When the official has examined the unpaid debts, the accounts department will prepare journal entries to record the deals. Furthermore, the accounts department is besides at risk for reinforcing discounts made on early discounts.

Activities linked with Accounts Receivables

There are several activities associated with account receivables, provided by IBN as follows:

Why Outsource Accounts Receivable Services to LegalRaasta?

We are one of the top outsourcing companies with receivable accounts and our team of seasoned A/R professionals offers personalized account management solutions according to your company requirements. Some of the reasons for preferring LegalRaasta Solutions for receivable services for accounts involve –

Inexpensive Prices

We provide our accounts with the services available at the most affordable prices, which helps you get the highest return on your investment. We will help you reduce your processing costs by up to 70%.

Immediate Access to Information

We combine print, post, and electronic delivery from a single source and provide instant access to all text images.

Simple Text Recovery

We provide storage space for all documents required for customer service. We also allow you to easily capture documents and data with a standard web browser.

Increase cash flow

We help you reduce crime and bad debts. We also help you to increase cash flow and save money.

Technical Services

We provide services to manage incoming/outgoing accounts as well as professional hosting and regular monitoring of customer disputes and differences.

Quality Improvement Procedures

We use TQM and other quality improvement programs to ensure that everything we need is of the highest quality.

Data Security

We ensure the confidentiality of data to ensure better security through strict data security policies.

Fast Working and quick responses

As a leading in-service acquisition service provider, we provide our accounts with in-service services in the fastest turnaround times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Accounts receivable (AR) is the money balance owed to a business for goods or services delivered or used by consumers but not yet paid for. Accounts receivables are classified as a present asset on the balance sheet. AR is any amount of money owed for transactions made on credit by customers.

You must take the help of an expert CA or CS in case of account receivable services. For more details contact Legalraasta at 8750008881

The account receivable services fees depend on the services you took in it. For more details contact Legalraasta at 8750008881

At first, set up credit practices then look for customer Invoicing And Billing. After that Keep track of Account Receivable and at last Accounting for Account Receivable is observed. For additional details contact Legalraasta at 8750008881

In the simplest words, receivable accounts calculate the money that clients owe to a corporation for products or services already rendered. Since the company expects money in the future, accountants include accounts receivable as an asset on the balance sheet of the company.

Changes to the company’s credit policies are the two key causes of a decreasing ratio and growing difficulties with collecting receivables on time.

An example of accounts receivable holds an electric business that bills its customers after the customers received the electricity. The electricity business records an account receivable for not paid invoices as it waits for its consumers to pay their bills.

There is a small difference that is accounts receivable and accounts payable are accounts receivable are the costs owed to a company by its consumers, while accounts payable are the costs that a business owes to its suppliers.

The amount of accounts receivable is raised on the debit side and reduced on the credit side. Cash is raised when a cash payment is received from the debtor, and the receivable chronicles are reduced. When entering the transaction, cash is debited, and accounts receivable are credited.

Sales paid immediately with cash, checks, or credit and debit cards do not include this. Calculate your gross credit sales minus refunds, deductions, and discounts to find the net credit sales. The average receivable of accounts is the cumulative receivable of the starting and ending accounts separated by two.


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