CGHS empanelment

Hospitals across the country can be evaluated both by NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers) and QCI (Quality Council of India).

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CGHS empanelment

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Both the governmental institutions have been given the authority to perform the evaluation procedure. The evaluation of the hospitals has to be done according to the criteria formulated for the empanelment of hospitals, which is in accordance with the CGHS (Central Government Health Scheme).

More about CGHS (Central Government Health Scheme)

It is a health care scheme that has been formulated by the Central government for providing complete medical care to its employees and also to the pensioners. But both the “Central government employees and the pensioners” are required to register themselves under the scheme.

The main of CGHS is to make sure that all the central government employees and pensioners registered under it, receive quality health care. And to make sure that it happens, CGHS has signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the QCI for a comprehensive evaluation of hospitals under the CGHS scheme. The detailed application format which is mentioned for empanelment under the CGHS scheme is the basis for the NABH-QCI empanelment program. When NABH/QCI has done a complete evaluation of a hospital, it will provide its findings to the CGHS and also publish the findings on the website

Procedure for CGHS empanelment

A detailed application form must be filled by the head of the healthcare facility. And the form must be submitted to the NABH office. A cover letter by the HCO must also be attached to the application form, on the letterhead.

What is the Fee structure?

The exact amount of fees will be entirely dependent on two things (the particular kind of healthcare facility and the total number of hospital beds presently available in the healthcare facility).

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