Corporate Tax Advisory Services

As India’s managing tax firm, we support enterprises to form efficient strategies to optimize their taxes, complete innovative tax planning strategies and efficiently handle compliance-related requirements.

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What are Corporate Tax Advisory Services?

Tax always comes into the frame in nearly every step of the business. Thus to evade possible losses related to tax, it is important to take advice before conducting a business transaction. So it’s better to do tax planning in advance to decrease the risk.

Though our common international tax services, we can produce a method that will allow us to focus on improving the business leaders to make informed tax decisions, to implement change which will help to maintain the tax affairs to help the business operations and discuss the risk connected with non-compliance.

A critical aspect of doing business in India is corporate taxation and governing compliances are more complicated and ever-changing. It is important to recognize the progress in regulatory and tax demands, their influence on your business and using them strategically to your choice. Keeping pace with new agreements and meeting them becomes a daunting responsibility for most businesses. In a extremely competitive view, aligning your tax strategy to your business strategy is a crucial part of optimizing profit boundaries.
1. Tax Planning
2. Tax Housekeeping
3. Tax Health Check-up
4. HNI Tax Management
5. Taxation Of Trust
6. Registration & Compliance Management
7. Withholding Tax Advisory & Compliance Support

Tax Compliance and Tax Advisory Services which comprise the following:

Tax Compliance Services:

Our Tax compliance gives effective methods to handle tax compliance workload and also meeting the deadlines

Business Tax Advisory Services

Our business tax services give the transactional information and innovative plan required to commercial organizations together with the compliance assistance needed to assist the regulatory responsibility.

We give a full planning and advisory service which includes all areas of business tax. This assures your tax charge is maintained and tax in other areas of your business concerning shareholders’ wealth and employee privileges is minimized.

The terms of an efficient and cost-effective compliance service ensure that all the financial obligations of your business are engaged so that your time is released to the advantage of your business.

Personal Tax And Financial Services
Our tax advisory services include a wide range of financial planning and wealth management services to satisfy the requirements of high net worth individuals and families. These constitute advice on the use of trusts and estate planning, asset protection and retirement planning.
Our tax assurance services vary from simple tax compliance to complex trusts and estates. The effective management of our compliance burden and mitigation of tax liabilities are fundamental concerns when carrying out our assurance services.
MAS team has vast experience in giving tax services to foreign and domestic enterprises, along with people and representative offices. In our long, close working relationship with the tax authorities. MAS offers general taxation services including increasing tax-optimization arrangements and shifts pricing policies in line with corporate international strategy, agreement with Indian tax regulations, liaising with tax authorities and preparing and submission of tax returns.
Consultancy in all legal and taxation involves both Direct & Indirect Taxes including Customs, Excise, Service Tax, FEMA., Company Law, MRTP and other allied laws including descriptions before authorities.
From examining the potential tax issues of new locations to serving with your compliance efforts to serving you adhere to severe regulatory necessities, our tax professionals have the experience and team to give the attention you requirements.

Why Tax Advisory Services?

Potential Issues

  • The influence of Channel Islands tax reform on your business

  • Many businesses face a problem as they do not have in house expertise to solve the situation

  • They are a complicated multi-jurisdictional requirement

  • Watching all the global tax compliance issues, risk and opportunities more efficiently

  • Building a tax beneficial model to comply with a growing, more visible tax regulatory responsibility

Key Services provided by us:

  • Guidance on various domestic and even international tax topics including cross border transactions

  • Advice on tax perspective in respect of agreements among different parties

  • Guidance on the withholding of taxes on the payment to residents and/or non-residents

  • Permanent business exposure and its impact

  • Distinguish among the current tax estimate and the estimate as to the terms of Income Tax Computation Disclosure Standards (ICDS) and its influence on cash flow and disclosure.

  • Examine the impact of the place of active management rule to limit the residential status of the foreign company/ overseas group entity in India having an interest in global management.

  • Explain the meaning of General Anti Avoidance Rules (GAAR) concerning cross border transactions

  • Advice on Repatriation plans

  • Set up of LLP and change plans

  • Information on getting of tax credits by foreign nationals in India

  • Analyse and advise on pending action steps and other uncertain tax positions with views to the possibility of success and defensive actions for recurrence of such issues

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