Is Registration of has Become Imported Paper Mandatory Since Oct 2022?

The DGFT, Directorate General of Foreign Trade has led to the introduction of the paper import monitoring system through the amendment of the import policy for some of the major paper items ranging from free to free subjects pertaining to the compulsory certification under PIMS. The online facility of certification will be available from 15 July 2022.

The PIMS is made compulsory owing to the enacting of the specific details with regard to the import of the paper/ paper items under Chapter 48, ITC, 2017 Schedule 1. So, the system would be conducting the collection of comprehensive information on imports of the items which will assist In analyzing the trade information as well as the devising of the policy formation. There will be real-time access to data that will enable monitoring as well as the targeting of the decision-making.

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Who introduced PIMS?

The ministry in May made import certification compulsory for inbound shipment about 201 of the categories of paper as well as the paper boards for example glazed newspaper, handmade as well and tissue paper. The ministry has introduced the system owing to which the importer will be having the provision of the advanced information online & this is about the providing of advanced information online about registration mandatory as per PIMS. The facility for e-certification will be available from July 15, 2022. The Paper Import Monitoring System is holding compulsion with regard to the import of paper/ paper items under Chapter 48, ITC 2017 Schedule 1. The system would be carrying out the collecting of the data on items imports and this is going to evaluate trade information along with devising the policy formulation. Also, there will be real-time access about information/.

The PIMS will be introduced through DGFT and this is done via modifying the policy for imports of all major paper items from the free to free subject for mandatory registration under PIMS. However, the facility for registering online will be starting from 15th July 2022. This system was introduced for seeking specific details about imported paper items.

Overview about Paper Import Monitoring System (PIMS)

The Paper Import Monitoring system introduction has taken place for capturing the most specific of the details with regard to the paper and paper items import as per Chapter 48 ITC, 2017 schedule 1. So, the system would be collecting the most comprehensive information on product import and this will evaluate the trade data as well as the facilitation of the formulation of the policy.

What is importance Of Paper Import Monitoring System?

On the basis of the requirements that paper industry is having, there is PIMS that has been introduced with the purpose of:

  • Imports under various of the other categories tariff lines
  • Dumping of paper items within the domestic market through under-invoicing
  • Prohibited items entry with regard to misdeclaration
  • Goods re-routing via other nations and not through trade contracts
  • The PIMS will also be conducting promotion of the make in India as well as the Atma nirbhar initiatives about this category
  • What other points are covered under PIMS?

  • The PIMS will have the facility for viewing earlier of the e-registrations. In addition to that, there have to be incomplete applications that are not submitted for registering on the DGFT portal and will be available within PIMS for reviewing as well as further action.
  • When there is any transformation in the mobile/ email id of the applicant, then it will first of all need to be amended or updated within the DGFT IEC database and this is done via the IEc modification system.
  • furnish incorrect data in the online PIMS module will attract punitive action including action
  • The importers who will be failing for registering the data on all the notified of products in advancement of the ones found furnishing wrong information shall be held responsible
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  • under The Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) [FTDR] Act, 1992.
  • Online PIMS is available on a 24/7 basis.
  • Pertaining to the interest of trade or importers, there has been the suggestion that filing of registration will be taking place in advance to avoid disruption to the activity of the organizational business.
  • The DGFT has already made paper import registration compulsory according to the newly introduced user-friendly interface. This is from 1st Oct, 2022 under PIMS. According to the notification, the import policy of the major paper items will be amended from free to free subject about the mandatory certification as per the PIMS
  • The order will apply to many different types of paper items such as newsprint, handmade/wallpaper, duplicate paper, coated, enveloped toilet paper, and many more. There are paper items for example currency paper, bank bond cheque paper, security printing material and this has to be excluded from the transformation in the policy. Any importer can seek an ARN( automatic registration number) online through payment of INR 500.
  • The ARN thus will be granted and this will hold the validity for 75 days. Multiple bills of entry will be facilitated within the same registration number and this will have the validity of registration within the permitted quantity.
  • Today, the domestic paper industry has been facing big challenges concerning the paper items within the domestic market through under-invoicing, prohibited entry items through misdeclaration, and goods rerouting via nations in lieu of trade contracts.
  • What are the key points covered under PIMS?

  • The PIMS will have provision of viewing precious e PIMS certificate for import. Apart from that, the incomplete registrations will not be having the submission of a registration to the DGFT site with visibility on PIMS for individuals for viewing as well as taking action appropriately.
  • In case of any sort of transformations done about details in the application for example contact number/ email ID, then there will be the transformation that needs to be updated as well as uploaded on the DGFT IEC database through the IEC modification system.
  • So, all the importers who will not be registering accurate information as well as the data on all notified items under action beforehand or when the importers are found to provide incorrect data in the PIMS module, then it will be penalized through punitive actions which include the ones coming under FTDR Act introduced in 1992.
  • So, now for all concerns of importers as well as the goods of trade, it is always better to conduct the registrations beforehand to ensure that there won’t be any unwanted complexities about the company’s activities.
  • What is the way out to seek PIMS Certification?

  • Whatever the imports that will be arriving on or after oct1, 2022 will be having governance through this policy.
  • Paper items for example currency, bank bonds, cheque paper, and security printing paper material have already been excluded from the amendment in this policy.
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    The domestic paper industry has already picked up concerns with regard to the paper items dumping within the domestic market, through under-invoicing, prohibited items entry through misdeclaration, and re-routing items through other nations instead of trade contracts.

    There is a huge ratio of the paper items that are being imported as per the category others of the tariff lines. So, this move will be going the extensive way in the promotion of programs like Make In India and Atmanirbhar.

    Also, there is a wide proportion of paper items which are imported under other category tariff lines. This move will go a long way in the promotion of Make in India as well as the Atma Nirbhar in the category.

    There is also a user-friendly interface that is developed for implementing PIMS( Paper Import Monitoring System)

    The importer will be capable of seeking the ARN online through the payment of the registering fees of INR 500. The importer will be applying for the registration not earlier than the 75th day as well as not later than 5th day before the expected arrival date for import consignment.

    The ARN, automatic registration number will remain valid for 75 days. There will be multiple bill entries and this needs to be facilitated within the same registration no and having the validity registration duration for most permitted of the quantity. Also, there is an online facility for seeking PIMS certificate for import and this will be commencing from July 15, 2022.

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