The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization provides 3 advantages – lump sum gain at the time of retirement, monthly pension after retirement, and also insurance cover during the employment. However, you may enjoy all the advantages only if your employer deposits the amount, he cuts every month from your salary to the designated PF. For any employee who sustains a salary in India, the employer allocates a definite amount of money as the PF (Provident Fund). Therefore, Employees Provident Fund is a popular savings strategy. It was begun under the overseeing of the Government of India. Consequently, all prudent fund investments are made in an account supported by the EPFO.

So here in this article, we will briefly make you understand about accessing EPF Passbook in different ways.

Overview on EPFO member Passbook

The Employees’ Provident Fund is a frugality device for the labor force. It is a strategy managed under the Employees’ Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952 by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO).

EPF passbook is an online aptitude offered by EPFO or Employees Provident Fund Organization. And also, the EPF passbook is indistinguishable from the bank passbook. It helps the Employees Provident Fund account. For example, members can check their account balance, see their account statement, take a print or load the same. Moreover, the passbook includes all the necessary details about the PF account. This contains employee benefaction, employer handouts, withdrawals, and interest received.

How to download the EPFO passbook online?

EPFO members can load or print their EPF passbooks online. And also, this service is obtainable on the EPF webpage. The following is the steps procedure on how to download EPF member passbook online:

  • Visit the member passbook page on the EPFO webpage.
  • Enter the UAN password and Captcha, Now click on the login button.
  • The Member’s ID will be shown on the screen. Consequently, all EPF accounts are connected with UAN will appear in the give way.
  • Opt for the member ID and choose “View Passbook”.
  • The detailed passbook of all transactions will appear on your display.

How to download the EPFO passbook on the system via the EPFO app?

  • Visit Play Store and search for the M-Sewa app along the search bar.
  • Tap on the Install tab and wait until the app is ready for use.
  • Once install, tap on the icon to begin it on your device.
  • Select the option, “Let’s Start.”
  • Select EPF services>E-Passbook.
  • Provide your login information like UAN and password in the pertinent field.
  • Select Member ID followed by View Passbook.
  • Lastly, you can see the passbook, load it or you can print it also.

How to download the EPFO passbook via DOB and Phone Number?

The members can download the EPFO passbook on the facility on the EPFO passbook on the EPFO website using their number and DOB.

  • Once the member register for the e-passbook facility on the EPFO website, they will be asked for an identity card for the registration procedure
  • The member will get a PIN on their contact number. The user is required to enter the same PIN on the EPFO portal to complete the registration procedure
  • With the contact number and document number, they can log in to the member portal
  • Now touch the ‘Download Passbook’ option.
  • Information about the PF office and the other information regarding the PF account, such as name or PF code, etc.
  • Finally, confirm the chosen transaction via a PIN
  • Once a request for a passbook is placed, it takes 3 days to be proceed

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Key Components of EPF Passbook

Following are the major components of the EPF passbook:-

EPF account number

Employees Provident Fund account numbers generally subsist in an alphanumerical format. In encircling the code related to nation, establishment, member, and geographical office. The following examples will provide the superior understanding

Illustrative PF number – AP HYD 0074560 000 0001234

  • AP denotes Andhra Pradesh
  • HYD act for Hyderabad which is the geographical office
  • 7 numbers denote establishment ID ‘0074560’
  • The next 3 numbers act as the establishment extension ID.
  • If no augmentation is on condition then it is 000.
  • The last 7 numbers act for member ID ‘0001234’

Basic Details

The passbook includes primary details like name and address of enterprise with established ID, member’s name, dob, coordination joining date, etc.

Opening Balance

The EPF passbook throwback the opening balance below the section of employer and employee. The opening balance mentions an entire contribution to date besides interest derives in the precursory financial year.

Universal Account Number

Universal Account Number is a special 12 digit number for all Employees Provident Fund members. Consequently, every member and organization must get it when they joint EPF. The EPF member ID is linked to UAN.


The interest on EPF is deliberated on the running aggregate of every month. Therefore the interest is credited at the end of the year for employee and employer contribution. The rate of interest on which the interest is deliberated is raised in the passbook.


If the member makes any withdrawal throughout the year, the same is considered in the EPF passbook.

Closing Balance

      The following utterance considers the required estimation of the closing balance.

      Closing balance = (employer benefaction + interest) + (employee subscription)   

      The closing balance is conveyed ahead as starting balance for the future  

Voluntary Provident Fund

As the name recommends, the voluntary provident fund differs from the basic PF benefaction where the employee has to stick to 12% contribution limitations. Overall, it mentions a surplus contribution of the employee. Hence, it is reflected separately in the passbook.

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1. Is it possible to download or view my passbook?

Sure, you can download or see your passbook in the given manner:

  • Log in to the portal using your UAN and countersign.
  • Go to the menu option ‘Download’ and choose ‘Download Passbook’.
  • It is also feasible to load the PDF variety of the passbook.

2. Is it feasible to see the EPF passbook online without using the Universal Account Number (UAN)?

No, it is not possible to see your passbook online without UAN. The UAN and password are needed to see the passbook and on the UMANG app.

3. What format does the PF passbook come in? In the system to open the document, is a password needed?

The EPF passbook that is loaded represents in pdf format. No, a password is not needed to open the loaded file.

4. Does the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) validate all entries made on the EPFO passbook?

The entries done on the EPF passbook are checked up with the EPFO pasture offices before refurbishing on the passbook.

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