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CGHS (Central Government Health Scheme)

CGHS scheme is a health care scheme that has been formulated by the Central government for providing complete medical care to its employees and also to the pensioners. But both the “Central government employees and the pensioners” are required to register themselves under the scheme.

The main objective of CGHS is to make sure that all the central government employees and pensioners registered under it, receive quality health care. And to make sure that it happens, CGHS has signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the QCI for a comprehensive evaluation of hospitals under the CGHS scheme. The detailed application format which is mentioned for empanelment under the CGHS scheme is the basis for the NABH-QCI empanelment program. When NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers) & QCI (Quality Council of India) has done a complete evaluation of a hospital, it will provide its findings to the CGHS and also publish the findings on the website The evaluation of the hospitals has to be done according to the criteria formulated for the empanelment of hospitals, which is in accordance with the CGHS (Central Government Health Scheme).

Documents Required for CGHS Empanelment

Individual photograph
Private information (proof of residence, stay of dependents, age proof of dependents).
Registration certificate for a hospital.
Information on the medical professionals and administrative personnel.
List of services rendered.
Entry-level/NABH certification (if available).
Hospital photographs.
Any other Empanelment’s.
Bio-medical waste certificate.
NOC from Fire department.
Pension Payment Order (PPO)(For pensions).

CGHS Empanelment Process

1. Fill out the application

Application forms are available on the websites of the government, and the wellness centres accept them.

2. Document Submission

After online enrollment, the candidate must print out the application and submit it along with the necessary empanelment documentation.

3. Verification

CGHS will email you for clarification throughout this process, and you must reply.

4. Complete the hospital inspection (if required)

If your hospital meets CGHS requirements, the team may visit to inspect it at this step.

5. Issues photo ID plastic card

A photo ID plastic card with all the pertinent policy information, including a special beneficiary number, will be given to CGHS beneficiaries after enrollment.

6. Get final CGHS empanelment confirmation

The card you receive after enrolling is good until the primary insured's retirement date.

What is the Fee Structure?

The exact amount of fees will be entirely dependent on two things which are the particular kind of healthcare facility and the total number of hospital beds presently available in the healthcare facility.

Benefits of Central Government Health Scheme

All enrolled individuals will get inpatient care at accredited and regulated facilities.

Cashless services at diagnostic facilities and hospitals with accreditation.

Medical examinations performed in government or CGHS-approved diagnostic facilities.

Expert consultations at government hospitals or polyclinics.

Outpatient care (OPD), including prescription costs.

Compensation for emergency medical services received at public or private hospitals.

Costs incurred in connection with maternity, child health care, and family welfare.

Costs associated with purchasing external medical devices like hearing aids, appliances, prosthetic limbs, etc.

Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Siddha, and Unani are just a few of the complementary therapies included in the CGHS Empanelment programme.

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How LegalRaasta will help get you in getting your hospital empaneled under CHGS?

If you want your hospital to get impaneled under the CGHS scheme, then “LegalRaasta” is ready to help you along the entire process. Our team of experts will coordinate with all the concerned departments and make sure that your healthcare facility receives the stamp of “CGHS empanelment”, in a completely hassle-free manner. Our dedicated team will work round the clock and you can be assured about not having to worry about anything. We also provide other kinds of legal services, which you can see on the homepage of our website.

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Once you explain the terms, we will arrange dedicated Account managers, who will give you the best solutions and help you with the whole process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Indeed, there are four wellness centers in Delhi—Zakir Hussain Road, North Avenue, South Avenue, and Kingsway Camp—that offer emergency care.

The wellness centers are open every working day and are closed on holidays observed by the Central Government.

There are just 37 cities nationwide without CGHS.

Yes, stepchildren may be covered by the insurance if they are the beneficiary's dependents. However, this coverage is only available until the stepchild reaches the age of 25, at which point they may begin working or getting married, whichever comes first.

If her in-laws are reliant on her, female government employees will have the option of including them in the programme.

You cannot have both parents and parents-in-law on the same CGHS card.

About the matter, the person should speak with the city's Additional Director.

Two pictures, a copy of the FIR, and an IPO for Rs. 50 must be included with an application for a duplicate CGHS card that is given to the city's additional director.

The problem must be brought to the Additional Director's attention and the required paperwork must be submitted in order for the required changes to be made.

Yes, qualified members may apply for a CGHS card online via the CGHS website or CGHS portal. You may also seek assistance from LegalRaasta to speed up the application process.


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