Virtual CFO Services

Digitization has brought out very big changes in the ways that businesses work. Many businesses around the globe are implementing technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Analytics, and Data-Driven software. Businesses that need to submit their financials regularly need a finance department. The head of the finance department is known as CFO. However, many businesses cannot have an in-house finance department. These businesses either outsource these services or use Virtual CFO Services.
The arrival of digitization has made the role played by a CFO way more challenging than before. In this competitive environment, a CFO needs to have all the skills that a great CFO has to carry out financial functions, management, and business functions. Every firm needs to hire a chartered accountant, and the chartered accountant (CA) is responsible to carry out all the necessary financial functions in the organization.

Virtual CFO

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If a business does not have an in-house finance department, they can outsource these services. Apart from this, the business can also use virtual CFO services. Virtual CFO services are mostly offered by external consultants. Due to digitization, businesses have to change according to ever-changing situations. Some businesses, such as startups and SMEs, may not have the resources to hire an in-house Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Hence, these businesses would pick virtual CFO services.

Virtual CFO is a new idea. It’s a plan for small companies to make CFO support that they wouldn’t have been able to afford before.

Small companies that hire a Virtual CFO to get help from experienced financial experts at a portion of the cost of a full-time CFO. The services will differ from firm to firm, but usually, a Virtual CFO will:

  • Check all the duties of a traditional CFO, but work remotely and on a part-time basis.
  • Control the fiscal health and well-being of the company, usually with cloud technology.
  • Give financial insight and guidance on all business decisions and results.
  • Give back-office functions such as maintaining accounts ledgers, depending on the client and their requirements.

There will be occasions when, at the same time, you can manage many business ventures. This can put pressure on your in-house CFOs who can find that coping with the work pressure is difficult. There may also be occasions where the current CFO lacks certain expertise and is unable to interpret business data relating to a particular region.

In all of these cases where you may feel powerless, Legalraasta will support you. We work with organizations of all sizes to help them make a difference by adding the additional 1 percent effort required.

  • Financial Guesses: Virtual CFO services can check your financial records and income statements to provide valid financial speculation.

  • Income Management: Adequate revenue management is required to effectively manage expenditure.

  • Revenue Estimates: Proper revenue forecasts will be made to ensure continuous revenue to carry out all transactions.

  • Budgeting: The annual budget is important and regular monitoring is necessary to monitor progress.

  • Debtor and Credit Provider Management: Debtor and debtor management is required to reduce financial risk.

  • Establishing an Account System: An analysis of the current account system and suggestions for improvement required.

You may not have even heard the name until recently. Trends in the field of accounting have led to additional services such as Virtual CFOs being more common: Increased competition and technological advances. Compliance with tax adjustments has been a commodity service. Automation of basic services, reducing the number of traditional services. Small businesses offer non-core activities such as accounting, in order to lower their costs and acquire better talent. Software that provides true, real-time understanding of the right decisions. These trends force firms to change, by expanding and diversifying the services they provide. Basic services such as compliance, financial statements, and tax returns may be beneficial.

But they should be returned to the empty bottom pocket your company will provide to the new client. In the near future, successful firms will generate most of their revenue through financial insight, analysis, and other services that can directly impact the success of a small business.


The use of virtual CFO services would give the organization advantages of technology integration.
Virtual CFO firms use modern technologies such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, and big data to improve the process in which agreements are maintained. Accounting compliance can be maintained through this process. Except this, a firm that uses virtual CFO services can get updates on compliances to be followed, on time.

Financial Projections

A firm that uses virtual CFO services would be able to receive financial projections and analysis of the budget.
These services can help the firm to predict their finances and handle their budget well.

Accounting Compliance

The use of this service helps the firm to comply with the accounting regulatory authorities. In India, a firm has to comply with the standards of various different regulatory authorities. Some of these are the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Securities and Exchange Board of India, and the Income Tax Authorities. Using virtual CFO services would not only help your firm to comply with the accounting standards but also comply with the relevant regulatory authorities.

Budgetary Control

The use of this service would also give you the means to control your budget. Every organization has a fixed budget which is allotted to the finance department to carry out the necessary functions. Using this service will give you the means to get regular budgetary reports.

  • Basic functions are becoming automated, lowering the value of traditional.

  • Businesses prefer outsourcing services like accounting, rather than hiring an in-house finance department. This lowers their costs and gives them a better quality of

  • The changes in the trends are forcing firms to evolve, by expanding and transforming the services they offer.

  • Advisory in Finance: Virtual CFO gives to the firm direction based on the need, in terms of money. The right type of financial planning paves the path for the growth of the business. With this, officers on a higher post can do their work without worrying about the budget.

  • Break-Even Analysis: Under break-even analysis, the absolute cost differs from the income that can help in deciding a point where the business will neither makes benefit nor loss. Virtual CFO is a great way to do break-even analysis without incurring huge costs.

  • Accounting Functions Of The Organization: Accounting services are an important part of the association. It is the means which helps in the assessment of an association’s monetary health check. Here, the accounting health check shows the importance of a total assessment of the budgetary and accounting part of the association.

    For this, a well-known expert in the administration is required to set up sizeable information identifying with the bookkeeping practices, for example, planning of information, and other accounting policies.

    Planning of different policies and executing the key thoughts are required for having a well-defined accounting health check. In this process, valid advice concerning the current turnover, benefit, business desires, operational and bookkeeping frameworks, and key execution markers are examined and evaluated. The business structure, tax proficiency, development forthcoming is likewise taken into consideration in the accounting health check.

  • Forecasting The Cash Flow: The other basic help of the virtual CFO is forecasting cash flows. Organizations must have a better understanding of cash position to make the right choice. Most of the time, you’re not prepared for the coming situations because you don’t have appropriate financial information. It helps in choosing with respect to what amount of fund is required.

  • Management of Cost: Management of cost is a process under which a virtual CFO makes a real need to limit the expense of the organization. Virtual CFO helps in deciding the productivity of work. A variable expense is split down by the virtual CFO to control it.

  • Audit Support: Audit support is given by the virtual CFO from the start to the end, by answer questions asked by the auditors.

  • Debt Planning: A virtual CFO makes a proper debt control plan with the aim to accomplish the ideal objective. The right type of debt planning is important to control commitment.

  • Budgeting: Virtual CFO administrations incorporate budgeting. Budgeting is done with the aim of keeping track of all the operations that the business is performing. Spending should be analyzed on a monthly or quarterly basis so changes can be made in like manner to meet the end goal.

  • Corporate Governance: All the rules and regulations which a corporate follows are included in corporate governance. These rules assist in striking a balance among the interest of stakeholders, shareholders, management, and clients.

  • Compliances Of The Various Acts Applicable: Under this, Virtual CFO helps you comply with the relevant accounting authorities, standards, and laws.

  • MIS Reporting: Virtual CFO is answerable to you for giving accurate data on tine with respect to the budgetary health of the organization in MIS reports.

  • Year-End Accounts Closure And Filing: Virtual CFO gives you the guarantee of the drafting and annual filing of financial statements on time, according to the schedule. It also guarantees the Income Tax return documenting and GST return filing.

  • Internal Control: A legitimate direction regarding the development of the organizations by method for streamlined interior control framework helps in proceeding with non-differentiable quality of the association. An appropriate and accurate bookkeeping record, all around educated money related choice, detailing.

    related to money is required as a piece of inner control framework to be viable. CFO of the organization helps in the assessment and execution of these previously mentioned forms.

  • Accounting Policies And Procedures: For a far-reaching structure of interior control in the association, a very much planned and precisely maintained system of accounting policies helps in upgrading the responsibility and consistency in the organization. Accounting policies help in establishing monetary discipline in the organization and gives you peace of mind so that the higher authorities can help the real work.

Virtual CFO

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