PMMVY: Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana

  Maternity and childbirth are extremely important times in a family's life since they necessitate extra attention, comfort, and nutrition. A pregnant woman's situation in the country is far from ideal. Maternal health is one of the most important issues in India, which accounts for one-fifth of all births worldwide. The government is attempting to change this situation by reorganising several health-care programs. PMMVY: Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana, which was redesigned by PM Narendra Modi, is one of these programs. Most women work until the later stages of pregnancy and shortly after delivery due to a variety of social reasons, which is unhealthy because their bodies do not get enough rest or time to recover. It inhibits their capacity to adequately breastfeed the infant during the vital first six months of life. This is what has a negative impact on both the mother and the baby's health. Maternal health is critical to a woman's ability to have a relatively simple and complication-free delivery. In 2015, India was responsible for one-fifth of all maternal deaths worldwide, which is an extremely high percentage. The major reasons for this were health disparities and social hierarchy. Anemia and malnutrition affect a substantial number of women in India, particularly in rural areas. This, in turn, becomes a concern for healthy pregnancies and births, since undernourished moms are more likely to give birth to low birth weight babies, which often result in difficulties. PMMVY stands for Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana. The Prime Minister's strategy for mother's worship is loosely translated by the meaning of these phrases. The program began in 2017 with the goal of providing monetary compensation to pregnant women who have lost their jobs as a result of their pregnancy. This program also aims to improve the nutritional status of pregnant and lactating women.  

Objectives of PMMVY

Due to limited availability to food due to poverty, the average Indian lady is considered undernourished. The government has always attempted to develop lucrative health-care systems with the goal of providing mothers and children with at least basic nourishment. The PMMVY is part of India's Ministry of Women and Child Development.
  • The Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana (PMMVY) aims to provide partial compensation to working pregnant women and breastfeeding moms who have lost income as a result of their pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy necessitates increased nutrition in order for a woman to maintain her pregnancy and deliver a healthy child.
  • The monetary incentive, which is paid out in three instalments, can be utilised to meet at least the daily nutritional requirements of pregnant women.

Benefits of PMMVY Scheme

The Financial Advantages

The table below shows scheme information for monetary benefits based on the beneficiary's claimed instalment number:
Criteria Incentive
The pregnancy should be registered 150 days after the previous menstrual period. Rs.1000
Around 180 days following the LMP, the claim should be filed. Rs.2000
After the birth of her child, a lactating mother might file a claim. Rs.2000

Nutritional requirements

Extra nutrients are required for a pregnant woman and a breastfeeding mother to be able to provide enough for the infant. Based on her height and weight, she should consume at least 200 calories more than the daily minimum. Breast milk should be solely administered to a newborn for the first 180 days of life, according to the World Health Organization. In order to meet this requirement, a mother must first ingest adequate nutrition. Only then will it be feasible to provide the infant with the necessary nourishment. The PMMVY program assists a mother in meeting her and her baby's increased nutritional demands.  

Coverage of Pradhan Mantri Matru Vandana Yojana:

The PMMVY program is intended to give financial assistance to lactating women and pregnant women who have lost their jobs as a result of their pregnancy. The scheme does not provide any further coverages except from the three instalments that must be claimed within 150 days, 180 days, and at the time of childbirth.

Exceptional Situations

Miscarriage/Stillbirth The beneficiary may still be eligible to receive the remaining instalments for a future pregnancy if the pregnancy ends in a miscarriage or stillbirth. For example, if a woman receives the first instalment and subsequently miscarries, she is still entitled to receive the remaining instalments for a future pregnancy. Mortality in Infants If the beneficiary has previously received all of the benefits of the PMMVY plan, she is not eligible to receive them again in the event of infant mortality.  

PMMVY Eligibility Criteria:

The scheme's main goal is to provide at least Rs. 5000 in cash to pregnant mothers who are having their first child in the country. The following are the requirements for receiving PMMVY benefits:
  • The woman is a citizen of India.
  • Before she became pregnant, the woman was employed.
  • The woman was born on or after January 1, 2017.
  • The woman has lost her job as a result of her pregnancy.
  • The woman is not enrolled in a paid maternity leave program.

PMMVY Documents Required:

At different phases of receiving PMMVY instalments, different sets of documentation are necessary. When filing a claim for each instalment, the beneficiary will be required to present the necessary papers. Depending on the number of instalments, the following documents will be required: First instalment: Within 150 days of the latest menstrual period, submit the following documents:
  • Form 1A must be completely filled out.
  • MCP Card Copies
  • a photocopy of your ID
  • Account passbook from a bank or post office
Second instalment: Documents must be presented within 180 days of the last menstrual period to be considered for the second instalment:
  • Form 1 B must be completely filled out.
  • MCP Card Copies
Third instalment: Documents should be filed following childbirth registration.
  • Form 1C, properly completed
  • MCP Card Copies
  • A copy of your Aadhaar card
  • Child's Copy
  • Certificate of Birth Registration

How to Register for PMMVY Maternity Benefits Online?

The steps to apply for the PMMVY online are as follows. To apply online and complete the registration through the PMMVY CAS ( Common Application Software) you will need the scheme facilitator's login information . Take a look at how it's done:

Step 1: Go to the website and log in.

  • Visit the website and log in using your email address and password.

Step 2: Complete a new registration

If the user's login credentials are being used for the first time, the system will prompt them to reset their current password before proceeding. The user will be directed to the Beneficiary list after entering the system with a new password. To make a new beneficiary, click the "New Beneficiary" button. To proceed, you'll need one or more of the following documents:
  • Enrollment ID for Aadhaar
  • Aadhaar Number
  • Any other document specified by the State Government or UT Admin
  • Any other form of photo identification
  • state government or UT administration
  • Passbook with Photographs from the Bank
  • Gazetted Officer Certificate of Identity with Photograph
  • a driver's licence
  • Employee Photo ID - Government of India or Public Sector Undertakings
  • PSU or Government Hospital Issued Health Card
  • Passbook of Kissan Photos
  • Job Card for MGNREGS
  • PAN Card
  • Passport
  • Card of Rationing
  • Voter Identification Card
  • Select the corresponding ID from the menu and then the beneficiary's location.

Step 3: Filling basic details

The next step is to complete the registration by entering the beneficiary's basic information in the fields provided, such as category, id proof number, LMP date, mobile number, name, number of living children, pregnancy registration date, PMMVY registration date, and so on.

Step 4: Bank account information

To receive the payments, enter your bank account information.

Step 5: Complete the remaining instalments

By providing the paperwork, the recipient can later file a claim and receive the remaining instalments.  

How to Check PMMVY Status Online?

The PMMVY can be checked by using the credentials of an authorised individual to enter into the PMMVY web site. The PMMVY plan card may be necessary to check the beneficiary's status online. Another option is to check the status of each instalment, claim, or other detail in the system using the beneficiary's personal identification number, such as the Aadhaar card or PAN card.  
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