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You need a good international tax planning strategy if you either want to expand your company in another country or if you are trying to minimize the risks and costs in your international offices that are currently developed.
What we offer :

  • Creation of tax-efficient structures designed to minimize tax leaks
  • Techniques of Cash Relocation
  • Place of holding company
  • Laws for tax-effective funding and thin capitalization
  • Tax decisions

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Understanding Tax Advisory Services Internationally

A taxpayer, such as an individual, a partnership, a company, a trust, etc., who has a complex financial situation (e.g. complex investments and deductions), may seek the expertise of a tax advisor to help reduce the amount of taxes to be paid to tax authorities.

The advice and services provided by the tax advisor will vary depending on the situation of the taxpayer. Individual retirement planning will receive different advice from an entrepreneur looking to set up a shop. Likewise, a real estate investor is likely to have a different tax requirement than a commodity trader.

The relationships between a tax consultant and a corporation pursuing the merger or acquisition of another company can vary in relation to a real estate executor seeking to reduce property taxes.

As tax advisors have a good understanding of tax law and the IRS guidelines, businesses can retain services in order for taxation issues to be resolved by representing business before tax authorities and the courts. Tax advisors understand tax laws and are also necessary to guide taxpayers in compliance with federal, state, and local tax laws. Professional advisors must keep up to date with the new federal and state fiscal standards in order to provide advice on current tax issues effectively.

Tax advisors may function for or be self-employed by an agency. Either way, they are focused on finding effective methods for clients to legally reduce tax liability, calculate taxes on various investment portfolios, and find the right deductions and credits to be applied, etc. They may also prepare and file tax returns for their clients.

A taxpayer who has experienced a major life event, such as the death of a spouse, marriage, divorce, birth or adoption of a child, buying of a new home, loss of work, inheritance, and more, would be intelligent enough to hire a tax advisor.

Tax Advice and Regulation

Tax advisors and preparers are supervised by the Internal Revenue Service, but not approved (IRS). In Circular No. 230 of the Treasury Department, Reg. The roles and ethical expectations of tax advisors are outlined in 10.33(a) of the circular.

Penalties may be imposed and disciplinary measures taken for failing to meet the requirements outlined by the IRS, such as failing to reveal the preparer’s identity on the return, failing to include a copy of the return to the taxpayer, and incompetence in preparing the return.

Why is International Tax Advisory Necessary?

There may be fines and disciplinary action for failing to comply with IRS guidelines – for example, failure to disclose who is preparing for a refund, failure to provide a taxpayer with a copy of the tax, and negligence in arranging for a return.

To Maximize Your Foreign Taxes Using Global Knowledge

Tax, legislative and regulatory changes around the world are constantly impacting international corporations. It can prove to be very difficult for both multinational corporations and citizens moving across borders to interpret the effects of such developments and handle tax liabilities in many countries.

Our team is able to assist you to organize your business in a tax-efficient manner by providing strategies and solutions which are in line with your goals – you being either an individual taxpayer or a large multinational corporation.

Tax Advisory – Inbound and Outbound

Any multinational corporation setting up its business in India needs assistance from foreign tax professionals to keep pace with the normal challenges while setting up a business in India and knowing the legislative and regulatory climate of India as well.

Tax professionals give strategies on:

Business Tax Advisory Services

Our business tax services provide the required transactional guidance and innovative planning for business entities, along with the necessary enforcement support to reduce the regulatory burden.

We offer a comprehensive preparation and consulting service covering all company tax fields; this ensures that the tax charge is handled and tax is reduced in other areas of the business involving the assets of shareholders and employee benefits.

The provision of an efficient and cost-effective enforcement service ensures that all your company’s fiscal responsibilities are fulfilled so that your time is released to your company’s advantage.

Personal Tax And Financial Services

In order to address the needs of high net worth individuals and families, our personal tax advice services provide a wide variety of financial planning and wealth management services. This provides guidance on the use of trusts and estate planning, securing assets, and planning for retirement.

Our personal tax assurance services range from straightforward tax enforcement to complicated trusts and estates. When carrying out our insurance services, the effective control of our regulatory burden and avoidance of tax liability are fundamental considerations.

Legalraasta has considerable experience in supplying international and domestic companies with tax services, as well as individuals and representative offices. Via our long, near partnership with the tax authorities. Legalraasta provides extensive tax services, including the implementation of tax optimization systems and transfers pricing strategies in line with an international corporate strategy, compliance with Indian tax legislation, liaison with tax authorities, and the preparation and presentation of tax returns.

Advising both Direct & Indirect Taxes, including Customs, Excise, Service Tax, FEMA., Business Law, MRTP, and other relevant rules, including representations before authorities, in all legal and tax matters.

Our tax professionals have the expertise and manpower to provide the attention you need, from investigating the possible tax problems in new places to assisting with your enforcement efforts to help you adhere to stringent regulatory requirements.

Corporate Income Tax

When attempting to attain maximum tax enforcement and reduce risks, tax structuring is a key element of corporate business strategy.

Our consultants provide tax services unique to the client, such as:

Indirect Taxes

Owing to fiscal policy and EU resolutions, indirect taxes (sales taxes, customs duty, VAT, etc.) are continuously evolving, while tax audits are all the more frequent. It becomes more difficult to handle indirect taxes as their relative impact is not easily discernible, although it affects the liquidity of a company directly.

Legalraasta Tax Advisory offers recommendations and tools to handle them properly, including:

A significant tax and enforcement policy is necessary to reduce the indirect tax incidence and risk of assessment and, in turn, requires proper professional advice and assistance. We provide assistance for registrations, returns, refunds, representations, opinions, annual or transitional compliance with Goods and Services Tax (GST). We also provide services in respect of service tax, customs, VAT, luxury tax, excise duty, etc.

Tax Assessment, Representation, and Litigations

A review of tax returns by the Tax Department is required when it can be assumed that, for scrutiny assessments, the information submitted by the assessee is insufficient or wrong. Notice is given on the assessee’s behalf in this regard and shall be taken in compliance with the tax department’s instructions. We will help you with this:

Tax Compliance

Constant shifts in tax law and legislation make it very difficult to ensure well-informed tax compliance.

With a broad range of services, including but not limited to, we provide efficient structuring and best strategies regarding your tax enforcement obligations.

International Tax Structuring

Their performance is crucial for a cut in the global tax rate for foreign companies. Firms should approach their tax planning with requirements outside individual countries’ domestic tax laws. Our tax experts help you to optimize the imminent tax charge and keep you aware of tax developments affecting your company from the establishment of subsidiaries and branches to structuring for benefit repatriation.

Our international tax structuring services cover:

Mergers and Acquisition

Mergers and acquisitions have been the most popular methods of business development in the past twenty years. To diversify its services and products, a company may merge with an opponent, client, or supplier, or may take a friendly or hostile takeover.

Among others, our professionals offer:

Compliance with Real Estate

In current unpredictable immobilization, the sustainable output of real estate investment in combination with tax structuring is of utmost importance to our customers.

Among other services, we provide:

Transfer Pricing Documentation

In the contemporary world’s constantly evolving global economic climate, companies, especially multinational corporations, trade daily with associated companies.

Pricing transfer, i.e. price-setting among legal entities in the same organization, has become a global problem. More comprehensive and demanding legislation and the need for adequate documentation is growing to minimize the likelihood of fines levied by regulatory authorities.

Our service, consisting of long-standing tax consultants with a constant flow of information on prices for transfer, provides, among other things:

International Tax Advisor Primary Attributes

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