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  • No limit for registered capital

  • No local partnership not needed

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  • Allowance of Joint venture registration

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Company Registration

Company Registration in USA

Every day, a new business enterprise is establishing in the USA, from market giants to small-scale industries. The first and the basic requirement for establishing an enterprise is the Registration. The USA has the largest market in the world. The reason being they have the lowest tax rate. Company registration in the USA is an online procedure and is very easy too. The good thing is that it is not necessary to be a citizen of the USA.

The United States of America is worldwide known as a great business hub. Every day foreign nationals are willing to set up US Business from larger enterprises to a small startup. The effective way to enlarge business all over the world to register in the US marketplace key success factor for all businesses around the world. The USA has exhibits to be the world’s largest & integrated market with and lowest tax rate.

LegalRaasta delivers simple & 100% online process for Registering a company in the USA as a non-resident. Simplification procedure & documentation online.

Here, we do company formation throughout the world no matter where are you.

What type of business will be created in the USA?

With LegalRaasta, we will help you in C-Corp formation (closely held corporation) in all many major states of the United States of America (USA).

Corporation in the United States can be made in 2 ways:

  • Standalone entity: a corporation that is owned by the group of founders, employees, investors and another stakeholder as a separate entity from the current company.

  • Subsidiary entity: a corporation may be made as only an entity that is a fully-owned subsidiary of existing companies enrolled outside the USA.

How Does The Incorporation Of A Company In The USA?

Incorporating a company in the USA will provide your company with a global business benefit!

Why to register a company in the USA ?

Incorporating a company in the USA will provide your company with a global business benefit!

Documents required for company registration in USA

  • Incorporating Inc. / Corporation. Like Google Inc.
  • Certificate of Incorporation No.

  • Bylaws of the company.

  • Board Approval of Organizational Resolutions.

  • Employer Identification Number from the IRS.

  • Assistance in Opening a bank account.

  • Support in Bank Deposit Agreement with Silicon Valley Bank.

What our package included?

Steps for company registration in USA

Tax & Legal Assistance after USA company registration

We will take care of your legal & taxation terms in the USA.

Tax Liability in Delaware for corporates

  • Franchise tax:

    Approved Shares Method. Franchise fees estimated based on the number of shares held by a company.

    5,000 shares or less = $75 fee

    5,001 to 10,000 shares = $150 fee; and

    10,000 or more shares = $150 base fee + $75 extra fee for every extra 10,000 shares or fraction thereof.

  • Corporate Income tax:

    Flat 8.7%

Why USA company registration is helpful to Indian Businesses?

As business laws and regulations are well-formed and corporate income tax rates are very low, it is very beneficial for foreign businesses to efficiently grow.

Though, every state in the US is administered by its state laws and regulations which largely vary from one another. If your business is mainly dependent on one single state and its need for your services, it is smart to Incorporate your business thereby taking a Foreign Qualification Certificate. But, Delaware, Wyoming, and Nevada, in particular, provide the most acclaim business & taxation laws which makes it convenient for companies to incorporate. In particular, Delaware is said to hold no state sales tax and the state’s franchise tax for small US businesses is very meager. In Addition, there is no requirement for non-residents to pay separate corporate income tax in Delaware.

How To Pick & Set-Up the Right Company Structure In The USA?

There are mainly 2 main kinds of incorporation such as LLC and C-Corporation for Indian businesses to pick from. Yet, LLC is most usually favoured because of its efficiency towards single taxation and because of its versatility. Even growing entrepreneurs wanting to appeal to venture capitalists & angel investors to raise funds. They must consolidate as a C-Corp and not an LLC (Limited Liability Company). Also, if the company is preparing to go public, C-corp would be the perfect choice to make.

Difference between LLC and C Corporation

Following are the documents that will be submitted in any of the languages like English:

Limited Liability Company C corporation
The owners are the members The owners here are the Shareholders
Suitable for small-scale businesses with limited shareholders Appropriate for middle-size to considerably sizeable businesses with many shareholders
Members can set up the structure as they pick and manage Shareholders elect directors who achieve business movements
Members are not held accountable in an LLC Shareholders are not held accountable in a C corporation
Depending on the restrictions of the operating agreement, transferability is planned Here the stock of shares can be shifted easily
In general, stakeholders from outside don’t choose an LLC because they are designed to work as partnerships mostly Foreign investors select C corporation because they comprise stocks, which is distributed amongst the shareholders

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