Investment Pitch Deck (Business Plan)

An investment pitch deck presents potential buyers, partners, high-profile employers, and co-founders with the company’s product and expected business development. Business Plan consulting is the mechanism by which an organization provides strategic guidance on its goals. Consulting services for business plans can be offered for any kind of organization.

  • Consulting services in the Business Plan
  • Advice on various company strategies
  • Reporting of the business strategy
  • Final support for the corporate plan

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Business Plan for businesses in India

A Business plan is a text summarizing the organizational and financial objectives of a company. It is a written outline of the future of your company, a blueprint for your business success. A business plan involves comprehensive plans and a budget that demonstrates how the business goals will be accomplished.

To attract investors or provide guidance to the company, every business has to have a business plan. In your business success, a business plan plays an important part. Business Plan Consultancy gives strategic guidance to an external third-party consultant. The type of advice given to a company depends on the factors that influence the company. Consulting services for a new company can vary from the business plan. Similarly, for a proven foreign company, the services rendered by a consultant would vary. The business plan can vary depending on the type of business.

Meaning of Pitch Deck

A pitch deck is solely a slideshow or presentation that is intended to pitch your business, your services, or your products or services to a select audience. A pitch deck is an effective method to get additional support from new investors when performed correctly. If you collect the seed round money or the A, B, C, and so forth series, your business will expand with its well-conceived and well-presented pitch deck. Pitch decks are created with PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote, Prezi, and many more applications for presentation. Yet de facto presentation software used in many pitch decks is still pretty much PowerPoint.

Who wants a plan for business?

A business plan for smooth running should be drawn up by any entity starting or expanding their business that can consume resources such as money or time.


The primary reason for a start-up to have a business plan is that it focuses solely on the concept and not on the implementation of such ideas.
By setting targets and monitoring those, a business plan can assist start-ups to have proper management. It will allow them to accomplish their goals in a more structured way if they operate according to their business plan. If you have a full-proof strategy, you can track the cash inflow and outflow and future requirements..

Established firm

The business plan will assist businesses in designing a strategy and allocating resources according to their strategy.
A strategic plan allows you to keep an eye on the company’s evaluation. To set fresh goals, businesses should use a business plan.

Benefits of Business Plan Consulting Services

Advice to Experts

If it’s a start-up or a multinational corporation, every organization needs an organizational plan. Business strategy advisory services offered to a company, such as chartered accountants, lawyers, and corporate secretaries, are provided by trained professionals. By streamlining the guidance of experts, the company will fulfill all strategic objectives. At Legalraasta, the implementation of your business plan will rely on the expert help of skilled professionals.

Approach based

The approach taken by a consulting firm for business planning will be clear. The company will accomplish all its goals according to this strategy. The company will simultaneously pursue new business fields.

Time Savings

Strategic planning prepared by a consulting company with a business plan saves time. If the company or start-up needs immediate business strategy advice, this choice is helpful. An organization that uses this does not have to spend needless time hiring trained workers to participate in different strategies for its business. Outsourcing consulting services for business planning is one of the simplest ways for a company.


The budget specifications of a business plan may be limited for a company. Besides this, a business strategy is cost-friendly for the company. A business plan can be restricted to particular business strategies and goals. A business consultancy company will also save time and expenses simultaneously.

Types of Business Plan

Startup Business Plan

When beginning a new company with a start-up business plan, start-ups should outline the steps. Usually, the business plan contains parts that identify the business, the product, or the start-up of the service that the management team and market assessment would provide. Potential investors would need a financial analysis with a spreadsheet containing comprehensive information on financial fields, including estimates of sales, benefits, and cash flow, but not limited to them.

Internal Business plan

To target the particular audience within the organization, an internal strategic plan is drawn up, as the marketing team wants to evaluate the new project, for example. An internal business plan is intended to explain the company’s current situation, which involves operating expenses, profitability, and estimates as to when and how the company can repay any necessary capital during the project. These plans will include information on project publicity, training, and other costs for technology. Internal business strategies usually provide market research that describes targeted demographics, market size, and the positive impact of the market on the sales of the organization.

Strategic Business plan

Under the strategic business plan, a high-level vision of the company’s target and how the set goal will be accomplished can be drafted. A strategy that sets down a company’s foundational plan is known as a Strategic Business Plan. From business to business, a Strategic Business Strategy varies. The corporation mostly uses the following five components in its strategic business strategy. The strategic business plan takes down the company’s big priorities, encouraging workers to work together for the company’s growth.

Feasibility Business Plan

This form of plan refers to two questions about a potential business venture; who is going to buy the services or sell the production company, and whether the company will turn a profit. Feasibility Business plan contains parts outlining what is needed, targeted demographics, and resources needed for the offering of the product or service company. The suggestions for moving forward often end with such plans.

Operational Business Plan

The internal plans detailing the elements relevant to organization activities are these business plans. Employee accountability is summarized by the organizational business plan.

Growth Business Plan

Such plans are also known as a detailed outline, drawn up for internal and external purposes, of the proposed development. A Growth Business Plan requires a full description of the company, a short description of the management of the company and officers if any investment is needed in the company for its growth. To satisfy the potential investor, the proposal should include comprehensive details. In the case where the company is not under any investor’s mandate, the information related to the financial revenue and cost estimates will be included in the plan.

The business plan directs investors, company owners, and management through different phases of the company in succession.

Business planning services include

Executive Summaries:

The first thing that most investors want to see is a one or two-page executive summary that is convincing. The purpose of an executive summary is to encourage investors to ask for a complete business plan or pitch sheet. It can, however, be at least as difficult to produce a convincing executive summary as creating a full business plan. This is your one shot, and we will help you get it right, to make a perfect first impression.

Business Plan Development:

The first thing that most investors want to see is a one or two-page executive summary that is convincing. The purpose of an executive summary is to encourage investors to ask for a complete business plan or pitch sheet. It can, however, be at least as difficult to produce a convincing executive summary as creating a full business plan. This is your one shot, and we will help you get it right, to make a perfect first impression.

  • Full-Service Planning: We will help you refine your strategy, study and evaluate your market and competitive position, and articulate your opportunity by developing a transparent and convincing business plan. We do not use a business plan template for cookie-cutters – we design all our plans from scratch to ensure that we tell your specific story in the most convincing way possible. We’re going to save you hundreds of hours that you might spend better on other priorities. In order to learn more about our traditional business planning process, please see question 10 of our FAQs.
  • Limited-Service Planning: We will direct and prioritize your efforts if you are on a more restricted budget and have the time to do much of the research and writing; supply models and other helpful materials; and critique, edit, and format your drafts.

  • Pitch Decks:

    Most equity investors these days want to see a stand-alone pitch deck rather than a full business strategy for the story. A great pitch deck, without going into unnecessary depth, is clean, crisp, and tells just the right story. And yet, a complete complement of science, review, and policy also needs to be backed up.

    Business Plan Review:

    If you have already written your proposal, before you submit it to investors, we will provide an impartial third-party critique.

    Business Plan Seminar:

    We provide seminars that can be delivered in your offices if you want your in-house team to understand the dos and don’ts of business plan drafting, budgeting, or any other startup-related subject.

    Presentation Design:

    If you are pursuing money, partners, clients, or staff, clean, simple presentations are key. We’ll help you plan a crisp presentation and train you in an entertaining way on how to deliver it.

    Entrepreneur Coaching & Tactical Guidance:

    How do you make your organization organized? How will you integrate it? What should the composition of your capital be? When do you need lawyers and accountants to be consulted, and which ones? Will your inventions be patented? It can be daunting to list questions facing startups and emerging growth ventures; our experienced entrepreneurs can help you figure it all out.

    Procedure to create business plan

    Concept generation

    It is the first step in the planning process for a business. This separates entrepreneurs from the traditional business. Sources of new concepts that entrepreneurs can get are from-

    • Current firms
    • Research & Development
    • Staff
    • Retailers and distributors

    Business Plan Development:

    The next step is to scan the factors that will affect the business ideas. The elements are external and internal environment surrounding the business

    • External environment includes-
      1. Socio-cultural assessment
      2. Technological valuation
      3. Economic valuation
      4. Demographic valuation
      5. Appraisal by Government
    • Internal environment includes-
      1. Raw materials
      2. Production
      3. Finance
      4. Market
      5. Human resource

    Probability analysis

    It refers to carrying out a comprehensive report on any aspect related to the business. Included in the analysis is-

    • In order to determine the demand and market share of goods and services in the future, market research is conducted.
    • To determine the functional potential of the proposed business enterprise, technological and organizational research is performed.

    Preparation of Project report

    It is a guide that outlines the techniques involved in running the organization step by step.

    Evaluation, Monitor and Analysis

    The business operates in a competitive environment, so tactics as well as policies to succeed in an established market must be controlled and checked.

    Documents Required in Making business plan

    Relevant documents that investors might like to see are available. Although many of these differ depending on your business form and stage of business growth, such documents can include:

    • Cash flow statement
    • Income statement
    • Balance sheet
    • Detailed financial projections
    • Capital equipment list
    • Résumés of key officers
    • Letters of support, reference, or credibility
    • Blueprints or diagrams of allocated space
    • Marketing plans
    • Letters of intent
    • Credit reports
    • Expansion plans
    • Quotes or estimates from builders, contractors, etc.
    • Legal document applicable to the business
    • Census or demographic data
    • Industry awards or customer letters
    • Newspaper articles

    What is the content of the project report? plan

    Cover page

    The cover page of the project report contains the project title, name, address so that the person reading the report can immediately contact the businessman if there are any questions about the report.


    The table of contents contains the topics included in the project report and page number.

    Executive Summary:

    It should be written after the completion of the project report as it gives a brief overview of the project.

    Company and sector details

    A company ownership form, which contains the reason for building the proposed system and may also contain the company’s SWOT analysis.

    Technical program:

    The critical factor is analyzed during the operation of the technology. This report should be highlighted. The choice of product and service to be offered must be justified.

    Marketing plan:

    The strategy must focus on industry and early marketing. It outlines pricing policy, market research, product to be offered by the company, marketing strategy promotes the product and directs customers.


    It describes a new perspective involved in the production process, which makes it better compared to existing competitors.


    Provides details about the management team that is part of the company. It focuses on the technical skills that the employees have in the company.

    Project timeline:

    It includes a network diagram, showing the length of time required for a project. The graph shows the various activities in the project, the planned and the time required for the implementation of the project.

    Critical risks and considerations:

    It describes the various assumptions made during a company’s performance as a prediction of previous sales forecasts. There may be many risks involved in the product and service company that you plan to offer

    Community Program:

    It explains how the company project will benefit the community. It should highlight how the company will create job opportunities and lead to skills development, supply of goods and services, use of resources etc.

    Exit strategy:

    It’s a bad aspect of business. However, the company should explain how they can close the business if the company does not get the expected profit, investors will want to know how their money can be repaid.

    Financial plan:

    It is an important part of the report that will contain short content for all categories with monetary policy. It describes the financial structure of the company, the sources from which the company received the money, the total costs incurred by the company.

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