Starting a business in the Dubai is an intriguing notion. Without a question, the UAE provides businesses, startups, and corporations with numerous and profitable options. Dubai has a fantastic business environment and provides access to international markets, which encourages economic growth.

It is a hub for international trade and the 15th-largest global economic center. If you successfully start and expand a business, there is no end to how far you can go. This means that if you wish to start a business in Dubai, you must first seek company registration in Dubai from a company registration consultancy like legalraasta. Therefore, this blog discusses crucial factors to take into account before company registration in Dubai.

Why you should have company registration in Dubai?

In Dubai, you can establish an onshore or offshore business, although foreign business owners prefer free zones. Among the incentives include zero corporation and personal tax, 100% company ownership, complete repatriation of capital and profits, no currency restrictions, and total import and export tax exemption.

In addition, Dubai offers a vibrant multicultural environment. Due to Dubai’s multicultural culture and highly skilled labor market, it won’t take you long as a foreigner to feel at home there. So, start your business with company registration in Dubai as earlier as possible to get profits.

Factors to keep in mind while company registration in Dubai

1. Planning of idea and define Expectations Clearly

Every great idea starts with a plan and the will to bite the bullet and take a risk. You must be aware of what can be in store for you, what you are seeking for specifically, and what expectations you have for your business idea. A strategy should also be in place in case you ever decide to sell your business. Confusion and a lack of clear direction are the primary causes of many startups’ failure. Therefore, you can consult our experts if you have any questions about how the company registration in Dubai will work.

2. Business Framework, Model & Architecture

The UAE is home to many companies and startups in a wide range of industries. This may give you the impression that any business idea is guaranteed to succeed, but in reality, there is usually a lot of labor involved. This background research comprehends both the business climate and how to approach your endeavor. LegalRaasta can be consulted if you require any assistance with this for company registration in Dubai.

Business model: The business model includes Market Attractiveness of the Business, Value proposition, Revenue Distribution, Sales Performance, Competitive Advantage, Key resources, Cost structure, Pitfalls & Risks and Customer Value.

Business Framework: It pertains to the management structure to achieve particular goals.

Business Architecture: It includes the documents, diagrams, and path that an enterprise requires in structuring the business. It articulates the functional structure of a business in terms of its services and information for getting company registration in Dubai.

3. Know the Differences Between the Markets in Your Home Country and the UAE

It is crucial to have a thorough awareness of the market you intend to enter as well as its economic structure, social customs, and business practices.

Given the vast differences in taxation, law, market structure, jurisdiction, and atmosphere between the Indian and UAE markets, you should register your company in Dubai. In working with a different market, this indicates that you are open to new developments, difficulties, and benefits. The similarities and differences between the markets in your native country and the UAE should be obvious to you. This will allow you to efficiently complete the company registration in Dubai procedures, target the appropriate market, and employ the best practices to ensure profit maximization.

4. Choose a Business Activity

Market viability in the UAE is essential while choosing a business activity for your endeavor and company registration in Dubai. It’s crucial to do a thorough analysis of the venture’s potential and profitability before company registration in Dubai. Sole proprietorship, partnerships, and stakeholder organizations are the three main types of business structures. A sole proprietor is a person who starts a business alone. A partnership is a business that is conducted by two or more persons. The term Stakeholder refers to a distinct legal entity.

5. Customer Base is a Must in a Business Marketing Plan

You must reach the correct audience and customers with your product or service if you want it to be effective. This means you should have all your research done over the customer base you are targeting before Company registration in Dubai.

6. Location Best Suited to Your Business

Depending upon the business type you need to choose a business zone for your business setup in UAE. When looking to do business outside of the UAE, a free zone is more appropriate than a mainland business if you intend to penetrate the local market. Every jurisdiction has an own set of laws and regulations governing business establishment, and the UAE market is divided into Mainland, Free Zones, and Offshore Economic Zones.

7. Determine the Legal Structure Fitting Your Business Activity

The legal structure of each business zone in UAE is different for getting company registration in Dubai. Some of legal structures about every type of business are Commercial Companies (Sole Proprietorship, General Partnerships, Limited Liability Company, Foreign Company Branch, Public Joint Stock Company, Private Shareholding Company), Civil Companies:(Service Companies, Speculative Venture Partnership, Mudaraba Companies) and free Zone Entities: (Free Zone Establishments (Single shareholder), Free Zone Company (Multiple shareholders), Branch of Foreign Company).

8. Pick your sponsorship wisely

It might be extremely difficult to find an Emirati sponsor you can rely on. But one thing to think about is whether every company will need a sponsor. Whether you need sponsorship or not depends on the type of business you have. For a Mainland Business Setup in the UAE or company registration in Dubai, a local sponsor is required.

51% of your company’s ownership is held by a sponsor. The three sorts of sponsors available for the mainland, according to the nature of your business, are local service agents, corporate sponsors, and individual sponsors. Choose a business kind that can be established in the free zones if you desire full ownership of your company.

9. Name of the Company & Paperwork

After you have done all of your research and homework on the kind of business you want to start, within the jurisdiction, and determining the other requirements, the next step is to name your Company and also to get Company Registration in Dubai.

There are some rules for naming the business as well. Among other rules, one of these is that the name of your business shouldn’t contain the name of a God, such as Om, Allah, etc., shouldn’t violate anyone’s religious or social sensibilities, and shouldn’t start with “global,” “international,” or “Middle-East.” The next step is naming the business and registering it with the necessary papers and documents. Even though it is not a particularly challenging process, it is important to complete all documentation in the proper order to avoid any complications.

10. Finding an Office Space

There are many websites that offer office spaces for Business Setup in the United Arab Emirates. Finding the appropriate workspace, however, could not be simple given the increasing number of enterprises in the UAE. Numerous considerations must be made, including connectivity to ports, demographics, client accessibility, availability of skilled personnel, and others.

There is a shortage of office space, but many companies offer comprehensive packages to assist you in starting a business in the United Arab Emirates and doing all of this laborious work on your behalf. It is entirely up to you whether you want to handle it yourself or seek professional assistance. However, we advise you to get professional guidance so you can concentrate on your business while the professionals handle the rest of the company registration in Dubai.

11. Partnering with a Consultancy That Sets Up an Organization in the UAE

LegalRaasta is a fantastic company that aids in company registration in Dubai if you are looking to partner with a consultancy that sets up a company in the UAE. By doing this, you can be sure that you’ll receive guidance throughout every step of your entrepreneurial journey. In addition to helping you meet liquidity and other standards, it will assist you in planning, documenting, and building the whole foundation of your organization. You should be aware of the services that are included in each consultancy’s packages because each one provides a different collection of services for business setup.

12. Obtain consent for the company name

Before company registration in Dubai, the Department of Economic Development (DED) must approve the trade name for the company. After receiving clearances, one must submit paperwork to apply for a UAE trading license.

13. Opening a corporate bank account

Access to corporate banking services is challenging for foreign business owners due to the complex legislation process in the UAE.


We highly recommend that you hire an experienced business consultant for company registration in Dubai. LegalRaasta have an enthusiastic and passionate team with more than 35 years of experience. With our qualified Dubai business advisors by your side, you don’t have to worry about a thing while company registration in Dubai or any part of the UAE.

We at LegalRaasta will help business persons to setup a business in the UAE effortlessly. Experts in company registration in Dubai have excellent connections with both domestic and foreign banks. Our expertise can help you right from company registration to providing office space. Contact us today at or you can also comment below for query or guidance or help.